My View on Interviews (hue hue that rhymed) [Tips and Examples]

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I am probably at no place to speak about this because I have never been interviewed or interviewed someone else but I am a reader who happens to like complaining so we're jumping into this hoping that I don't fail or offend too many people.


Anyways, so I like to take some looksies at the interview section because I am interested in learning more about the PMC community, and in my thoughts, and interview is a great chance to express yourself. But, when interviewers fall flat with reptitive questions, the interviews are not enjoyable or informative.

So, instead of just saying "you're doing this this and this wrong this too stop that", I am going to give suggestions for an interview that I personally want to see as a reader.

What components make a good interview?

An interview could focus on previous work done, things soon to come, experience with PMC/MC/Youtube, personal life like opinions on certain things or interests, and silly questions. In my opinion, silly questions are cool, but not when the entire interview is 'let's see how t0tes rand0m these questions can get.' I understand that people do like that, but like I said, in my opnion, it makes for a ridiculous and empty interview, something you want to avoid unless you are making a joke interview. Which brings us to..

What about joke interviews?

A joke interview according to me (it's my blog, bruh) is an interview that's purpose is to be purely funny and lighthearted. These include interviewed PMC members, mobs, and your Minecraft self. I honestly don't think that interviews like this that aren't talking to an actual PMC member/Youtuber belong in the interview area. Not saying that they shouldn't be made at all, there are many funny ones, but it's not an actual interview. It's a humor blog post.

How can I make the blog better as an interviewer?

Instead of just asking a few questions and copying and pasting answers, try going more into the questions you ask. Ask your original question, and when you get the answer, try to ask more questions that tie in with the answer. Also, if they seem bored with a topic, change it. You get no benefit from an uninterested interview-ee.

Preperations for an interview?

Before you do your interview, check out their stuff. See recent projects. Use this to get a good understanding of who you are speaking to. Then you can form relevent questions. Also, have questions prepared for the interview, including back up questions in case you find the interview going sour. Going into an interview completely unprepared will most likely leave you floundering.

How much input should I put in myself?

As an interviewer, input is completely fine. But just remember, this is about the person you are interviewing. So while comments here and there are fine, turning the questions around and making it about yourself is not.


I asked Lola Blue to do an example interview with me, and she kindly agreed. This following tidbit is a mini-interview implementing some of the suggestions I have.


Lola Blue RainbowGangsta

Could you introduce yourself?

I'm Lola, joined PMC about 9 months ago and i make skins and blogs.

First question, do you have any plans for what you are going to post in the future? I.E, new skins, a blog you are planning, etc.?

I want to try making a texture pack (hehe wish me luck), I've got one skin ready to post... The rest of my plans are s00per secret ;)

Ah, what kind of texture pack is this going to be?

Probably a simple one, with warm colors, nothing girly, just making the world a bit more cosy :3

Sounds like it is going to be lovely. Are you planning on changing anything with your skinning style or blog?

Eh, I'm experimenting with non-human skins (dragons, robots etc) and the skin i'm about to post is my first successful experiment. I think I'm just going to stick with that cartoonish style, not because it's easy (which it isn't at all), but because it looks better.

It does look very nice. c: Have you any hobbies aside from Minecraft and PMC?

Yeah, I do a lot of sports, like indoor and outdoor climbing (in the mountains, i mean) I also do batminton and in the summer i go jogging with friends.

So you're very athletic. Is it difficult balancing PMC and sports?

no, not really. Friend always have priority, I can visit PMC always later. It's harder to combine studying with PMc, because studying is boring and PMC is fun, so sometimes this site is very distracting.

The first part is good, the second part, not so much,lol. Final question, what is your favorite and least favorite submission of yours?

The submissions i hate the most have been deleted already. But there are still a lot of submissions i can't look at anymore :p I don't like my teen girl skins (teardrop, frog and nutella) because they're afwully shaded and just generic teen girl skins.

My favorite submission is twisted head, people gave a lot of positive feed back and i enjoyed making it a lot! It do needs to be reshaded though. I don't like the way i shaded the chest and the shoulders. maybe i'll go for cartoonish too! ^-^ (lol idk)

That would look cool with your new shading style. Anyways, thank you for participating, anything you'd like to say?

uhm... Hi PMC! ^-^


What I did for this was take a look at what she does, made a four base questions, and then invited her for an interview. It's not the most in depth one, but then again, this was just a little example of what I personally would enjoy to see as a reader. I got information about what she is going to do, her personal opinions on what she has done, and a little bit about her personal life.


I am not trying to shove my opinions down your throat, if you feel offended by this blog, I am sorry, just posting my views. I can't tell people what to do, but you have the choice to take this into consideration or not.
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