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My techniques to making texture pack stuff

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avatar Sothopery
Level 22 : Expert Artist
My technique when making block textures:
  1. Send friends the texture and make them guess what block it is. If they guess wrong, then you didn't do a good job. You must make sure the block is recognizable.
  2. Give the texture more uses in building. (For example: looms that double as empty bookshelves, trapdoors that look more like planks for thin walls and floors, etc.)
  3. Do your best in making the textures look good. Always ask for feedback and don't rush!
  4. Use as little colors as you can (unless you're making some kind of HD pack)

  1. Again, make your friends guess the texture!
  2. Unless you're making a PVP pack, keep gradients and outlineless items to an absolute minimum. It does not look good. If you're going to make an item look more recognizable in someone's hands, try making their recognizable features larger (for example: wider buckets to see more of the lava color, pickaxes with handles that match their ores, etc.)
  3. Items contrast from eachother because of their different shapes and colors, so make sure all items don't look the same!
  4. Items should contrast from the GUI
  5. Appeal to the eyes!

  1. Keep it simple
  2. The slots should be easy to see (please)
  3. Make a good excuse to change the GUI

  1. Make a *very* good excuse to change the sounds

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