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My Zombie Apocalypse Journal

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Hey, sorry for not posting for a little while, I've been packed with homework and other stuffs. Anyway, I'm making up a more interesting story than homework. My zombie apocalypse. These are some of my entries from it. (I'll add new ones every little while)

Day One:
What are these things? At night yesterday my cousin fell off of a mountain while he was mining. I would have beendevastated but... he came back alive as a creature I've never seen before. Me and my brother Steve ran away, but he caught up to Steve and took a bite out of him, turning him into another one of these things. I got away, but I don't think I'll be able to survive in the area I'm in. Maybe I'll go to the next town over and warn the rest of the world.

Day Two:
No one listens to me. They believe it's the dumbest thing they've ever heard. I told 4 different towns before returning to my outpost outside of Kolen, the first town I told. By now they have invaded the mines and my cousins house. They seem to be headed for Kolen. I've packed up my stuff and gone to the nearest town to the East, as far away from Kolen and the other towns as possible. Maybe they'll listen.

Day Three:
Going East was a bad idea. The first town I went to, Lehm, was destroyed and the creatures have taken them over. They saw me and started right for me. I went and killed a few and ran as fast as I could. I came to a point where it seemed no creatures were following me. As I walked I came to a big wooden fort. With my ax I got into it. With one look I knew it was almost abandoned. I saw some movement behind a barn, so I decided to check it out. The person there was a man, covered in large scabs. "Please help me, good sir!", the man said, with tears in his eyes. "The town is dead. The.. the things have taken over the East." I guess the creatures aren't just Western.

Day Four:
I talked to the man I met. "Hey, what is this place?" I asked. "This is, or I guess was, the city of Elm. I bet you have heard of it." He replied. "Really?" I asked, surprised. "I thought Elm would be the perfect place to survive this." And it would have been. There must have been a breach in the wall or..

If almost reading my thoughts, he said, "It started here. We aren't sure how. I assumed it was the water, it never was the cleanest." "Well, we have to do something!" I responded. "The war with these things wont end if we don't step up and take it!" We needed a plan. And fast. To me, the only plan was to go back to my outpost. But was that the best option?

Day 5:

Apparently not.

It was dark when me and the man, whose name I learned was John, left Elm. Once we were in the West, we saw the horror that was the destruction of Lehm. It was morning now, and the sun showed us a perfect view on the town that was crawling with these creatures. My wooden outpost was destroyed to the point where I didn't even recognize it for a while. My food was gone. The mines were inhabited by them. It was madness.

I climbed to the top of the cliff my cousin had fell off of, but before I got to the top, I heard a noise. It wasn't an "URGGHHHH" of a... creature thing.. (I need to give them a name) but a "SSSSSS". I heard a boom, and the whole world went black.

[To be continued when I edit it...]

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11/05/2013 6:08 pm
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