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Nether Adventures: Backstory

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 24 : Expert Warrior
Once there was a colony of people, living good lives and had hardly any troubles. One day though they decided to expand their reaches to the nether. They planned on building a second village there so they could have a place they could go to get nether supplies, like quartz, lava, magma, and even a rare ore called nethergold. They had formed a decently large party to raid a nether fortress when a shadow fell upon them. It destroyed their portal out and it killed five of their party members. This shadow was a newly formed being called Entity 303. He was a black ghost with red glowing eyes and a white robe. He forced that party to retreat without a way out. Eventually they ended up building a hidden base in the walls of the nether, and recolonized there, but not giving up on finding a way out.

Meanwhile the entity rebuilt the portal in his castle and went back through it. He terrorized the townsfolk, many of them were either forced to retreat and never come back, or killed mercilessly. The now Nether Rebellion fought back and became a problem for The Entity, so he decided to hire some assassins. He also formed an army made of pigmen and ghasts, making it even harder for the rebellion to fight back.

Eventually two people part of the Nether Rebellion had a son, and they named that son Darth. He was the first and only human to be born in the nether, and it would stay that way for a very long time. He formed a bond with a villager only slightly older then him, and that villager was named smithy.

Life became easier in the nether. They formed small party’s just to keep the entity distracted from expanding his reaches farther into the nether, but overall nobody died... until one unfaithful day. It was a normal day, and Darth was just a young child playing with a nether brick with smithy. His parents and various other members of the rebellion set out on a mining mission to go find some nethergold when it happened. The entity ambushed the party and killed many of the members. Only a few made it out alive... but one of the members, Richard, claimed that Darth’s parents werent two of them.

For fourteen years Richard raised Darth himself, leading us to the story we have today...

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lets hope pings work the same here as they do on DeviantArt and skinseed
Welp, lets hope i did this right, it says story category so i hope im using the right story lol

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