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Whispearl avatar Whispearl
Level 42 : Master Wizard
Welcome to the Neverdark Wiki!

Before you continue with the mod, please make sure that you have JEI (Just enough items) installed. It helps a lot with all the recipes so that I don't need to show them all here, and it is generally a very useful mod to have anyway.

My mod that I recently released to PMC, Neverdark, has a story behind it. Yes, a story.
If you've seen the mod page, here, you might be wondering why it's so dark in the dimension if its supposed to be never dark? Well, here's the answer!

A long time ago, there was a conflict heavy realm called Neverdark. There were two major powers, and they both sought to win the whole realm. One of the groups commanded a large band of necromancers to bring back a fallen god to aid them in war. However, their revival went terribly wrong, and they were consumed as fuel to finish a ritual they did not expect to make the whole world into a dark abyss.

The creatures of the realm were all corrupted into eerie undead, and thus journeys into the realm were difficult and harsh. One of the necromancers opposing the band of necromancers responsible managed to use his magic to save himself, but consumed his magical powers in doing so. He is rumored to still be alive, in his lost halls, which are now known to be most likely buried deep beneath the surface. Some ruins of the battle and ancient magical devices still are scattered across the dimension, haunted by undead and mass graves.

In some places, there are rifts in reality where the ritual did not affect those areas, that are similar to lands of the overworld.

Lumina Rock- This rock is one of the main stones of the dimension, and often is found at the surface. Like many other stones, it can be smelted into a smooth form that can be crafted into stairs/slabs, etc.
Shade Rock
- Shade rock is the main stone of the dimension, and can be crafted into some building blocks such as bricks, etc.
Rock- Night rock is similar to Lumina Rock, but only found in the Midnight Plains and Shadow Spires biomes. Night rock can be crafted into tiles, smelted into smooth night rock, and used in many other ways.
Depth Stone - This stone is found both in Neverdark as well as in the Overworld, and is important for getting to the dimension as well. Depth Stone can be crafted into bricks, different brick variations, and tiles.
Crimson Rock- Found in Crimson Forests, and can be smelted into smooth Crimson Rock, which can be crafted into stairs/slabs, etc.

Lumina Wood- One of the major woods found in the dimension, lumina wood can be crafted into decoration blocks and also has a durability factor on tools of x1. Found in Shade Forests and Shadow Marshes.
Another of the major woods found in the dimension, cragwood can be crafted into decoration blocks and also has a durability factor on tools of x1.2. Found in Shadow Marshes.
Twilight Wood-
This wood is only found in Twilight Groves, among the large mushrooms. It can be crafted into decoration blocks and has a durability factor of x1.3.
Witchwood- This wood is found only in Shade Forests, and like other woods, can be crafted into decorational blocks. It also has a durability factor on tools of x1.8.
Crimson Wood- This wood is only found in Crimson Forests, and can be crafted into building blocks, along with having a durability factor of x1.2. Crimson Planks can also be crated into crimson shards, which can be used in a special recipe for making redstone, among other ingredients.
Mysteria Wood- This wood is a pinkish in color, and can be crafted into decor blocks. Unlike most wood in the mod, it cannot be crafted into tool variants.
Coldsnap Wood- Coldsnap is a blueish color and can be crafted into decor blocks along with tool variants.
Pine Wood- Pine is the most realistic wood in the mod. It can be crafted into many decor blocks.
Darkglow- Darkglow is a type of mushroom stem that spawns rarely in pratically every biome. It is an excellent fuel source.

Neverdark Gateway

Neverdark gateways are the portal block that is required to enter the dimension. They have no other use, but can be crafted with one "n" runestone, two depth stone, and one coal block.


Runestones are technically decorative blocks, but they can be used in the recipe for crafting a Neverdark Gateway block. To craft them, you need depth stone and runic crystals. You can also craft them using depth stone tiles, but those cannot be used to craft the gateway.

Fruitful Bush

These bushes spawn in Shadow Marshes and Shade Forests, and can be harvested for a special food, enlightening fruits. These bushes therefore are an important part of survival in Neverdark, since unlike some other foods, they do not give bad effects.

Dark Bedrock

Dark bedrock is Neverdark's version of bedrock, although bedrock still spawns rarely in the dimension. Like bedrock, it is unbreakable and therefore has no use.


Blue capped mushrooms are special blocks that commonly spawn near large blue mushrooms, and can be sometimes harvested for food. They also spawn in some structures, such as Lost Halls of Gravenhollow, some shade spires' structures, and a variety of others.
Crimson capped mushrooms are special blocks that are simliar to blue capped mushrooms but spawn only in crimson forest biomes.
Mysterian capped mushrooms are special blocks that are similar to blue capped mushrooms but spawn only in mysteria forest biomes.
Coldsnap capped mushrooms are special blocks that are similar to blue capped mushrooms but spawn only in frostbitten forest biomes.

Witchwood Bookshelf

Siimilar to regular bookshelves, except they give x2 the enchantment bonus.

Crystal Glass
Crystal glass is obtained from star crystals, once crafted. The crystal glass blocks, like regular glass, can also be crafted into glass panes.

