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Nation of the Crow.

"They shall all be mine..."

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avatar angeluscaligo
Level 43 : Master Architect
Introduction & Additional Information.

What is this?

This blog will form the background story to my large World Project, loaded with folklore, historic tales & character biographies. It also provides you with several objectives and rules concerning a particular region of this map that I'll upload when it's finished. The folklore provides more depth to the story and the objectives and rules create a more interesting gameplay, giving a certain goal to fullfill. More details about the actual cities can be found at the project page. To find this page, go to my profile, submissions and then to projects. There you should see a project called "Angelus, land after the great war".

Why should I read this?

Because it will deepen the experience when exploring my World and playing the challenges hidden in it. Even though the world itself has several places where the storyline is explained through signs or notes provided with the final World Save File, this will a necessary backbone to the entire storyline.

How can I contribute?

By playing the final project. However (!), you may send in any ideas you want to see implemented in the final project.


"The Lords opposed me, but in the end, all Time and all Lords shall kneel for the Crow."

A Nation begins.

These are the times after the Great War. The lands are empty, cities abandoned, ruines scattered through the landscape. This is where your adventure begins.

A many great number of years ago, a great evil was released into our world, by an unknowing dwarf and space-man. Their action was not to be blamed, for they knew not of the lands history and the hidden evil. This evil, if which many no longer speak, was Israphel, Lord of the Slitt, king of the Nether. His appearance was that of a man pale as snow, with a face twisted in an eternal scream. This appearance however was merely a guise, created by taking the body of a young boy as a host. This boy, the son of the honorable late reverend John, was killed in an accident, due to meeting a certain green creature. It was this boy that, when he died, came to be a spirit in the Nether, where he made a contract with the great evil itself. In return for his body and soul, the boy could life forever, as part of this great evil. And so came to be the Lord as he is now known.

The day the dwarf and the space-man, Honeydew and Xephos, opened this portal to the Nether, this foul spirit found a way into our world once more. Only once before did this great evil tread the ground of our world. In that time, the world fell victim to relentless heat and drought, as the Sands claimed chunk per chunk. This drought brought together the Alliance, a number of now great heroes who then only tried to save life and our world: Verigan, Bacon, Fumblemore, Karpath & Adaephon. This bond of heroes fought together against the drought and against this spirits might. A final battle against the spirit was done by only Verigan & Karpath, the former dying in the battle.

In the beginning, Israphel only watched: Observing and learning about this world, of which the memories had been faded due to the many years passed. He began to build, small and large things and learned even more. When he found he learned enough, he began his attack on the duo that released him, only to flee and reassemble a bond of allies against all of the world. He fought the duo once more on their own turf and then vanished. In the time after that, he formed a further alliance with the Creepers and Zombols (a.k.a. Zombies, as humans came to know them), resulting in their Kings becoming minions of Israphel, always standing by his side.

What happened next is no more lore then history: Israphel began attacking the tresholds that held back the evil influence of the Spirit so many years ago. But in his wake, he found the duo, fighting against him any way they could. He took blows, he delivered blows, but for a long time they were equal. But a scale must tip, no matter what. He attacked Verigans hold, but they repaired and defended it. He burned down Mistral City, but they called the aid of a Fumblemore, who turned the ruins in a lush forest, fending of any evil. But when he attacked the Skyhold, with aid of a vampire, he gained a power so great that the duo was defeated for the first time since their encounters. Using the powerfull device of Skyhold, known as the Hand of Notch, he scorched the lands and devistated Minecraftia.

His reign soon spanned entire Minecraftia, forcing the duo to the edge. First thei fled to Icaria, where the combined magic of Fumblemore and Bogbeard kept the heroes safe. But when Israphel order the Creeper Boss to attack Icaria with his army, all hope was lost. The walls were breached and all people of Icaria were forced to flee to their neighbouring country: Angelus.

What happened next has been written down in the records of Creeper Town: In a large clash, greater then any battle known before, the two heroes were slain, leaving behind only Knight Peculier, Isabelle Peculier and Tinmen. These three fought valiantly, driving Israphels armies back, slaying them untill only three survived: Israphel and the Creeper & Zombol Kings. Isabelle and Tinmen fought the two minions, whilest the brave Knight took on Israphel. It was a harsh battle, lasting for hours, weakening both. But in a foul move, Israphel summoned Him! Peculier, fighting against an undefeatable ghost, was defeated...

