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Nether Adventures Chapter 5: Finding The Truth

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 23 : Expert Warrior
“So, Kate, if you want to join us, you are gonna need some gear.” Smithy said. He was walking down the hall with Kate to his workshop. “Luckily for you, we have a lot of nethergold left over from a recent mining expedition.” Kate was confused. “What is nethergold anyway? My father never told me about it, and i never noticed much of a difference from real gold.” “Ah, so you never heard of it before,” Smithy said. “its a type of gold exclusive to the nether. Normal gold can still form here, but nethergold is a rarer variant, it is as rare as diamonds and only spawns near lava. It’s as strong as diamonds too, and it has the ability to be ignited without enchantments, which is why Darth has flaming swords. Thats not to say diamonds and other materials are useless compared to this, they all have special abilities i can tell you about later.” “Interesting. So to make it short its basically the diamonds of the nether?” Kate asked. “Yep, pretty much.” Smithy said. They walked in to the workshop and started planning out designs for the armor. “How about this?” It was a blueprint for a lighter set of armor. Something that you would be able to move around easily in. “Perfect!” Smithy said. They got to work on crafting it immediately. Once they finished Smithy said “Would you like to paint it?” “Wait we can do that?” Kate asked. “Yeah, we have a painting table right over here. We can paint our armor using various dyes. Sammy’s armor is a good example.” “Sure! Why not?” Smithy grabbed a bunch of dyes and kate brought her new armor to the table. “So, what colors do you want it to be?” “Well im thinking mostly black like Sammy’s, and the secondary color being a dark blue.” Smithy handed her the dyes, and they started painting it. “Ok, now for weapons. What kind of weapons would you like?” Smithy asked. “What about two daggers and a nethergold sword?” “On it.” Smithy crafted the weapons and handed them to Kate. “So, are you ready to show the others?”

Kate and Smithy walked into the meeting room where Darth, Sammy, Ash, and Richard were all discussing plans for the next attack. “So, what do you think?” She was wearing her blue and black armor, and her new daggers were strapped to the sides of her legs. “It looks great!” Darth said. “Yeah, it really suits you Kate!” Sammy complimented. “Thanks, Smithy made it for me.” “Its no problem, its all part of my job after all.” Smithy said. “So,” Kate said. “Whats our next move?” “Well before we can even think about attacking we need to start picking off pigmen,” Richard said. “Otherwise they will probably overwhelm us pretty quickly. But, this is good for you too. It allows you to get some practice in the field.” “So then, when are we moving out?” Kate asked. “Why not now?” Ash said. “Sure, lets get our stuff and get moving.” Sammy said. “Pigmen aren’t going to kill themselves.” Soon enough they got their gear and were on their way. Richard, Sammy, Ash, Darth, Smithy, and Kate, along with a small party of wither skeletons all went out to look for pigmen. “Are you sure you don’t need any armor Smithy?” Kate asked. “Ill be fine, my welding mask is all i need” Smithy said. After about an hour of pigman slaying they heard some talking in the distance, and immediately hid behind a hill. The voice started getting closer, and Kate realized who it was. “So your saying you found no traces of any rebels whatsoever?” Garrison asked. A pigman in front of him shook it’s head. “Ugh, of course. We got lucky with Sarah, i doubt we will get this lucky again.” “Mom...” Kate whispered. “Darth, we should move in. This might be one of our few chances to catch someone in the high ranks.” Kate said. “Shes right,” Sammy said. “he could give us a lot of intel on whats going on up there.” “Okay, lets do it.” Darth said.