Phase Rock
A type of rock that spawns only in Mysteria forests in sharp spires on the surface as well as underground in ore groups. Phase Rock can be crafted into nifty decor blocks as well as crafted into the infusement altar, which can be used to summon phantasms. Can be smelted into a smooth variant.

Frost Rock
Frost rock is a type of rock that spawns in Frostbitten Forests in a similar way to Phase Rock, and can be crafted into simlar types of decor blocks. Can be smelted into a smooth variant.

Frost Pot
A pot found only in structures in the frostbitten forest as loot. (Structures include the abandoned frost hut and the cryorad lair) Drops wintrum shards, mushrooms, and other goodies.

Infusement Altar
The infusement altar is a special block that can be used to summon phantasms. Simply right click on the altar with a soul and a sprinkle of arcane dust, and it summons a minion to fight abberations for you!

There are many ores in Neverdark.

Luminant Coal Ore
Found in all biomes, this ore can only replace shade rock, and drops luminant coal, which has basically the same uses as regular coal. However, should the luminant coal come in contact with other luminant surface, bad things can happen, so the only wood that can be used for torches is cragwood. It is a common ore.

Starry Night Rock Ore
Found in places where there is night rock, this ore is very uncommon, and drops star crystals. You can also easily get star crystals from other sources such as the shadow spires biome, and they are in abundance in the lost halls of Gravenhollow as well.

Prismatic Crystal Ore
Prismatic crystal ore can be found in both the Overworld and Neverdark, so it has two variants; one that can replace dpeth stone, and the other shade rock. Prismatic crystal ore can be used to make the abyssal wand, which is the portal igniter to the Neverdark portal. It is a common ore.

Diamond Ore
You can find diamonds in Neverdark, and it can replace both depth stone and shade rock. It is rare.

Iron Ore
You can find iron in Neverdark, and it can replace shade rock. It is common.

Silver Ore
Silver ore is an uncommon ore that can be smelted and crafted into tools, armor, and has a slightly better durability than stone (vanilla stone, that is), and has very high mining speed for a pickaxe. It is basically Neverdark's version of gold, but better.

Star Crystal (Technically Ore)
Star crystals are not technically ores, but more like crystals that can spawn on the ground. The Star crystals can be crafted into tools that are basically equalivlant to iron, but otherwise they don't really have much use yet. They spawn in shadow spires at a high rate, on top of the spires.

Runic Crystal Ore
Runic crystals spawn in depth stone, similarly to prismatic crystals, and can only be used for crafting runestones; thus making them important for making the pathway to the dimension.

Beryllium Ore
Beryllium ore is a pretty common ore in both Neverdark and the Overworld, but only at deep levels. Berryllium is planned eventually to be able to be crafted into tools, but at this point it's only use is to make the abyssal wand.

Demonite Ore
Demonite is Neverdark's upgraded version of diamonds. It can be crafted into tools, and has higher durability/mine speed/etc than diamond in most regards. It is rare at all levels and can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.

Radiant Crystal Ore
Radiant Crystal ores only replace depth stone, and only in Neverdark. They drop a special crystal that allows the player to heal themselves, and also is important in the crafting recipe for the radiant medal charm.

Wintrum Crystal Ore
Wintrum crystal ore bears a crystal known as wintrum, a power of cold and dark. It's drops can be crafted into iron tier tools. Very useful. (Also used in the infusement altar)

Arcane Phial
Arcane phials are glass bottles that are used to craft special potions. They are crafted with crystal glass and star crystals, among other things.
Mysterious Elixir
Mysterious Elixirs are potions that give the player various positive/negative potion effects while at the same time dealing damage to the player.
Elixir Of Darkness
Elxirs of Darkness are dark potions that give the player darkness and haste, for several seconds. The only real use for them that is positive is for mining, as you can benifit from higher mining speed after drinking them.
Elixir Of True Health
Elixirs of True Health give several positive potion effects upon drinking, such as instant health, saturation, and regeneration. However, they also give you mining fatigue for six seconds.
Twilit Elixir
Twilit Elixirs give various "sneaky" potion effects, such as invisibility, night vision, jump boost, and speed.
Elixir Of Rage
This Elixir gives the player a strength effect as well as speed, for quite a lot time.

Radiant Medal "Radiance"
This amulet allows the player to heal themselves, upon right click, but also has a cooldown of fifteen seconds. In short, they are an upgraded version of radiant crystals.

Dark Amulet "He who brings the night"
Dark Amulets are legendary charms that don't actually really do good things. In short, they bring the night...

Amulet Of Heavy Rain
The Amulet Of Heavy Rain is a special item that summons a thunderstorm while in dimensions where it is possible. It summons the sound of thunder roaring.

Radiant Crystal
A simple yellow crystal, dropped by it's ore in Neverdark. Upon right clicking in hand, it heals two hearts of a player's health.

Runic Crystal

Runic crystals are important gems found both in Neverdark and the Overworld. They are used in crafting runestones, as well in a few other things.

