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Nether Adventures Chapter 3: Reliving The Past

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Level 23 : Expert Warrior
Chapter Three: Reliving The Past

During the beginning of chapter two:

A man sat upon a hill, he watched a boy wearing a crown walk by with some wither skeletons and blazes following him. “Whats this..?” He followed the boy until he got to an open area. “Theres no way to follow him without being noticed...” He got up, grabbed his weapons, and walked back to the place he came from. “The Entity is going to be pleased with what i found...”

A few hours later:

“Well, first Darth, you are going to need some armor...” Sammy walked in to the room, extremely confused. “Whats going on here?” Darth explained everything to Sammy. “So let me get this straight, you got a crown and can control these mobs now?” “Yep!” Darth said. “Ok... so what now” Sammy asked. Smithy walked up. “Well before you came in, i planned on making Darth some armor. Come with me down to the workshop, lets plan it out.” Darth and Sammy followed Smithy down to his blacksmith forge. Smithy opened a blueprint and grabbed a quill. “Ok Darth, so what are you thinking.” Darth took a second. “Hm... I’m thinking of something like what our knights wear, but i don’t want it dyed black like what Sammy has. Maybe something with some capes on it.” Smithy thought for a second, then drew something up. “Like this?” “Perfect!” Darth said. Smithy turned around to Sammy and Darth. “Ok, so i will need three material for that. First, i will need some red wool. That will be easy, i can get some from the sheep pen. Second, i will need some blaze rods, those spinning things that float around the blazes. You should be able to grab them without hurting the blazes, they can slowly generate new ones from fire. And finally, i will need some nethergold. Nethergold is really rare to find when mining normally... BUT, there is one exception. It has a higher change to form near lava, which is why your parents were mining outside of the base.” Darth was concerned. “Are you sure its safe to do that?” Sammy turned to Darth. “Yeah, it should be fine, its hardly ever that we go out to pick off pigmen and actually find the Entity’s troops.” “Well...” Darth said. “Lets go.”

After telling Richard and getting some knights to travel with, Darth, Ash, and Sammy went out to look for nethergold. “So, we’ll look around the lava ocean, correct?” “Yep,” Sammy said. “around lava and magma is where it most commonly generates.” They started looking around, mining anything in sight. After they got enough for the armor they started to head back “I cannot wait to see the final result!” Darth said excitedly. “I have a really good feeling about this!” While they were walking Ash stopped. “Hold it, i heard something” The team stopped and looked around to see what it was. Only a few seconds later they heard Ash yell “Sammy get down!” Ash tackled Sammy just as a fire charge flew past his head, landing not that far away. They turned to see a squad of ghasts moving in from behind one of the walls of netherrack. They then heard footsteps coming from a hill as a squad of pigmen walked over it, behind them a shadowy figure in a white cloak, and a battle hardened middle aged man walked next to him. “Oh no...” Sammy said. “Is that what i think it is...?” Darth asked. “Yep” Sammy said. “Entity 303 has arrived.”

