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Level 9 : Apprentice Dragon
This server is a collection of quick team based games generally lasting between 10-15 minutes. You will always spawn with supplies or with close access to them. The games are generally destroy certain things or get so many kills.A good tactic is to destroy the opposing teams chest because without supplies you cant do alot.
The server uses a plugin calles PGM made by MonsieurApple & Anxuiz. PGM stands for player game manager. It makes the teams, starts the match and stops you going into areas you not aloud into and from destroying stuff your not ment to.
To join one of the teams type /join, that will put you into a random team(blue or red normally, certain maps have more.) If you want to start observing again(flying and checking whats in chests.) type /join observers.
For some reason it gives everyone the default Steve skin so you wont be showing off here.
Pretty much the only rule not sorted out by PGM is team griefing, You will get banned if you do it. It is more commonly called tg.
The server has 200 slots but it is rare that it has more than 70. Things can also get very laggy so I wouldnt bother trying if you have an old computer. Alot of the player watch twitch.tv, mainly from the Keppa group( www.twitch.tv/team/keppa ). This server is alot of fun if you dont so I would go check it out, even if its only for 5 minutes. Please give a diamond if you check this server out and say hi if you see either of my accounts(Ethios_ or adamas_diaboli). I dont think this counts as an advertisement, if it does tell me and I will delete it. I also dont think this breaks the: No "Diamond If You Agree/think it's a good idea" post. rule, tell me if it does.

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  • bleangamer
  • Level 24
  • Expert Pixel Painter
  • July 19, 2012, 11:00 pm
Nice to see a review up here. :)
There's actually a lot of updates now, which you can find at our website, oc.tc/.
I love this server

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