Prismatic Crystal
Prismatic are important gems found both in Neverdark and the Overworld. They are used in crafting the abyssal wand, and a variety of other things.

Demonite crystals are dropped from demonite ore in Neverdark, and are used in making tools that are somewhat superior to diamond ones.

Star Crystal
Star crystals are dropped from star crystals and starry night rock ores, and can be crafted into star crystal tools as well as to make crystal glass. Also has some other uses.

Glowing Fiber
Glowing Fiber is dropped from swamp plants, and can be used to craft glowing rope. This glowing rope is important in crafting the dark amulet and radiant medal.

Glowing Rope
Glowing rope is used for crafting the dark amulet and the radiant medal, and is crafted with glowing fiber.

Fungal Bone
Fungal bones are similar to regular bones, except that they have no use except to craft bonemeal.

Luminant Coal
Luminant coal is dropped from it's ore, and is used to craft torches. However, it can only be crafted with cragwood sticks, because otherwise it does not light.

Ornate Book
These are books that can be crafted into witchwood bookshelves, and are also found in the Lost Halls of Gravenhollow.

Crimson Wood Shard
Crafted with crimson planks, these shards can be used in crafting redstone, along with some potions.

Wisps are special items dropped by aberrations. They can also be found in some chests. They can be used to craft various things, such as some potions, etc.

Lightning Staff
A Lightning staff is a very dangerous but epic item that allows you to cast a bolt of lightning at your foes.

Ghostly Writings
Summons a phantasm on right click.

Aberration - Aberrations are eerie ghosts clad in cloaks that roam around in special shrines across Neverdark. They drop wisp items, which can be crafted into some things.
Health - 30 (10 more than a zombie)
XP drops - 7 (2 more than a zombie)
Attack Strength - 3 (But also inflicts bad effects when the player is near it)
Class - Undead

Phantasm - Phantasms are lesser beings descended from aberrations, but actually side with the player on any fight. They drop souls, which can be used to summon more of them using an infusement altar.
Health - 12 (Same as cave spider, for example)
XP drops - 1
Attack Strength - 3
Class - Undead

Crystal Mimic - Crystal mimics look like wintrum formations, and spawns from various structures along with being summoned by cryorads when you strike them. They drop wintrum shards.
Health - 16 (Same as spider)
XP drops - 6 (1 more than zombie)
Attack Strength - 3 (can hit rather fast though)
Class - Other

Cryorad - Cryorads are cryomancers that appear to have a staff and float in mid-air. Spawns in their lairs filled with frozen pots and other loot. Somewhat uncommon.
Health - 75
XP drops - 18
Attack Strength - 5
Class - Other

Mysteria Forest - This mysterious forest is filled with shadowy trees with strange mushrooms around them. Therefore, it contains a steady source of food for the player.
Shade Forest - This shady forest like biome consists of varying types of trees, such as witchwood, lumina, and large bulb capped mushrooms. Fruitful bushes also spawn here.
Shadow Marsh - This biome is similar to Shade Forest, but also has cragwood and isn't so dense. Like Shade Forests, fruitful bushes spawn here as well.
Shadow Spires - This biome is quite common and consists of tall spires of shade rock with star crystals on the top. This biome also is the main source of night rock.

Dark Lakes - This biome is Neverdark's equal to oceans, and are generally very deep but with flora. (Note: eventually, I'm planning on making my own "aquatic update!")
Midnight Plains - This is the most bare biome so far, as it is basically empty. In the future, I do plan on making it more unique, but currently it is pretty boring. Night rock, however, can spawn here.
Crimson Forest - Crimson forests are red, eerie forests with crimson trees throughout. Of all the biomes that I've made so far, this is my favorite! Also, you can harvest glowstone from the hangers that hang from the leaves on the crimson trees, making the biome quite useful, since it is a source of light.
Shaded Rift - Shaded rifts are rare biomes that are basically the overworld, but still dark. These biomes consist of real oak trees, so it can be very useful if you want to craft vanilla tools in the Dimension.
Frostbitten Forest - These forests are cold and dark, and have eerie glowing blue mushrooms and pine trees throughout. In this biome there are various hostiles that spawn in strange structures.


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01/21/2021 12:16 am
Level 42 : Master Wizard
Whispearl avatar
Updated Wiki! Man, it was so outdated, so now it's all up to date until I start pushing more updates to the mod itself! :D
11/10/2020 7:36 pm
Level 24 : Expert Explorer
ZenixTheHungry avatar
A mod wiki can be shared here? Didn't know that. Very helpful!
11/10/2020 9:58 pm
Level 42 : Master Wizard
Whispearl avatar
Glad you found it helpful :)
10/25/2020 1:51 pm
Level 42 : Master Wizard
Whispearl avatar
If you play the mod, and you want to find out about something that isn't included in the wiki, let me know in the comments and I'll tell you what it is/can do/etc.
11/02/2020 7:25 pm
Level 42 : Master Necromancer
ToDream avatar
You need to add the new mob
11/02/2020 7:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Wizard
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Thanks for reminding me :D
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