But Israphel was weak too and in a last attempt to bring peace and order, the Trio of sorcerers, Fumblemore, Bogbeard & Nubesca, combined their powers and brought forth the ultimate power: The power of Synergy! The same power Notch himself used to created all they knew, the power of creation. In an incredible flash of light and colour, Israphel was sealed away in an obsidian tomb, sealed away of all time and space, of any existence: He was sealed in the Void.

And on that spot, the Trio proclaimed a prophecy: "No hand of man shall touch this stone, lest he wishes to let loose all evil. Only the ones of Earth and Air may touch it, in order to seal any evil." In the midst of this field of destruction, the prison, a small sphere of black stone, lay. Underneath, the ground tore open and swallowed it whole. As a sign of repent, a truce was established with all Creepers and Zombols. In return for peace, they shall protect this obsidian prison and never let any human touch its surface. And so, the Creepers moved the Sphere many miles underground and founded around it a town: Creeper Town. And their it still lies, untouched by human hands...

New beginnings.

After the Sealing, rest came back, but only partially. The nations came to rest and stopped internal fights, in order to restore their former glories. But many of them were devestated beyond repair and could not hold together. Minecraftia was destroyed, covered in an endless desert. But not all was lost and some cities of old resprung, reclaiming the lands back from the desert. Icaria rose again from its old ruins, taking on a new name: Caria-Nya a.k.a. New-Icaria.

And after old nations fell, new nations rose. And one of those was the Nation of the Crow. Led by a charismatic commoner, who rose quickly to high status in his adolescence, he soon became leader of his country. And he led it to war...

War, conquest, restauration... All has a consequence. He conquered in war and restored afterwards. His nation grew and grew, spreading over the ravaged lands. Old cities were claimed, new cities started. Small villages sprouded like mushrooms.

Originally from the Angelus region, the Nation of the Crow soon crossed the old borders and moved into Minecraftia. from Terrorvale to Mistral City, all was conquered. Even Verigan's Hold could not withstand. New-Icaria stood firm for many months, but still recovering from the Great War, it could not keep defending itself. The Nation of the Crow soon claimed all of Minecraftia and spread over to new regions...

Your goal, given by me, is to start spreading the Nation of the Crow from its original village, by upgrading villages and making them larger and better.

Lore of the Folk.

Angelus is a great nation, consisting out of many cities and villages. And as in our world, each of those has its own lore, myths and legends.


Creeper Town.

"Under many layers of stone, earth and ore, one might find a town of green, an explosive mix of strangers and fiends, yet all of them be the side of good. That place be called Creeper Town."

Creeper Town is a medium-sized community of reformed Creepers, all descendants of the original creeper clan that made a pact with the Trio of Sorcerers to protect the Sphere. It counts around 100 individuals, at any given time, since Creepers prefer to keep their numbers at this maximum. But, reformed or not, they're still Creepers, so it's best not to piss them off. But it's not all Creepers. Their are Dwarfs and Gnarls too, although in small numbers...

"If you're not a good creeper, then the One shall punish you in your sleep."

This is a regularly used threat by Creeper parents. It's sorta like the boogey-amn in our world, but who exactly the One is, is not known to any human. But every Creeper knows who He is. And they also know He is always watching from his prison in the Nether...

"Do not disturb the sleep of our ancestors, or Gnallops they shall send after you."

Ah, the lovely Gnallops, a small rodent creature that enjoys the taste of Creeper meat. Formerly thought to be a myth, the discovery of a live specimen proved Human folklorists wrong. So technically, they don't really belong in this section of the blog, but hey...

The Gnallops are, as said before, a small rodent. They are a dark grey in colour and their eyes are very small, since they rather depend on hearing, due to their evolutionary path in caves. They emit a certain pheromone that calms Creepers down, so badly to the point they're not able to explode. This way, they can easily attack a Creeper in a small pack of about 6. They kill Creepers by injecting venom through their teeth. What happens after that is, euhm, a bit too graphic to describe. Let's just say the endresult resembles partially digested mince meat...

"Oh, the times of old, when the Creeper KIng was still alive, when all had meaning still."

The Creeper King, a title given to the most notable Creeper, choosen by a Council of Sneakers. Unfortunatly, the last Creeper King died shortly after the Great War and since this particular clan made the Pact, a Council of Sneakers coul not be formed, since this Council consists out of those Creepers who could kill Humans by merely frightening them. And since Creepers connect meaning with leadership, all meaning indeed has been lost since the last King.


