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My take on Minecraft's Lore (Part 1)

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avatar Purple1947
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
I've never really done anything like this, but I thought I'd like to share how I think the Minecraft world was "made" as well as some history.

Doing this was inspired by this video created by DammitPaul on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM6Bgax-A1M

Of course, this is just my idea of it, it's okay if you disagree with any of this. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Part 1: The Overworld

All was dark. No stars to light up the void. This newly born universe isn't as bright and colorful as one would suspect. But of course, with this blank canvas at hand, creation was waiting patiently to get started. That's when our creators finally showed their faces.
Made up of dozens of small cubes came the first creators. There were many of them, but the leaders of this group of gods was Markus Persson, better known today as "Notch," his close friend Jens Bergensten, also known as "Jeb," and unarguably the most confusing of these gods, "Herobrine." These three were the main ones in charge of painting a new world into this blank canvas of a void. So creation officially began. Jeb created the sun. Herobrine made the moon, and Notch made a gigantic cube of stone, soil, sand, water, and molten lava. This is what we call the Overworld.

All of the creators already had their plans ready before they even started work on the Overworld. Their mental images of beautiful blue skies, white clouds, and a beautiful landscape had finally become a reality.

The first flora were made at first. The less famous creators spread out across this new world, creating trees, forests, scorching hot deserts, oceans, bitter tundras, and all sorts of incredible landscapes throughout the world. The Overworld was finally ready.

While the other creators stayed apart, continuing to create new things, Notch, Jeb, and Herobrine created the first creatures of the world, starting with animals.

Pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens were made to be the most common of creatures, able to be found almost anywhere. They weren't the most intelligent, but they were able to keep themselves alive.

More animals were created as well, such as wolves and wildcats, and were made to balance the food chain so that overpopulation wouldn't be too much of a problem. They were slightly more intelligent.

A mostly peaceful land of wide open skies, beautiful landscapes, and even some wildlife had been made in a matter of hours. But they weren't done yet.

Notch created the first of our own kind in the image of his brother, Herobrine, whom shared a heavy resemblance to him with slight modifications. From the 0's and 1's came Steve.

Steve was already the most intelligent of all creatures made thus far. He was given the ability to not only explore the world, but change it as well. Over the course of a few days, Steve had already made himself a home, mostly made up of wood gathered from forests and stone from underneath the dirt beneath his feet.

Herobrine, pleased to see the first human shaped to look like him, made the next generation of humans.

Although much less of a resemblance, Herobrine made the first villagers to slightly resemble his brother. The villagers weren't so good of builders, but did a great job when it came to harvesting supplies and bartering among Steve and other villagers. The first village was made not too far from Steve's humble abode so that they could work together to further populate and develop the world.

...But villagers didn't quite understand Steve the way he would hope. Villagers weren't exactly the brightest creatures. Jeb, noticing this, made the second human to populate the world, a fair woman with light, red hair, to work alongside Steve. Her name was Alexandra, but she preferred to be called Alex for short.

Steve and Alex got along quite quickly, and worked together to fine tune their community. The first village was perfect!

However, Steve, Alex, and a majority of the villagers were too focused on making their home better to even acknowledge their creators. Of course, Notch and Jeb really didn't mind, but Herobrine had originally hoped that they would welcome their creators with open arms. Why didn't they offer them gifts? Or at least say hello every once in a while?

Herobrine kept his anger to himself, but it grew into a deep, dark hatred as time passed.

Much time passed before Notch and Jeb decided that it was time to stop watching this one village and go out to create more. Foolishly, Notch left his brother to watch the first civilization while he and Jeb left to create more humans and villagers.

But this was a big mistake.

Aaaaaand that's it for now. If people become interested this kind of thing from me, I'll create more parts to this lore. Let me know what you think so far if you so wish.

-Purple19663, Apprentice Artist

2 replies

07/07/2019 8:33 pm
Level 29 : Expert Scribe
Discredit my opinion if you want, but not until you read at least one of my stories.

you are not a bad writer at all, but your story/stories could be more original. Originality is an important part of memorability, so I'd recommend carefully considering the ideas you use, abandoning those which feel overused, or just don't fit your style. all in all, got my diamond.
07/18/2019 3:49 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
I read your take on Minecraft Ravagers, and I will say I do like your things.

Don't worry, I understand it completely. If I were to continue this (Which is unlikely) I was planning on changing it, as nobody has really tried explaining the story behind Pillagers and their variations. I just saw that video a long time ago and thought it fit, so I tried making it close on purpose, but with minor tweaks.

I'm still a novice with story writing, but I do appreciate the feedback and not being rude about it at the same time.

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