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avatar Dyiing
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I have to admit this isn't my best work xD

I like doing the contest for the fun of it

Report #245

October 22nd, 1994
I've finally reached my destination. A broken-down Victorian style mansion, some 35 kilometers out of town. Nobody has dared to come out here alone, so of course that's why my boss sent me out on a solo investigation trip. I was informed that the mansion is run by an old family with ancestral roots to the creation of the once-beautiful house. Their names? The Morellis.

I'd reached the front porch by around 12 in the afternoon. I have to say that they are very... indolent.. when it comes to exterior decoration. Nearly every piece of wood showed rot, as when I stepped on the porch it nearly collapsed under my weight (and I'm not that heavy). As I grabbed the fancy door knocker that was nailed on to the red-chipped door, I started to rethink my visit there and why I ever agreed to do this. As a few minutes passed, I rendered the door knocker useless, and shifted my eyes to a doorbell I hadn't noticed before. After pressing it, it immediately set off a loud, distant sound inside the mansion. The eerie tone it played brought shivers to my spine. After not even 10 seconds, the door opened, and a tall, thin man in a tuxedo was in the doorway.

"Good evening, Sir." He exclaimed in the most sophisticated manner. From the outfit to the politeness he used, I assumed he was the butler.

"Yes, Hello. I am a reporter from the International News Blog, and I was informed to get a story on your mansion. " I was nervous. As I said these words in the calmest manner possible, his facial expression changed from something friendly to something else. Once I could feel an odd tension starting to arise, he turned back to look into the large house.

"Miss Sabani, your guest has arrived."
A faint ladies voice could be heard. "Of course. Send him in."

At this moment the "butler" invited me in, where I walked into the huge foyer, with a large cascading staircase. Dust layered all the vintage wallpaper and interesting decor laying around. He lead us into a large living room-like area where a young lady was laying on the couch. She had on a long sleek black dress, large faux fur coat, and a fishnet veil covering her face. As I entered the room farther, she set down her long cigarette and stood.

"Welcome darling, my name is Sabani, and I hope you love your long stay here." Even though her words were touching, there was something about the way she emphasized it that made it disturbing. She offered me a drink and we sat down on the couch to discuss basic a few basic things.

"I am the current owner of this mansion yes, Great Grandpa was the one to establish the building, and it was handed down to me through the years. My fiance, Demetrius, was brought into the family from another royal descendant. There's also our two children, Thomas and Lucille... We had a third, but we don't talk about him."​

"Hahaha. Relax monsieur, you look like you seen a murderer or something." I nearly fainted from the fright he gave me.​

"Oh this?" He looked down at his apron and patted it down. "This is just from a pig, I am a butcher. We only eat the finest meats in this house" He laughed again. "Come with me, let me give you a tour of our lovely house."​

We started on the first floor, as he took me through all the old areas. Plenty of walls were lined with dusty old bookshelves, old vintage paintings, and interesting heirlooms. Upstairs were just a bunch of old bedrooms, and a creepy attic that was willed with too many cobwebs for me. Besides all of the old things, I've finally started to think that they live the same lives any normal person would, just outdated. ​

​"Well, that was all the house there is. Now it is almost time for dinner, come along." He brought me towards the dining room along with the butler​ I still didn't know the name of. Just before we entered the room, an unfamiliar door caught my eye.​

"What is that room over there?" I questioned as I stopped in my tracks.​

"Where?" As his gaze shifted to the door I pointed at, his voice and facial expression changed. "That is just a fake door. It's not a room." He insisted that I moved into the dining room and take a seat. I couldn't take my mind of that door. ​What the heck is in there? It cant be just a wall, there has to be a reason he was so blunt about it. Everyone gathered around in their seats, as this was the first time I had seen the children. They were both very sweet looking, and dressed nicely. They didn't want anything to do with me though, as I tried to pick up small talk, and they ignored me and talked to each other.​

Some time later the butler and another nice looking lady came out holding trays.​

"Oh yes, I forgot to include our services, how rude of me" Miss Sabani exclaimed to me across the table. "This is Janice, our personal cook, and Josiah, our butler." I politely nodded at them as they continued to lay out food on the table. ​

What I was given was a very tender looking meat flank that was cooked to a medium rare, potatoes, some vegetable, and red wine. It was a very delicious meal, and I made sure that the chef heard what I had to say about it too. Even though the meal satisfied my hunger, I was still unsatisfied with the curiosity of that stupid door.​

"Here are your sleeping clothes, Mr....." Josiah paused.​

"Mr. Jones."​

"Ah yes, my apologies. Your sleeping clothes sir." ​He handed me a pile of silk pajamas and a robe. "You will be in the second room on the left."​

"I'm sorry?" I've never been more confused.​

"Miss Sabani insisted that it was a long drive home for this late, and that you may rest here. She also insisted that you should put down that book you keep writing in, we don't know how much information you are collecting."​

"Josiah, can I ask you something?" I set down the book for a second, as I updated it later.​


"What is behind that door downstairs? The one to the right of the dining room."​

"Sir I'm not allowed to talk about that one. I was ordered to keep my mouth closed." He left the room and I walked out and headed upstairs.​

As I entered the room, the door shut behind me. It was awfully musky and dark in there, as one of the light bulbs burned out. You could tell nobody had used it for a long while, and it wasn't maintained. I had come up with this plan, when everyone went to sleep, I was to sneak downstairs and look into the room just once. I couldn't help myself! It was just so tempting... I waited until I saw all the lights go out, and Miss Sabani came to say good night. While I heard creaking floorboards from the children still situating themselves into bed, I decided to look around the room a little bit more. In one area was a group of picture frames sitting on a dresser. I wiped the dust off of one to see what it was. It was a bunch of little kids playing, it almost looked as if it were the Morelli kids.. as I moved about, I heard a crunch. When I looked down, I noticed a pile of broken glass, with a picture frame not too far away. This one had the picture of one kid who was scribbled out in black ink. I rubbed my eyes and looked back up to the other frames, and began to realize he was in every picture, but scribbled out. As I hesitated a little I put them back and moved on. I opened the drawer and saw a small crumpled up paper. It read, "leave. now." In a panic I threw it back in and went back over near the door. 

After a little while more, allowing myself to calm down and assume it was a joke or misunderstanding, I opened the door into the hall and made my way downstairs. The door was in sight, and I had to act fast, who knew what would happen if I were caught. As I touched the cold door, it was almost as if I could hear something from the other side. I opened it quickly to avoid creaking, and shuffled inside. It was a long staircase that lead to a darker room. As I went in further, the voice got louder.​

"Who are you? Who put you in here?"​

"Wh-Who are you? I'm Cerebus, my father put me in here. You need to leave this house. He is an evil evil man. They all are in on it."​

My heart was racing at this point, but I tried to remain as calm as possible. I walked around the room examining the various instruments laying around. Candles, weird books, embalming tools, a black circle...​

"What is happening?" I sat down next to the cage.

"They-They bring people here, just to trap them inside forever. I tried to warn the people, but my father doesn't want anyone to know, so he locks me down here." 

At that moment, the door to the room opened. I've never felt so dead in my life. Cerebus quickly pointed to a corner, in which I proceeded to dive into and hide quietly. 

I don't care at this point in the story, I've been using past tense, but now I am genuinely concerned for my life, therefore I'm switching.​

Right now I am hiding in a corner, and my heart feels like it will explode, I hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. It's silent... I've never been so scared in my life god help me now.​

My name Cerebus... Send help.. They took him.. Please..​


*The rest of the page is splattered in blood.*​
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