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My Survival Guide

Well,not the best image.

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avatar Wooouh
Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
Hello!My name is Ivanko and today i'll show you how to survive in Minecraft!

First part:Generals
First,you should go and chop at least ten peaces of wood.
Next,you have to find pigs/sheep/cows/chickens and kill them for food.
Then you need wooden tools.Make a workbench and craft them with it.

Second part:Making a shelter
Dig a small hole.Light it with torches and make a bed and a chest.

Third part:Stone and iron tools
With the wooden pickaxe,dig some cobblestone and with it and some sticks,make stone tools.
Find iron.Dig it with the stone pickaxe.Melt it in a furnace and make with the iron,iron tools and armor.

Fourth part:Diamond armor and tools.
Find diamonds:Dig them with the iron pickaxe.Craft with them a diamond armor and diamond tools.
Last part:Enchanting.
Find 4 obsidian,a book and 3 diamonds.Craft an enchanting table and surround it with bookshelves.Find lapis and dig it.Now you can enchant!

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