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Netherite Newsletter #1

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Level 4 : Apprentice Academy
Hello. I'm GoldenScientist, the author of the PMC series, Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy, and welcome to Netherite News, the official Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy Newsletter! These will usually be posted after the release of a chapter and discuss the chapter and what's been going on since the last chapter!

October 3, 2022 - Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P19: The Process (P19a and P19b?)

  Yesterday, on October 2nd, Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P19 was released after over three months of waiting. A few days prior, GoldenScientist made an unexpected announcement that chapter 19 would be split into two parts due to a formatting issue that she had run into while working on chapter 19.
"This was possibly because the forum was too long," Golden said in a wall post made on the official PMC group for the series.
The deletion of the last few paragraphs of the original P19 urged Golden to split the chapter rather than rewriting the entire thing to fit the frustrating word cap on Planet Minecraft's forums.
"I decided against naming the second forum Fire and the Flood P2 as well," Golden said in the same wall post. Not wanting to have three chapters named Fire and the Flood, Golden ultimately decided to go with the name Pivotal Elements, which could be a reference to the elemental themes of the chapter.
Through much frustration, expressed through wall posts, Golden was finally able to get to work on the now-split chapter 19. After the release of both chapters around 2:30 PM EST, she was sure to express her displeasure radiated from the experience of writing the chapter.
"Hopefully you guys enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed writing it,"

  Moving away from my unbiased perspective on how I wrote chapter 19, I'd like to express here just how much I hated writing BENT 19. Most of my rage was directed at the software, and not so much at my family, who really disrupted me while I was trying to write.
Don't get me wrong; in general, I enjoy writing BENT. Up until this point, I worked hard to keep the word count of the chapters low. The thing is that the bigger this community gets, more of the word count goes into badges and formatting. This time seemed to be an exception to me enjoying the writing process. The reason why I did the contest for this chapter was because I ran out of ideas. I decided to ask my brother of all people for ideas for Fire and the Flood P1, and he suggested doing a contest where I drop the contestants in lava, perhaps from this episode of Battle for Dream Island, the animated web series that partially inspired BENT. Deciding that was a bit too brutal, he then suggested throwing everyone in water instead of water. The thing with that is that not everyone is able to swim. Luckily, his harsh floor is lava or swimming contest put fire and water in my mind.
Fire and water. Two extreme opposites that once I thought about it, would make for a great contest! I went with the name Fire and the Flood because of the Vance Joy song. Yes, I named the chapter after the song. The reason why I split Fire and the Flood into two parts was because I ran out of ideas and time when writing P18.
  Flash forward to after P18. It's time for me to start chapter 19. I am fresh out of ideas, but something strikes me - I know of two already designed fire and water themed escape room-like stages. If I use those, that's less thinking that I need to do. Or so I thought.
Those stages in question were the Divine Beasts from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the only problem with that was that I hadn't played through the stages I wanted to copy for quite some time, so I got back on and remembered how much fun Breath of the Wild was. Yes, I did do the Divine Beasts, but my journey to research them for my chapter quickly went astray. I also ended up getting coronavirus from a summer camp that I was forced to go to, so that was fun. I ended up playing on my Nintendo Switch all day, every day, for a week. I got no work done then.
Then again, I was sick while writing Phantom Reflections, and I was far more symptomatic then.
Now just jump ahead again. Summer break is over. I am now in an even bigger rush to get this chapter out before October. It was only really the last day of September when I decided that I was going to finally sit down and work on this chapter. That didn't work out very well. I got pretty distracted.
That night, I sat down and wrote a lot on P19. When I saved the chapter, I was infuriated to see that the last few paragraphs had been cut off from the forum. Some of the text was put into source code.
Pissed off, I put those paragraphs into a seperate forum, and from there, Pivotal Elements was created.
The next day, I was able to work way better in the public library. I put on some Minecraft music and cafe ambiance sounds and got to work. Everything was coming together much better. After a few hours of working, my work was done, and my satisfaction was unlimited. After over three months of work, I had finished what is perhaps the most anticipated chapter of BENT.
Also thanks to Greief for sending me plans for Little Ruta's puzzles. I would've lamely copied it from BoTW otherwise.

The Chapter
  If you haven't already read it, I'd suggest you read Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P19a and P19b, as this section will spoil it. Just in case you don't want to see spoilers, I'll put them in a dropdown box.
Fire and the Flood P2 starts off with Evoker chilling in her apartment when she hears Little Ruta trumpeting outside. When she goes outside to check out the source of the sound, she meets Allay, who is also curious about it. Wanting to go down to get a better view, Evoker decides to try and fly down to to boardwalk using an elytra, which she has no clue how to use. Unsurprisingly, she ends up crashing, which leaves her fatally wounded.

During the elimination, the bottom two members of Mangfald are put at stake. Alleviation picks who will join them, and they end up picking Evoker, and Bee is eliminated at 22 votes.

For the contest, the contestants must activate all the terminals in their team's divine beasts. Quickly upon entering, Mangfald has trouble collaborating, allowing Alleviation to get ahead...
Tension seems to rise aboard Little Rudania as Piglin and Enderman begin to bicker just as Evoker and Illusioner once did. Hopefully this rivalry can be halted before it gets too bad.

Alleviation believes that together, they will prevail.

Pivotal Elements starts with mangfald once again struggling to work together. During their trials, a new bond between Piglin and Iron Golem seems to develop...

While BENT 19 was in progress, the fandom wiki grew a lot. In addition, Golden created a subreddit, r/kirunacampus, for BENT. "Kiruna Campus" was also seemingly added to the real Kiruna in Sweden on Google Maps. The location, listed as a community centre, currently has a 5 star rating.

I think that is all for now hehe

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