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Nether Adventures Chapter One: A Fiery Beginning

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 22 : Expert Warrior
Chapter One: A Fiery Beginning

It has been fourteen years since Darth’s parents died, he turned 18 just recently. He sat in his bedroom, holding a doll his mother made him. “Jeez, i cant believe its been that long already. You guys didn’t miss much, things only got more strict and boring when you left.” As he was examining the doll he heard the sound of swords and armor clanking together.

Darth immediately sprung from his bed and ran towards the front entrance.

“Oh, hi Darth!” His friend Sammy said. Sammy was only two years older then Darth, now 20 years old. “Are you guys going on a patrol mission?” Darth said excitedly. “Yeah, were going to pick off some pigmen and ghasts to try and cut down the Entity’s numbers a little.” Sammy said. “Well, in that case... can i come with?!” Darth asked enthusiastically. “Well...” Sammy said. “No.” Richard walked in the room, all suited up in his armor. “Its too dangerous to take you with. I don’t want to risk it.” “Aw come on, you never take me with! I want to get out of the base sometimes too...” Darth quickly lost his enthusiasm. “Listen, i dont want to take you with, after what happened with your parents-“ “But sammy lost his older brother in the mission, and you started taking him when he was far younger then me!” Darth was starting to get irritated, and so was Richard. “Listen, no means no. You’d be better off forging with your friend Smithy, or going mining down in the tunnels or something.” “But-“ Darth resisted. “Darth...” “Fine...” “Come on Sammy, we have some pigmen to take care of.” Richard ordered. “Yes sir.” Sammy said.

Darth growled under his breath as he grabbed his pickaxe. “Back to the mine...” he sighed. Ever since the incident they switched their mining system from exploring in the nether to creating tunnels. He started strip-mining, grabbing whatever quartz, normal gold, and small amounts of nethergold he could find. “Ugh, i just dont understand. Why am i even here if i cant go out and fight. He clearly needs more warriors. If only-“ Darth was mining through the netherrack until he saw light shine through a hole. He opened it up to see the surface of the nether, open space with a lava ocean and lava falling from the nether ceiling. “Should i...” Darth said to himself. He peeped his head up and looked around, checking to see if Richard and the others were patrolling nearby. “Coast is clear, i might as well.”

He walked along the walls of the nether, collecting any ores he saw, while looking around at the same time. He saw a few pigmen, but they all seemed to be friendly, indicating that he was decently far away from the Entity’s castle. After ten minutes of walking Darth started to hear something. He kept walking and it started getting louder, and he soon started to realize that it was in his head. It sounded as if there were two voices speaking to him rather then one, but he couldn’t make up the words they were saying. He was walking over some soulsand when the voices got extremely loud. “Gah! What the heck is that?!” He looked around frantically. Soon enough the soulsand underneath him collapsed, taking Darth down with it.

He fell a long way, but it wasn’t enough to kill him. He sat up, aching from the fall. “Where am i?” He turned to see an entrance to an underground temple. The voices seemed to have stopped, but he assumed that was where they were coming from. He peeked into the doorway to the entrance of the temple. It was full of blazes, wither skeletons, and even blaze knights, giant blazes with shields that float around them instead of rods. At the back of the room he could see a crown, and the voices started to come back immediately once he looked at it. It didn’t seem like an ordinary crown either, it was made with nethergold, and it had rubies around the outside, but the front gems had one orange gem and one grey gem. The voices, assumably coming from the crown, weren’t loud like they were before, they instead had a convincing feel to them. “I know i shouldnt do it, and I’ll probably die... but... its too tempting. Something seems powerful about this crown.” Darth whispered to himself. He looked around the chamber, trying to see if there was any way he could sneak around, there wasn’t. He tried to stop himself, but he couldn’t. “Oh what the heck.” he said.

Darth took a mad dash into the temple, not even knowing himself why he did it. A wither skeleton jumped in front of him. He pulled out his pickaxe, smacked it in the face, and continued running. Blazes started shooting at him so he hid behind the pillars, running from pillar to pillar and killing any wither skeletons that tried to hurt him. He was almost there when a blaze knight shot a giant fireball at him, knocking him back. Once he got back up another wither skeleton showed up, but this one was wearing nethergold armor. He swung his sword, Darth barely dodged, but it cut through the shoulder of his arm, right through his sleeve. Darth then pulled a risky maneuver by throwing the pickaxe at its head. Luckily for him, it hit right in the face, its only weak point, knocking it’s head right off. He ran towards the pedestal snatched the crown, and hid behind another pillar. He looked towards the exit to see it being guarded by squad of wither skeletons. “Dang it, there goes my exit.” He could hear blazes shooting at the pillar, trying to break it, while a few wither skeletons were approaching slowly. His only hope was to put the crown on, but he was afraid to do so. For all he knew it could be one of those addictive magic items that destroy people in the end. The monsters were only getting closer. Darth looked at the crown, took a deep breath, and held it over his head. “Here goes nothing!”

As he put on the crown he felt large a pulse go through his head, then everything went silent. He could still here the blazes and the wither skeletons, but they weren’t attacking anymore. He slowly looked behind the pillar he was hiding behind and saw every monster in the room staring at him. He jerked back, but when nothing happened, he peeked out and realized they had no interest in attacking at all. He came out from behind the pillar, and slowly approached one of the wither skeletons. It stared at him, but then it got on one knee and bowed. Soon enough the others did too, the blazes and the blaze knights tilted their heads forward as if they were doing it also. “What the heck...” He raised his hand in front of his crown, and light shined on it, specifically in orange and grey. “So these gems must be whats doing it, i wonder...” He looked at one of the wither skeletons. “You, may you find me a sword please?” The wither skeleton got up, walked over to a seemingly dead wither skeleton, grabbed the sword, and handed it to Darth. “Interesting.”

Another wither skeleton walked over to him, this one was wearing nethergold armor. “Greetings, i am general Ash. You have found this crown we have been guarding for years, and have now claimed it as your own. I personally am happy you got it first, rather then someone who would use it for evil.” Darth looked confused. “Wait, you can talk?!” Ash chuckled. “Yes, i can talk. A very small few of us gain intelligence when being controlled by the crown. I am not sure why, but we do.” Darth looked at the entrance. “Well in that case, do you know a way out of this cave?” Darth asked. “Yes, in fact, i do. Come on sir, me and you both have plenty we need to learn.”


Here it is! Chapter one! I know i havent explained what nethergold is yet, but i promise i will next chapter XD. I hope ya enjoyed and peace out ma peeps!

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