The pigmen walked up to them and stopped, while the ghasts hovered around the party. “Is this the boy you were talking about?” The Entity said. His red glowing eyes brightened and dimmed as he spoke in an echoey voice. No body was to be seen underneath his cloak, just blackness. “Yes, this is the one. I am surprised he didnt bring any reinforcements with.” The Entity walked up to Darth. “Hm... you look familiar... you look like someone i knew...” Darth stood there, frozen. “Wait a second... i recognize you... You are the son of the old leaders to the rebellion! Ah yes, they were good friends of mine, keyword were.” Darth was still frozen. The Entity backed up and faced the party. “Now, if you all surrender now ill promise not to hurt you.” He chuckled. “Not very much at anyway...” Sammy walked up to the front of the party. “Do you REALLY think we would give in just like that?! We heard of what you did, and we are not going to surrender that easily, we wont let our families die in vein. Darth, what are your orders.” He turned to Darth, but he just stood there, wide eyed and frozen, staring into space. “Sir are you ok?” Ash asked. Darth didnt respond. “Ugh, i don’t have time for this. Ready men?! Charge!” The rebellion broke out into a heavy fight really quickly. Ghasts were firing everywhere, and pigmen clashing swords with the rebels. Meanwhile, Darth didn’t even move an inch, he just stood there. “How could this be happening? Literally my first mission and i am already going to suffer the same fate my parents did.” He turned his head to see the battle. He imagined Sammy in the position of his brother, and Ash in the place of Richard. “Darth!!!” Sammy yelled. He could hardly hear it, he hardly even reacted. The man from before attacked Sammy, and was starting to overpower him. “No... NO!” He wasn’t going to let them go down like this. They had better chances then they did last time, and he wasn’t about to let that go to waste. He closed his eyes, concentrated, and then opened them again this time with a smile on his face. Wither skeletons ran in from the distance, while blazes and blaze knights hovered in. The blaze knights landed on the ground and used a shockwave attack, knocking any pigmen within range to the ground. Wither skeletons clashed sword with the pigmen, while blazes attacked the ghasts. Soon enough Darth joined the fight too, pickaxe in hand, and thanks to the crown the battle quickly started to shift in the odds. “No, NO!” The Entity yelled. he watched as the pigmen fell one by one, disappearing into steam. With the help of the wither skeletons Sammy was able to fight back against the man, he almost was killed before a ghast exploded between them. He got up and ran back to the Entity. “Sir, orders?!” The Entity sighed. “Order a retreat, next time we will be prepared.” Ghasts disengaged and moved over to the cliff. “Oh i dont think so!” Darth yelled, he made the blazes and any available wither skeletons focus all attention on the ghasts and anyone retreating. They took down a few pigmen and ghasts, but by the time they were in Darth’s reach, the Entity flew off, and the man got on a ghast and did the same. Sammy walked up to Darth. “We may not have won the war yet, but we definitely won the battle. After seeing that, i have a good feeling about this.” Darth smiled and let out a sigh. “Yeah, lets go home.”

Once Darth entered the door he yelled “Hey Smithy! We got a ton of nethergold, we beat up a ton of pigmen too!” Smithy heard and walked over. “Wow, that is a lot. Here, lets go make some armor.” They walked down to Smithy’s workshop and got to work, Darth grabbed the blaze rods from some blazes, and Smithy grabbed some wool. “Are you sure the blazes will be fine?” Darth asked “Yeah, with a little bit of lava they should grow back.” Darth walked up to the crafting table and crafted two nethergold swords, then a suit of blaze-chainmail and some nethergold armor. He then gave them to Smithy and he combined them with the wool into his new armor. “Here you go! What do you think?” Darth put the armor on. It was gold with a small cape on the front of the legs, and a larger one on the back. “Perfect!” Darth said. “Now lets go show the others, and discuss the fight.” They then ordered a meeting. Darth entered the meeting room, armor on, and sat down. “Ok, so first off, we went and got nethergold, and we were able to craft this armor, which means i will be able to fight now. Second, while we were mining, we were attacked by a horde of pigmen. We made it out okay, only losing a few wither skeletons and blazes, but we cut down the pigmen substantially.” Richard spoke up. “Substantially?” “Substantially.” Ash said. “Well then,” Richard said. “We should focus on invading the castle, with their pigmen down it should take a while for them to come back.” Darth smiled. “Your right, so whats the plan?” They started discussing strategies, and eventually they came to an agreement. Darth stood up. “Well then, what are we waiting for?”


Heres Chapter 3! To be honest I’m pretty happy this one, it explains how i get my armor, and leaves a few hints at the lore. Plus, in the next chapter I’ll introduce a few more new characters into the story!

You can use this skin as a template if you wish, as long as you give credit and dont copy it, so go wild!

I hope you enjoyed. Heart it if you liked it, diamond if you really liked it, and subscribe if you wish to see more, peace out ma peeps!

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I am loving the graphics and animations.
I am afraid i dont understand, this is a story not an animation lol
Still haven't explained what nethergold is...
Oh crap, sorry lol, ill explain it in the next chapter, i think i know a way how

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