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Nether Adventures Chapter 8: Forgotten Power

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Level 28 : Expert Warrior
Chapter Eight: Forgotten Power

Garrison entered the Entity’s library. It was full of enchantment books, most of them of the dark arts. As he started digging through the bookshelves the Entity entered. “What do you seem to be looking for Garrison?” He asked. “Im looking for the book of flaming electricity.” Garrison replied. “What for?” “Well, i feel we are still in need of a boost. They keep rising their way up, and eventually they might take over. I would suggest hiring more assassins, but considering Scarlett’s, ahem, situation, it might be a better idea looking at power rather than numbers. If someone high ranked like me were to gain some extra power, i believe that could be devastating.” The Entity was intrigued. “So, why this spell specifically then?” “When we did that ambush all of those years back, General Piggen reported a spell book within the inventory of one of the fallen rebels. I passed it by like it was no big deal, but over the years i started to hear rumors about this powerful spell, one that could shoot fire in the form of red lightning, and do devastating damage. Im hoping one of the pigmen recovered it rather then left it.” Garrison explained. “And if its not here?” The Entity asked. “We will go recover it.”

Sammy knocked on the door of Seris’ room. “Hey, Master?” He opened the door. “Yes Sammy?” He replied. “ I was wondering, what was my brother like? You know, before he was killed.” “Oh, Noah? Come in, come in. Take a seat my boy.” He stepped inside and sat down in a chair positioned right in front of Seris’. “So,” Seris said. “he was kind, brave, and noble. For how young he was he was one of the best warriors the rebellion has ever had. He was very powerful too, i taught him some of my best spells. I was honestly surprised he didn’t make it out of that battle with Richard.” “Spells? Like what spells?” Sammy asked. “Mostly spells i taught to be honest. Flamethrower, Fire charge blast, all of that. But there was one I haven’t taught you yet.” Seris said. “Which one was that?” “The spell of Flaming Electricity. It was a powerful spell that could shoot flames in the form of electricity, setting fire to everything it touches. It was so powerful, in fact, that Noah held it on him at all times. When he went on that expedition with Kate’s mother, Darth’s parents, and Richard he took it with him.” Sammy’s eyes brightened. “Wait, do you think its possible to retrieve it?” Sammy asked. “Maybe, but only if the pigmen left it at the battlefield. It would be too risky otherwise.” “So we should go then, we can go retrieve that book!” Sammy said excitedly. “Okay, but be careful,” Seris said. “Who knows what you could encounter along the way”

“You want me to what?!” Richard said. “I know, i know, its a lot to ask, but please, take us back to that battlefield. That spell book could help us immensely.” Sammy said. “I... Can’t... I can’t go back there, too many bad memories. I want to fall over just thinking about it.” “So, what do you plan to do instead then?” Darth asked. “I can make a map that will lead you there, but thats the most i can do. The rest is up to you four.” “Sounds like a plan.” Kate said. A bit later Richard entered the room with a map. “This will take you there. Just, please, be careful. I don’t want the same thing twice.” “Don’t worry, we won’t let it happen.” Darth said.

“See anything?” Sammy asked. “Nope, not yet.” Kate replied. “This map says we should close...” Darth said. “Hey, i see something over there!” Naomi shouted. They ran over to find armor, weapons, and more laying all over the ground. “This must be the inventories of everyone who died...” Kate said. “Sammy, you go look for Noah’s inventory, the rest of us will salvage what we can. Wither Skeletons, stay on guard.” Darth ordered. As Kate was looking around she found some armor similar to hers. “This must’ve been Mom’s inventory...” There was some a journal, some tools, a sword, and her armor. She picked them all up. “I think ill keep the journal and the sword, the rest can be for a memorial. How about you Darth, did you find anything?” She asked. “No... i haven’t found anything, in fact, there isn’t even a hint of remaining inventory.” Darth replied. “Maybe they got thrown into the lava?” Naomi said. “Maybe...” Meanwhile, Sammy had just found Noah’s inventory. There was his armor, his tools, his battle axe, and finally, his magic book. He picked it all up and yelled to the others. “I found it! Lets head back now!” “Got it.” Darth replied. Just before they walked away a wither skeleton grabbed him by the shoulder and pointed behind him. “Not so fast...” A voice said. It was a pigman, assumably a general, and there was a large squad of pigmen and ghasts behind him. “Allow me to introduce myself, im General Piggen, and that there is our loot.” “Over my dead body.” Sammy said. “Fine, i guess we will have to force our way to it. Troops, attack!”


Here’s Chapter 8, the first out of two chapters focused around Sammy. Sorry it’s late, the whole broken iPad thing got in my way so I had to continue on my phone. Next time though I will do it on my computer, so no need to worry. I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Nether Adventures and peace out ma peeps!

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