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avatar MrPistachios
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
So there I was looking for a way to play Minecraft online with strangers. I had tried servers in the past and they were always so complicated, with land claims and so many people. I thought this new realms thing sounds pretty awesome maybe I'll just join one of those since they have to be vanilla.

Well realms quickly turned out to be a mistake, those free one month trials sound like a good idea as a selling point, but as a player it just means a lot of wasted time, I kept joining realms and they kept expiring, or even worse, every time Iogged on the map world would be different losing all my progress.

Then I decided, why don't I just start my own realm, maybe make it amplified since no one seems to do that, and it sounds pretty interesting. Lets see what should the rules be, well I always wanted to play as if it was single player, but with the ability to visit others, or just walk by and see what they are doing so lets keep the rules limited, no mods or ops to come and mess with you. Yeah that sounds like a solid plan. Just pure and simple Minecraft, if people join awesome! if not well I'm still going to play off and on.

Well I started the realm, built a few square homes and popped in some villagers and put up some signs. I went and put up a forum post to let others know my idea of a community town with a shared mine and storage area to help each other out and then I got a new job :D


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