“Attack in 3... 2... 1... NOW!!” Darth yelled. “Why am i not surprised.” Garrison said. “Hold your ground! Don’t let them win!” Garrison yelled. The pigmen’s swords clashed with the wither skeleton’s. Garrison was fighting a skeleton and killed it when he felt a presence behind him. He jerk to the side as Kate missed him, her sword hitting the ground. Garrison fought back, but Kate reflected his attacks, and then hit him in the leg with her sword, knocking him down. She held her sword to his face and glared. “Stand down.” Garrison chuckled to himself. “Whats so funny...” Kate asked. “Kate, it seems I underestimated you. I thought you were a terrible fighter but yet here you are, taking down your old man. Im sorry for underestimating you my daughter. Please, come back to the empire, and live out your destiny. You could be a high rank just like me.” Kate glared at him. “I have a question for you first... what happened to mom.” “Sweetie, she was killed by the rebe-“ “THE TRUTH! I spoke with them, i read a letter in her own handwriting, and they had way more of a story then just ‘She was killed’.” Garrison sighed. “In a sense, it was them. They lead her to her death. Maybe not on purpose, but thats what they did. Kate, i wasn’t happy wasn’t her death either, but we had to kill her, I HAD TO KILL HER, all to protect the empire. She knew too much.” “What do you mean I...” Kate asked. “I killed her, i stabbed that sword through her stomach and watched her poof into steam. Like i said i wasn’t proud of it, but she knew too much, and there was no getting her back.” Kate was shocked. “You... YOU MURDERER, YOU MONSTER! SHE WAS YOUR OWN WIFE! THERE HAD TO HAVE BEEN ANOTHER WAY!” She was tearing up badly. “Im sorry, there was no other way. She wouldn’t come back.” She wiped the tears off her face and glared intensely. “Fine... if you think I’m strong now, your about to face skills you never seen before...” She lowered her sword, put it in her inventory, then backed up and threw an explosive fire charge at the ground. Once the smoke cleared from it, she was gone.

Garrison stood up, looking around. “Kate! I know you are around here somewhere, show yourself!” He looked around the battlefield, unable to see anything but people and mobs clashing swords. Suddenly he felt a heavy weight push him on to the ground and bounced off of him, it was Kate. She was using her daggers this time, and was moving very fast. Garrison tried to get up and swing at her but she ducked, cut his leg, then kicked him in the face. He got up again and she was gone. This time she tried to attack from the side, but Garrison dodged it and hit her in the back with the end of his sword, knocking her to the ground. She got up and swung for his arm, successfully hitting it. She then swung for his side, but caught it, grabbed her arm, and threw her on the ground. He let out a whistle and a ghast started moving in from the distance. Kate tried to get up but he hit her in the back of the head with the end of his sword. “Im not done with you... we will meet again Kate...” He ran towards the cliff to jump on the ghast. Darth noticed and started chasing after him. “Don’t let him get away! Not again!” Garrison jumped off the cliff and on to the ghast. Darth attempted to jump too but he missed, plummeting into the lava below. Richard ran over and yelled his name, but there was no response. All was silent, and everyone was monitoring the lava even Garrison. Just when they thought he actually did die he emerged from the lava, gasping for air. “I’m- I’m fine!” “Oh thank notch.” Richard said. Garrison growled, and flew away on the ghast in the direction to the Entity’s castle.

They met Darth at the shore of the lava. “How did you survive? Do you have fire resistance on?” Sammy asked. Darth shook his head. “No, you would see bubbles coming off of me.” He took a moment to think, and then came to a conclusion. “Wait, it must be because I was born in the nether. My body evolved to the environment... I think i might be part wither.” “Makes sense...” Ash said. “We are fireproof.” Darth turned to Kate. “What about you? Are you okay?” Kate nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m unhappy we lost my father though. I wasn’t strong enough.” Sammy walked up to Kate. “Are you KIDDING?! Those were some of the best skills i have ever seen! We may have lost him but you still proved yourself out there. You’re one tough cookie Kate.” She smiled. “Thanks Sammy.” Smithy stepped in. “So, lets go back to base and discuss what we discovered.”

The Entity was waiting outside his castle. Soon enough he saw Garrison on a ghast land. “What happened out there?” The Entity asked. “We were overwhelmed, ambushed by the rebels. I was unsuccessful at bringing Kate back. The only knowledge we gained from this is that the boy is fireproof, and thats it.” The Entity was glaring in the distance, thinking. “Sir, they are gaining allies, we need to do something about this.” The Entity turned to Garrison. “I think i may know someone who can help.”


Here Chapter Five, introducing some new abilities, more info on Kate’s backstory, and a teaser to a new character being introduced! (Spoiler alert if you didn’t read the previous chapters), I can confirm that this new character is not the green figure from chapter four, i have plans for him. Anyway, i hope ya enjoyed! Peace out ma peeps.

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