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My review of Herobrines Mansion by Hypixel

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avatar flyingpenguin
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My review of "Herobrines Mansion"

Well Hypixel if your reading this I must congratulate you on a great map it was a lot of fun and scary half the time so good job

Ok well, I have to say my favorite boss out of the six was the "Skeleton King" he was fun and I liked wearing his crown :3. The bosses were awesome and the enderman were my least favorite part because you never knew were they were. I played by myself but I lost a lot of armor and it helped that I was by myself, but I would recommend 2 or more people because it was really hard by myself even though I clicked easy. I loved collecting the sets of armor. The bosses were hard and fun at the same time. I liked to see what Hypixel did to the mobs, like with the different armors and the skeletons, and the bosses. The bosses were a lot harder than I expected them to be, but that's always good. Overall I recommend playing this map by Hypixel and, well personally I loved it. I beat it in two days of nonstop playing

A quick thanks to Hypixel for making such an amazing map.

And well I'm gonna' go play it again :)
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