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Need more time to finish homework due to playing Minecraft?

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avatar ice374
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Didn't get your homework done because you were playing Minecraft? Here is a trick ive use a few times! 

OK first of all only use this trick on each teach once of twice or they wise up to it but this works and im not joking!


First make a copy of your word document.

Save it to your desktop

right click on it and select "open with" then select "notepad"

now it should comeup looking like a whole load of jibberish                                                

 S·âJþWà à à ¥®ø à â à W cöâ â và á¬à 8j0ê:PÃ±â  bÃ»Ã â ¬Â Â Ë 0¤b J2ñ⠺Šyà à L¡fâ üµA27­¿2­[nRó ; à Ÿvâ ¢â à ¾~«]¾¨>Aø¢h©jâ ¹U:úpfCtžñvVâ v]µö¶±_ŽmF¦óü=à ¼fD=JDP$öæ

delete some random text and  exit it dont forget to press "save"

now try and open it with word again and it should say "the file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents"

email the edited word document off to your teacher and by the time he/she emails you back saying that it wont open properly make sure that you have finished the original copy and email the good copy off the him/her saying that you are sorry that it didnt work and for them to try this

i have screen shots of these steps but i dunno how to upload them into a blog if someone can tell me how plz do

feel free to drop me a diamond and sub!

02/24/2013 7:11 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Narwhal
gotta try that
01/25/2013 6:31 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
To use screenshots, get an account at imgur.com, and after that, upload a pic, and put that pics URL into imbed image where it asks for a URL!
11/30/2012 8:12 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
LMAO I don't want to risk doing this because if it doesn't work then I won't be playing minecraft LOL
10/16/2012 4:51 am
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
i should try that! i will lol when i get it back
10/05/2012 4:09 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
now people can screw off in school! yay great example your setting sir!
09/04/2012 1:38 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
This worked :P
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