Gnarls, the highly evolved cousins of Gnalops. Their evolutionary path choose the side of brain of matter and hence, they soon evolved into a vagely humanoid creature. They are very recognizable, since they are covered in fur, have razor sharp teeth and only have three fingers or toes. They have bred several kinds of cavespiders to serve as pets and hunting partners. They coexist with Dwarfs, with whom they have a mutual understanding and respect. They show Dwarfs the way to unexplored caves, discovered by their petspiders and the Dwarfs in return supply them with ores, foods and treats. Though a fairly new race, being only 150 years old, they already have strong connections with the minecraftian lands and its inhabitants.

There are several theories on how exactly they evolved. Most of these naturally involve the side-effects of being exposed to Netheral ethers and fluids. But a select few think they Gnarls are actually nature's response to the human threath and are destined to replace humans in a near future. Of course, this leads to conflicts of sorts and makes the understanding between the general populations of each respective race very tense.

It must be said however that till now, no Gnarlian settlements have been found. Maybe they are not yet in that phase of evolution. But they soon will be...


Elvenborough knows a long history. The oldest evidence found suggest that the earliest settlements at Elvenborough predate human civilization with at least 7000 years. Elves indeed are an ancient race, so such would be expected of them, but this age even surprised many modern day elvenclans.

The oldest structure of Elvenborough is their Grand Tree, also known as Home Tree or Mother Tree. Due to the many nicknames, many people are confused as to which tree is exactly meant. So for clarity, let's say we're talking about the tree in 'a goddamn bigass hole', as Prof. Grizwold once described it perfectly.

This tree is estimated to be roughly 9000 years old, an age only halfway achieved by the second oldest tree in this settlement, the Living Tree. This tree is 'only' 4750 years old, give or take. But it's the main homing tree the Elves use. So it's no surprise humans are often awed by the sight of a small fortress sticking out of the branches.

One tree in particular is a mystery to even the Elves. It's called the Winter Tree, for it's made of nothing but ice and snow and it's still growing today. It was formed sometime in the last Great Winter, a natural event humans call an ice age. Though this ice age covered almost the whole nation of Angelus at its peak, only in Elvenborough has a Winter Tree come to be. So just before the Great War started, Humans and Elves constructed the Dome; A large dome placed of the Winter Tree, keeping it cool in all seasons, assuring its growth and security. Though the Dome almost was destroyed in the Great War, the Tree remained undamaged. Nowadays, it's one of the main attractions in Elvenborough.


Grag'Nor is the oldest of all border cities and also the strongest. It has defended the border between Angelus & Minecraftia for over 300 years and remained unconquered during the Great War. Though it was a city of knowledge and not military, its 10 meter thick walls, lava moats and the harsh terrain in front of its wall made it unclaimable. Using the power of Mage's Folly, the largest Mage structure in Angelus, Israphels armies were repelled multiple times. Nowaday, Grag'Nor is a city of lectures, books and wisdom. Its Grand Library contains thousands of books and Mage's Folly contains the strongest spellbooks in all of Angelus.


Nation of the Crow: Side objectives and rules in-game.

  1. To 'conquer' a village, all buildings must be upgraded to full-cobblestone building with a smooth stone base and a roof made of cobblestone steps.
  2. A village is fully conquered when you place a self-designed flag on top of the highest building in the village. F.e. the church or a hotel.
  3. If a village has space to build on, do so, untill all space is used or the village has at least 15 buildings. These buildings must be diverse. So not just a bunch of squares.
  4. If a village has borders, constructed out of fences, dirt walls or trees, then respect the borders and do not build outside of these.
  5. If any other village is nearby, but isn't linked by a path, do so. The foundation of a strong nation rests on easy travel between cities and places that provide resources. So any mine (for example) you start outside a village, too must be linked to the nearest village by a path.
  6. If a village lies next to a large body of water, build a port. How large this port becomes is up to you, but you must have at least two spaces to dock a boat in.
  7. If a village lies in a large open area, build a wall to protect it. Gangs and invading nations always attack such villages first, thus these must be protected first.
  8. Complete the Victory Monument at the Spire (thanks to Vechz).
CreditVechz for giving us the creation of the Victory Monument

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 08/07/2011 6:09:37 pmAug 7th, 2011

  • Provided list of objectives.
  • Provided list of rules.
  • Credit to Vechz for Victory Monument.

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HI im looking forward to the final project and if u need any help i would be glad to message me if i can help thks it sounds awesome by the way its gonna be great

-Gummybearzs (also my minecraft name)
If you like it, the please, also visit the Angelus-project page. This is just the blog. The project-page has many more pictures and info.

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