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Mystery ln A Mansion A Minecraft horror Story

This is much not finished yet the serch for the 16 pages is still being made

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´╗┐Mystery ln A Mansion A Minecarft Horror Story
In a world of Minecraft in the future where there are already
technologies and forms of transportation.
A man named Alexander was on the way to
the woodlands with four by four vehicle he drives his way up the
woodlands Alexander is a Ranger who guards the forest from the
illegal logers.He go out of his car and start wandering the woodlands and
searching for illegal loggers by himself
as he kept on walking he did'nt notice the storm that is coming he does'nt listen to
broadcasts and its too late when he discovered rain was already there.
He ran so fast to go back to his
4 by 4 vehicle.He started the car and drove fast unknowing that the bridge that
connect the two mountain was destroyed by the strong rain.The cars headlights was
too dim to see the danger coming,Too late the vehicle where Alexander was riding
fell down the broken bridge into the deep and flowing river.He screamed for help
but no one can hear him.The car was flushed away with Alexander.He tried to get out
because water is entering the vehicle.So he managed to break the wind shield of the car.
But it only bring more danger to him. Water flushed him out o the car then the car
sanked to the bottom of the river.Alexander lost conciousness and sanked to the river also.

When he waked up he found himself on a flat foggy place where the soil and grasses are withered
and the trees are burning black.He got confused on how he get in there though there is
no river nor any traces of water in the place.He began to walk around and on the fog.
He saw a dim light and as he aproaches he began to feel heat and when he is close he see
a floating gas lantern.He thinked that this is only a dream but when he looked again.
He saw a dark shadow like person wearing a black hat that is looking at him
and holding the lantern.Alexander try to talk to him but the man disappeared and it
drops the lantern causing a big fire and making more light. the place turned bright
and a few steps a large old mansion showed up.its still clean and looks like theres
some one living in it.so Alexander did'nt hesitate and quickly goed in to
the mansion.he first looked at the kitchen and he saw a teaming hot chicken
on a table.He quickly take a sit and ate the chicken with bare hands unknowing that
the dark person showed up in his back.and dissappear when Alexander stands.
Alexander began to find the owner of the house but he saw nothing.Only a clean
and empty house.He goes to the second floor and he saw a door open so he
entered and he saw a skeleton lying on the bed holding a journal.He did'nt bother the
skeleton bu he searched the drawes for some items and he saw some jewelries so
he taked it he put some on his pocket and he wear some of it.But the thing that interest
him the most is the journal the skeleton is holding sothat.He taked the journal from it
and opended the pages , he saw nothing but a picture of two persons a man with an
journal and a man wearing a black hat.Alexander was staring on the picture when the
skeleton rose up on the bed and look at him.The skeleton told Alexander that he will not get
out alive and then the skeletone tried the atack Alexander so that Alexander smashed the skeleton
with the journal causing the skeleton to be more angry.Alexander raned to the door and closed it
locking the skeleton inside.Alexander ran down the stairs and to the door.He left the mansion
and tried to find the way back he walked he ran but he get tired.He sit on the ground and
catched his breath when the black guy showed up to him again and began to talk to him
the blacked person asked if he wants to get out.Alexander said yes the blacked person again asked
you dont want to stay here Alexander answers no.okay said the black person i will take you back
as long as you will not tell this to anyone.Alexander said i wont but what happened in the mansion
why is there a seleton a newly cooked food and you who are you.(The black person gaved him a picture of two
persons)lm already dead and this mansion (The mansion showed up from the fog)
was burned sisty years ago me and my brother died inside my brother died on the bed because
of being sofucated and me from getting burned to death.
sorry if l asked said alexander . close your eyes said the black person and i will bring you back.
Alexander closes his eyes and the wind become stronger and stronger and the fog dissapered
and when Alexander opens his eyes he saw himsef on the side of the river and very wet.
He looked at his arms and he saw no jewelries on it he
just laughed and said l know lt was a dream he stand up and walked when another
ranger spoted him and approaches him the rangers name is Sam

Sam ; Where did you go weve search for you everywhere
Alexander ; take a bath in the river
Sam ; dont fool me we found your car was found few miles from here sunken down the
river and its wind shield is broken , did your car fell on the broken bridge and why you smell like chicken
Alexander ; nothing lets just go get the car

Alexander did'nt notice the jewelrie in his poket.
So they just go and walk few miles back to the car
while theres a black person looking at them beside a tree.

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