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avatar mrsbling
Level 14 : Journeyman Princess
Feet in the sand, I walked out on a sandbar that ended no sooner it began. Peering down the drop off I saw an entire world engulfed with a liquid oasis. It was aged but perfected with a once told story. Every brick was different and stood boldly.An entire ecosystem of corals, and vegetation highlighted every tint of light that shined threw.Even though the schools were out a rotten side hid in the shadows. My need to explore this as I hold my breath Is this where my adventure begins or do I come up for air?

I feel a rush of warm water pushed towards me. I quickly surface to catch my breath. Well what are the chances a dolphin graces me with its presence. It waves its tale fin at me and submerges under the sun struck water. I follow above the water with my eyes, contemplating whether I should follow.

I decide to grab a floating stick and tall the dolphin slowly. I ask myself subconsciously "Am I really following a dolphin" So many colorful fish swim past me As I follow I feel a hard object brush my feet. No sooner I went to go look the feeling moved to my belly. Before you knew it a sea turtle took it upon its self to saddle me on his shell and swan faster then I could. Silly misconception a turtle slow on land, but a force to be reckoned with under water. I shrug my shoulders and go with the flow.

Arriving to a sandbar beneath my reality. There stands in front of me this magnificent ruins. At the corner of my eye I see a shiny but aged chest. I open it there lies 2 bottles with the label , Water Breathing potion. I look up at the sun scorch surface and make the decision to drink it. "Wow amazing Its like I have an external lung of air."

Suddenly I hear I echoed groan from the the ruins. Bubbles start rushing out of the brick covered hallway. I follow it . From a distance I see what looks like a steve like figurine. However this one has a green bubble texture to its face. I start to panic and realize my leather tunic is snagged. As I was panicking the creature arrived close enough to touch. I turn away sheltering my face. Then it swims by me with a panicked rush to the surface. I remove my hands from my face to realize there is a salty vegetation on my face. Ohhh this is kelp. I laugh to myself

The once sun scorched surface is now full of the light of the moon. Wow time does fly when you explore the unknown. Suddenly the once calm dolphin let out this loud screetch sound. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. Was the dolophin warning me of something I couldn't see. Then it was like my own self knew what was coming and the direction of it. Was that zombies sinking down from the surface. Thinking to myself. Zombies can't survive water. What are those. As I struggled with the concept of this thing I felt my legs buckle underneath myself. The dolphin then nose pushed me down the aged hallway. Losing my grip on the brick I started to fall in what felt like forever.

Opening my eyes I discover that I am dry and in a bed..I hear a fate sound of what sounds like villagers but I also smell the water, and hear the creaking of what sounds like is an aged building. The smell of torches are strong I am weak feeling like I haven't eaten for almost 2 days. WHere am I? Did I dream this? Wait this isn't my bed. Am I in a dream?

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  • mrsbling
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Princess
  • July 12, 2018, 8:28 am
I added to it

Very Interesting
nice story

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