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Nether Adventures Chapter 2: Introductions

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 22 : Expert Warrior
Chapter Two: Introductions

After finding his way out of the cave, Ash started walking back home with Darth, now wearing his new crown, and about a dozen mobs behind them. “So, where do you live? A peaceful village in the overworld? A giant nether castle? Im intrigued!” Ash asked. Darth looked at him with a somewhat embarrassed face. “Well... i don’t live in a castle... or a village... more of a hideout hidden from the outside world where nobody can find us...” Ash looked concerned. “Is everything fine? Why are you hiding instead of living in the open?” “Well we are hiding because of this person who forced us into hiding called Entity 303. We’ve been trying to rebel for over 18 years but had no prevail. Worst of all is that we have no way out, I have never seen the light of day before because of that. All i heard is tales.” Ash brightened up. “Well look at you now! You have the crown! You will stand way more of a chance now that you have half of the nether on your side!” Darth showed a small smile. “Yeah, you’re right. The only problem is explaining to my guardian, Richard, about this. Technically I’m not supposed to be here, he never lets me leave the base.” Ash let out sigh “Well at least you brought something good back from this. Is there anybody we can talk to before we talk to him?” “Actually... i think i know someone...”

As Darth approached the entrance to the mining tunnel inside the base, he whispered to Ash. “Be very quiet, we don’t want to freak anyone out.” Darth knocked on the door. He heard a very familiar sigh come from the other side. “Smithy! Thank goodness its you! Im going to ask you to come outside, but dont freak out. Smithy let out another sigh. (See description for more info on the villager language.) “What did you get into this time Darth...” As he opened the door he looked at Ash and the others and jerked back violently. “Darth!!! What is going on?!?! Did you betray us?!?!” Smithy pulled out his pickaxe and prepared to fight. “SHH SHH SHH!! These guys are peaceful! Do you see this crown I’m wearing? This allows me to control them.” Smithy looked concerned. “Ok... then what are they doing here.” “I brought them here, they can help us. First off, is Richard and the others back?” Darth asked. Smithy shook his head. “Nope, still patrolling.” Darth was relieved. “Thank goodness. Is Seris here?” “Yep, he’s in the enchanting room right now.” Smithy answered. “Ok, i need you to help me sneak this wither skeleton, Ash, through the base. Everyone else stay here until i return.” The wither skeletons nodded, and Darth, Smithy, and Ash were on their way.

Smithy peeked into the enchanting room. “Seris, i need to show you something.” Seris, an old man in his late 50s turned around to see Smithy. “Sure! What is it Smithy?” Smithy looked nervous. “Well...” He opened the door wider to let Darth and Ash in. Seris’ eyes widened. “Is that...?” He rushed towards Darth, reaching for his crown. “No no wait!” Darth scrambled to hold it on his head but Seris snatched it before he could. He quickly turned to Ash to see if he was a normal wither skeleton again, but nothing seemed to happen. “Don’t worry my boy, these gems shouldn’t affect the state of the mobs unless another person claims them.” Darth looked surprised. “Your not mad? Or confused?” “Nah, you just made an amazing discovery, this could help us out a ton!” Ash looked confused. “Sorry sir, but I’m afraid i do not know who this man is.” Darth turned to him “Oh yeah, sorry. This is our team’s sorcerer, Seris. He specializes in brewing, and of course, magic. He also is training my friend Sammy in magic, I introduce you to him later.” Ash looked at Seris. “Interesting.” Seris turned to Ash, intrigued. “Hm, interesting, it seems the crown has abilities to make monsters more intelligent. I read upon this once, i think it has something to do with the holder’s IQ level.” Darth looked confused. “Can you tell us exactly what this crown is anyway?” “Ah yes, ill be glad too. You see, there are two gems on the front of this crown of different colors. The orange one is a gem that can control blaze related creatures, and the grey one can control withered creatures. These are special magic gems called monster gems, giving whoever uses them the ability to control the mob of that type. You, Darth, got a extremely rare variation. It is hardly at all that you find two gems within the same temple.” Darth looked proud of himself. “Huh, thats pretty nice.” As they were discussing the crown they heard the entrance doors open and close, along with a bunch of footsteps. Darth got worried. “He’s back.”

Richard yelled down the base. “Darth! We have returned! What did you find?” Seris noticed that Darth was nervous. “You are going to need to tell him Darth, this isn’t something we can keep secret from him forever, and we shouldn’t keep it a secret anyway.” Darth sighed. “Yeah, you are right, come on Smithy, lets go explain this. Ash, stay here until i tell you to come out.” Ash nodded. Darth walked out of the enchanting room to Richard. “Well... heres what i found. I found some quartz, some gold, and a decent amount of Nethergold...” Richard looked happy. “Well alright! That sounds like a good run to m-“ “Hold on, I’m not finished. I also found this...” Darth pulled the crown from behind his back. Richard immediately went from a smile to a frown. “Where did you get that...?” Darth turned around. “Ash, you can come out now!” “Ash?” Ash walked out of the enchanting room. “Darth, why is there a wither skeleton in our base?!” “Listen, i was exploring, and i fell in a hole and found a temple. In that temple was this crown, and this crown allows me to control wither creatures and blazes.” Darth explained. Richard got irritated. “You went EXPLORING?! What did i tell you?! No going to the surface, period! Im sorry Darth but if you cant control yourself i cant let you have that thing.” Richard reached out for the crown, but Ash stepped in the way. “Sir, i can not allow that. Darth found that crown all by himself, he risked his life for this crown, and in the end it paid off. He found one of your biggest helps in the nether, and you want to take it away. Im sorry sir, but i cannot allow that.” Seris stepped in. “Richard, you need to let it go. Let the boy move on. He is not them.” Darth looked confused. “What do you mean?” Richard sighed. “Let me explain.”

“Darth, do you ever wonder why i never let you leave the base?” Richard asked. “I figured it was because you didn’t think i was skilled enough.” “Its because... i cant relive what happened all those years ago. That day, when we were attacked, i watched the entity take your parents. I watched Sammy’s brother die right in front of me. The only reason i take Sammy with is because i still have his parents to talk to. You on the other hand, your entire family was killed. Its not even just that, your parents were really close friends of mine, and they were our leaders. When they died, you were all i had left of them, and i couldn’t let you go the same way they did.” Darth let out a sigh. “I understand, but you shouldn’t be blaming yourself if something happens to me, thats my fault. I don’t want you to suffer, but i don’t want to be trapped here anymore either. Please. Let me go.” “I understand.” Darth was shocked. “Wait what?!” “Yes, i understand. I need to learn to not let this get to me. You can be a warrior.” “Wait, seriously?! Wow! Where do i start?!” Smithy walked in the room. “Well, first Darth, you are going to need some armor.”


Villager Info:

Villagers, another breed of human, are unable to use normal vocabulary. They let out sighs and grunts at just enough variety that it can be understood as a language. Everything Smithy and other villagers say in this series will be translated from Villagerspeak.

Sorry it took so long for chapter two to come out, ill try and speed up for the coming chapters. Otherwise i know this isnt a very exciting chapter but i can assure you the next one will have some action!

I hope you enjoyed. Heart it if you liked it, diamond if you really liked it, and subscribe if you wish to see more, peace out ma peeps!

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