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Nether On Earth {Writing Contest Entry}

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Whiteout- avatar Whiteout-
Level 42 : Master Artist
A small dolphin was swimming around, enjoying the sunlight and leaping into the air, a couple of it's friends joined in, a young teen
named Kat happily watched the dolphins, she giggled when one of them squeaked. She skipped around humming, and taking
out her ponytail to let her hair flow in the wind, but her hair was just one big poof. She groaned, slightly annoyed by her hair
puffing up, covering her face. Kat looked around, standing still for a moment, as she had just heard a low rumble. Earthquake? she
guessed. The sound happened again, she began to stand up when the rumble was so loud, she fell.
"What in the name of-" She broke off mid-sentence, as the sky turned a pale red, her eyes widened, she had always feared this
would happen. Her friend Cam had always been talking about how she wanted to try to make the real world like the Nether, Cam
had always been into weird things like death and evil.. Kat tried to ignore it so she wouldn't ruin their friendship. But now... it had
happened, whether it was Cam who did it or not.. The world was messed up. She stood up and screamed, "CAM!!!" All she got in
return was a high pitched scream of terror, Kat rushed towards it, knowing the voice of the screaming. Her heart pounded as she
halted to an army of pigmen, two golden swords were being held at Cam's neck, Argh! She punched them, didn't she! Kat thought in
anger. Kat held both her hands high, showing now weapons. "Please don't hurt Cam, she didn't mean to hurt you.." Kat said,
trembling. the pigmen grumbled to each other, looking as if they were deciding something. Eventually one nodded, and Cam was
freed, when the pigmen released her from the hold she gasped, as if she had been holding on to her breath. Kat rushed over as the
pigmen walked away. "Are you okay?" She asked Cam fearfully. "I--yes.." She said, Cam had a small scratch on her, but it
seemed that she was mostly just worried. Kat's expression went from scared to pure anger. "Did you open the nether to the
world?" She yelled in anger at Cam. "Uh, yes...?" Cam said. Cam's expression looked like she was preparing for Kat to smack her,
but she'd never do that to her best friend. "Why would you do that!" Kat cried. Cam looked sad, and she didn't reply for a long
moment. "I thought it was a good idea to free the sad creatures, but already, I can see that it was a poor choice.." Cam said,
pointing towards Kat's village, a ghast above it, ready to shoot.. AT MY HOUSE! Kat's insides screamed as she suddenly rushed
towards the village, Cam followed hesitantly. "Why are we rushing into the battle?" She screamed at Kat. "My house is about to be
burned!" Kat yelled back, running as hard as she could. They finally reached the village, but she was too late.. Her house was a ton
of rubbish, her picture frames burning.. Kat bent down on her knees and cried. "My home.." She sobbed. Cam remained
speechless, but bent down beside Kat and hugged her. Kat made a small smile for a moment, then sighed. How lucky Cam is that
she lives so far away from this.
She thought jealously. Kat bolted up, "My parents!" She yelled. They turned corners around the
rubbish, and she sighed with relief to find her mom and dad outside of the burning village, they had saved some of their food. "Oh,
Kat!" Her mom said happily. "We couldn't find you.. We thought you had--" Her mom broke off, leaving that sentence. Her dad bent
down and handed her and Cam each an apple. "Here you go, your probably hungry.." He said to them. She hugged her dad in
thanks and munched on the sweet apple. The sky reddened more, and she came back to realize what was still happening.
"We need to fix this." She said suddenly, pointing at the sky and distant fires. "Your right, Kat, I got us into this mess, and I need to
get us out of it." Cam said, trying to stay positive. Kat nodded, and she stood up straight, and said to her parents,
"Mom, dad, I need to go on this mission without you.. I need you guys to stay safe, I can handle this." Her parents nodded
hesitantly, and they watched as Kat and Cam marched off towards where the corrupted portal stood. As they arrived, they saw
red smoke filtering through it and into the sky, transforming the sky into more nether. "Oh, I...did this." Cam said, seeming very
worried about herself. "What if I'm just mad?" She asked Kat sadly. "of course your not mad, your amazing, everyone makes
mistakes! Just usually not world ending ones but..hey! We all have our differences." Kat replied, half-heartedly grinning.
As soon as she took a step closer to it to try and shut it off, a ghast came out of the portal and knocked her over as it flew by, she
stood frozen in silence. "Well that was terrifying.." She said, wheezing. She stepped closer, but no creature came out of it this time.
She tried to move one of the bricks placed on top, but it only made it worse, more jets of red steam flowed out of the portal.
"How do we remove it?!" Cam yelled worriedly. "I...don't know.." Kat said, her hopes vanishing. "Wait, what is that?" Cam suddenly
asked in confusion, pointing up towards a fast running beam of red. it had strands of gold in it, and it went on for miles and then
eventually it landed in a way far off abandoned town. "Do you think we should follow that?" Cam asked. "It's worth a shot."
Kat said. "Nothing is worth a shot!" Cam yelled. She looked at Cam in confusion, and soon Cam realized what Kat had
meant. "Oh, not a shot like the needle, you meant metaphorically, oh." Cam said, embarrassed. Kat grinned, "Come on, we have a
light to follow." She said. Cam nodded, and they began walking towards the old town.

