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My School Ghost - TDOS Day 3

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This is a summary of the ghost at my school. Tiny disclaimer, the primary school and the high school are interconnected, technically the same school but on different sides of the road.

This story begins on the dawn of 2017, shortly before I joined the primary school. The rumour is, a music teacher passed away near the pool change rooms, and no one knows how or why, as it all got shushed up. What we do know, however, is that their spirit is still bonded to this plane, and causes strange phenomena around this very time of year. One year a large painting outside the pool fell, with nothing appearing to cause it. A splatter of blood appeared on a staircase in the middle of the day, and legends say to never linger in the change rooms, or the spirit would try to take you. This last piece of evidence is well known, because it happened to my best friend. It was the swimming unit in Sport, and we were getting changed in the change rooms, as the last people left. I finished slightly earlier than my friend, and I didn't want to be late, so I left. I heard a quiet moan behind me, but I presumed it was just an old pipe. When we saw each other again at lunch, she told me what happened, fearful and wide-eyed. The spirit had attempted to make contact with her. She heard whispering in the change rooms, yet she knew for a fact that she was the last one in there. She, I and a few friends, formed the Ghost Hunters League. We were, and still are, a team that gathers all potential reports of ghostly phenomena and investigates all that we know about the ghost. All of these plans will come to fruition in a few years, at a very specific time. The 4th graders at my school have their first camp as a sleepover at school, where the Year 10's also stay the night to help the teachers. We are going to sneak in a pile of ghost-hunting equipment, such as spirit boxes, EMF readers and pumps, and thermometers. That night will be the one that the ghost will be put to rest.

Normally most of my stories are works of fiction, but this one is true.

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10/30/2022 8:12 am
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Woahhhh creepy
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