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Nether Adventures Chapter 11: Darkside

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
Chapter Eleven: Darkside

The Entity lead Darth and the others into a room with a single chair. He stopped by the chair and turned towards them. “You know, it’s funny. It was so blatantly obvious it was a trap but yet you still let your emotions get the best of you and you took the bait. They always do.” Although The Entity didn’t have a mouth you could tell he would be grinning, you could see it in his eyes. “Also, do you know why I was after your crown?” He asked. “Power?” Darth answered. “Yes, obviously, but I also wanted to complete a collection.” The Entity pulled his hood down, revealing his black smoky head. On the back of his head were two gems, a pink one and a light grey one. “Pigmen and Ghasts, this is how I control them. It was obvious I had these, but I figured I would show you anyway. Besides the Magma Cube gem, your crown has the last ones I need for the collection. Then I will have the ability to control all of the mobs in the nether.” He explained as he put his hood back up. “So, what do you plan to do with us?” Darth asked, you could hear the anger in his voice. “Oh don’t worry, I got something special planned for you. Tie him up. Two pigmen nodded and tied him to the chair. The Entity walked behind him and started chanting something in the language of the ancients. It was an ancient language only magic users knew, which means Sammy was the only one here who could understand him. “Sammy, what is he saying?” Darth asked nervously. Sammy hesitated to respond. “Exactly what you may think... a mind control spell. He’s using dark magic too.” “What?!” Darth exclaimed. “Darth, no!” Naomi yelled. Smithy and Kate froze in shock. Darth struggled and struggled, but to no prevail. Soon The Entity finished his spell and waved his hand in front of Darth, putting him unconscious. “Fall into the darkside.” He said. Darth then opened his eyes. They turned from their normal brown to a complete red, exactly like The Entity’s. Not a single bit of white was left in his eyes. “Release them, my new puppet can handle this.” The Entity said. The pigmen handed them their weapons. “Stay strong. We can do this,” Sammy said. “it’s still Darth, we know what he can do.” “Actually...” Kate responded. “What’s wrong?” Naomi asked. Darth got up and started floating in the air. “The Entity can share his powers with his victims...” Kate answered. “Oh...” “Okay, change of plans, run!” Sammy yelled. They rushed through the castle with Darth and The Entity following close behind. He would generate red fire charges and attempt to throw them. “There, the exit!” Smithy called out. The burst through the exit and Darth continued to follow. “Wait,” The Entity said. “you don’t need to deal with them yet, we can get them later. First we need gather the pigmen and ghasts, we are going to find their hideout.”

Sammy and the others bursted through the entrance of the base. Naomi started banging her sword on her shield to get everybody’s attention as Sammy yelled “Everyone evacuate! The Entity is coming!” Richard and Ash ran over. “Oh thank goodness Ash isn’t affected. The crown must need to be nearby to affect him.” Kate sighed. “Wait what’s going on?! Where’s Darth?!” Richard asked. “The Entity got him,” Sammy replied “he was mind controlled, he could be leading The Entity here right now!” “Sammy I said you couldn’t go! Now look what has happened!” “I know, and I deeply regret it, but for now we gotta focus on getting out of here!” “Where would we go though? Its not like we can just transport all of our supplies before they arrive, we are dead either way.” Naomi said. “Not necessarily.” Smithy said. “I’ve heard from our cartographer that there are some villages hidden within the walls of the nether, let me see if he has a map to one.” “Okay Smithy, you go do that. Me and the others will focus on getting everyone out.” Richard said. He reached into a hole in the wall and pulled a lever. At the end of the hallway the wall opened up to reveal a minecart tunnel. “We’ll evacuate through here, now everybody move!” He ordered. Half an hour later Darth, The Entity, and Garrison arrived at the hideout with a pigman army following close behind. “Is this it?” Garrison asked. “Indeed.” Darth answered. His voice echoed like The Entity’s. They made their way inside. “They are all gone, that was fast.” Garrison said. He looked around. “Where did they go? Surely not the front entrance, they would’ve been caught.” The Entity turned to Darth. “Darth?” “Yes sir.” He walked over to a hole in the wall and pulled a lever, the wall opened up. “They went through here. They can’t be very far ahead, we will catch them.” Darth explained. “Ah, yes, very good Darth. This is working out perfectly.” The Entity said.

The rebels got out of the minecarts and stepped out into the open. They started to make their way to the village, but Naomi dragged behind. “Is everything okay?” Kate asked. “It’s Darth. He is in there I know he is. I’m thinking we should try and save him.” She said. “Naomi is heading in the right direction.” Sammy replied. “The Entity most likely hasn’t taken his crown yet, which means if we get him back we get the crown back too.” “So what do we do?” Kate asked. “We split up. You, Smithy, and Ash lead the rebels to the village, and me and Naomi will lead them away. Then we might be able to turn or capture him. We might die, but it’s worth a shot.” He explained. “Got it.” Ash said. After that they split, and Sammy and Naomi were on their own from there. Soon after The Entity caught up with them. “Aw, just you two? Where did your friends go?” He asked, almost taunting. “None of your business Entity! It’s just us now!” Sammy yelled. “Darth, you know what to do.” The Entity ordered. “Yes Sir.” Darth flew over and started to fire fire charges at them. Sammy and Naomi deflected them back. He then started diving at them, swinging his swords at them and attempting to get a hit. He slowly started doing a combination of these two and sped up more and more, going from slow attacks to quick and fast paced attacks. Naomi and Sammy were starting to struggle. “Darth I know you are in there!” Sammy yelled. “Darth is gone.” He responded. He flew in and swung at Sammy with his swords. He blocked it, but Darth kicked him in the chest, knocking him back, and threw a fire charge at the ground. Sammy and Naomi were thrown into the air and hit a chunk of netherrack sticking out of the ground. “It’s the end of the line. Finish them Darth.” The Entity ordered. Darth started charging up a really large fire charge. “Darth fight it!” She yelled. They closed their eyes and braced themselves. The sound of the fire charge charging stopped, and a second later they heard a loud thump. They opened their eyes. Darth was laying unconscious on the ground. “Darth!” They both yelled. Darth groaned and opened his eyes. His eyes were back to normal... mostly. His irises were still red, but the rest was a normal white. “Can you stand?” Naomi asked. “Yeah I think...” Darth answered. “Great then let’s get out of here!” Sammy said. With Sammy supporting Darth on his shoulder they started to retreat. “Sir, they are getting away.” Garrison said. “Don’t chase them.” The Entity ordered. “I never have had someone break out of my spell before. If you didn’t notice his eyes are still partially red, I want to see where this goes...”



Chapter eleven is out! Now you know why my character has red eyes. What will become of Darth after this is the bigger mystery though. I hope you enjoyed and peace out ma peeps!

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