As they continued their walk towards the distant blur of an old town, they had seen many pigmen marching by, they where quite
harmless until you bothered them. And lets be honest, most anything bothers them. "I'm so thirsty!" Cam groaned.
"Maybe a bad idea to not pack any resources.." Kat replied, taking heavy breaths. Cam was giving her a You think? look.
A pigman was rushing by, and it bumped into Kat, then turned around with a furious look. Here we go. She said, annoyed.
"Snobk neb oog nbano eerg!" It yelled at Kat, whacking her in the face. The pigman marched away with it's
fists clenched. "Ugh, pigmen are such jerks." Kat said, scoffing. Cam nodded, and they continued walking. As they were chatting
on their journey, Kat brought up why did Cam release the nether? "I thought it was a good idea, I had no idea the creatures would
try to take over.." She sighed.  

A day passed by while they were on their journey to the far off town, and finally, it was only a couple steps away before they
laid their feet into the paths of the old town. "We finally made it!" Kat said, wheezing. The sky had turned complete nether-red
in the time that had passed. They walked into the town, a palace tower stood in the center of the town, vines running down
it, and all stone was mossy. "Wow, how long has this place been abandoned...?" Cam asked Kat questioningly.
A loud crash made them both jump, and they looked around swiftly. "What was that?" Kat said in fear. Kat looked behind Cam,
trying to focus her eyes on the shadowy creature behind her, when her eyes focused she saw a person standing there, he was
wearing a long black and night-blue robe, and he stared right at them. "I knew you'd curry up here sooner or later." He said.
Kat and Cam exchanged glances, confused, Kat said "How would you know?". The man laughed, "I'm a wizard, and this is my
home." He answered. So he knew we were coming I guess.. Kat thought. The man beckoned them to follow,
They hesitantly stepped forward and chased after him. He ran right outside of the village and to a tree, a small pot sat under it.
"This is my cauldron, I could see you coming before you got here, and I know you want my help to put the nether back where
it belongs. And also, my name is Artan." He said, placing some odd ingredients down on the floor. "I need your help, young girls,
to fix this monstrous tragedy." He said, a sudden flash of hostility in the man's eyes was pointed toward Cam, it vanished quickly.
"I sent the beam towards my home," He said to them. "Anyway, all we need to do to get rid of the nether sky and creatures
and bring it all back through the portal is, a pigman's sword, and the tear of a ghast." Artan gave them small pencil-drawn pictures
of the items they needed to bring back, they nodded and bid farewell to the old wizard as they traveled to a town where the nether
had already taken over, once they arrived a pigman shouted, "HGUU, MAGR MEGNA!!" and suddenly many more pigmen were
cornering them. She heard Cam gasp, she spun around, but before she saw what happened, something hit her and she
blacked out. All that she could hear was a ringing sound in her ears.

She blinked.

Where am I? Kat thought in confusion. she began to stand, but she fell back down, and realized she was chained to the wall.
"Oh my goodness!" She said in fear. She suddenly bolted upwards, her eyes searched the room to find Cam, she sighed with relief
when she spotted Cam chained next to her. She tapped Cam on the shoulder, and Cam slowly woke up. "What in the name of
wiggly witches just happened?" Cam exclaimed. They both silenced as a pigman walked up towards their prison, it glared at them.
"Huhmons." It said with disgust on it's face. The pigman opened their cage, used a key to unlock their chains, and tied ropes onto
both of Kat and Cam's arms. The pigman yanked the ropes and forced them to follow it. As it took them out of the prison, the light
nearly blinded Kat. A pigman in a crown stood high on her throne, staring down in anger at her and Cam.
"Humans!" The queen said in disgust. It speaks English.. She thought, confused. "Dare you step into our kingdom?" She
screeched furiously. Your kingdom? She thought madly. "We didn't know you ruled this town now." Kat replied.
"We do not allow humans in our land, execute them by noon!" The queen yelled. Kat's heart pounded madly. "No, wait, please!"
She attempted, the queen silenced her. Kat drooped her head in fake-sadness, and then she winked at Cam.
Cam nodded and kicked the pigman holding both of them. she grabbed the pigman guard's sword, and they both rushed out of the
kingdom as fast as they could, the pigman queen screeched in anger.
As they slowed down, way far from the kingdom, Cam hopped excitedly shouting, "YES!" while holding the pigman's sword.
"The plan worked!" Kat said excitedly. "Let's keep this close in case we need a sword for our next ingredient." She said.
They began walking across the plains and continued the journey, they walked towards a ghast in a close-by village.
As they arrived, they stood in fear as the ghast formed fire-balls and tossed it at a building. "So uh, how do we make
a ghast drop a tear? Because I don't think it would have allergies in another world." Cam said bluntly.
The ghast screeched, noticing her and Cam. It there a fireball, and a tear dropped from it's eyes. The heat of it's fire-balls makes it
Kat thought excitedly. "Cam, you get one of my empty jars, try to catch the tear it drops as it aims a fire-ball." She
directed. Cam nodded, and took a small jar out of her little pack Kat nodded signaling to get ready, and she made
sudden odd noises, disturbing the ghast. The ghast looked mad about this and began to aim a fire-ball. She looked over towards
Cam, who was failing to catch every teardrop that rolled down the ghast. The ghast shot it's fire-ball at Kat, she dodged the
flames narrowly, a couple debris of the fire-ball fell on Kat's shoes. She jumped from the hotness of them until they rolled off her.
"Try again," Cam yelled over to Kat. She nodded and made more noises towards the ghast, it began readying the fire-ball, and Cam
yelled, "Got it!!", Kat nodded excitedly, and they rushed away from the ghast.

After a day's travel back to the wizard, they at last had arrived. "We're almost done with all of this." Cam said excitedly, but tired.
They rushed to the old wizard's tower, and they stood in front of it, knocking.
A man peeked out of his house. "Oh, Kat, Cam! You've arrived." He said brightly. He beckoned them to follow him to his cauldron.
As they arrived at the cauldron, he held out his hand to them, "Hand the ingredients to save the world." He said, grinning happily.
They handed him the ghast tear in a jar, and the pigman sword. He began mumbling random gibberish, from what Kat could tell.
And he dropped the ingredients into the pot, and filled a jar with the potion. "Here, drop this on the portal, and all will be well.
Kat was so excited her home would be freed of these creatures, she cried in happiness. "Let's do this, Cam!" She said through her

They were running, and had almost arrived to the portal after a whole day of running.
"We're here!" Cam said, screeching happily as they skidded to a stop beside the portal. "Time for the potion.." Kat began.
She pulled the potion out of her pocket, and dripped it onto the portal.
They waited in silence, nothing was happening.
Suddenly a ton of pigmen and ghasts came out of nowhere, and were being pulled into the portal. The red dust covering the sky
sucked right into the portal. Even the fire began vanishing. "We did it!" Kat laughed joyfully. Kat stopped dead as she remembered
something. "My parents!" She yelled, they ran to her village, and took a turn to where her parents had been days ago.
She turned a corner through the debris and spotted her mom and dad.
Kat rushed towards them and hugged them, Cam joined the hug. "We did it!" Kat cried, beginning to break down in tears of
happiness. Her mom and dad looked so happy, they were laughing joyfully. Kat laughed through her sob of joy.

We did it.


The End.

Credits For Writing All Go To Whiteout-,
Music Credits Go To Fleurie,
Story Theme Credits Go To PMC.

Everyone, I sure hope you enjoyed this!

CreditAll Original To Myself, Please Do Not Claim As Your Own! ): Credit For Music Goes To Writer, Fleurie.

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06/04/2020 11:26 am
Level 37 : Artisan Wolf
-wolfix- avatar
really good!!!!!
04/09/2020 1:58 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Hunter
DragonSpawn8743 avatar
Its really touching and cool :) Awesome Job, Whiteout! (btw i read the whole thing :D)
04/09/2020 2:00 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
thank you so much! It means a lot. :)
04/08/2020 7:56 pm
Level 22 : Expert Dragonborn
DragonRider333 avatar
Lol I didn't read the whole thing, (I was a little impatient :/ ) But wow Awesome! great job Whiteout, and great ending.
04/08/2020 7:59 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
lol I relate.

when I'm in a tired mood I don't read whole things xd
03/18/2020 5:49 pmhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
03/18/2020 6:11 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
03/16/2020 2:57 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
03/09/2020 11:56 am
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
This is currently one of the most viewed nether writing contest entries!
03/08/2020 6:53 am
Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
Arsham81SBA avatar
Amazing story!
03/08/2020 10:17 am
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
Thank you so much! <3
03/06/2020 10:39 pm
Level 27 : Expert Enchanter
Culpeo avatar
I just keep thinking of the fallen kingdom quadrilogy for some reason lmao. nice!
03/07/2020 7:59 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
Thank you! <33
03/06/2020 10:10 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Procrastinator
Vezriya avatar
I really like it!! I fully believe you can make it to top 10 at least!
03/06/2020 10:56 am
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
Tysm!!! It'd be the best thing ever
03/06/2020 9:38 am
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
Sorry about the weird disorder of the letters, I attempted to fix this many times but every try was making it worse.

PMC, I sure really do hope you like this.
03/06/2020 9:37 am
Level 21 : Expert Waffle
HollyKitty avatar
i liked it
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