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New Medieval Project - Big Manor House

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avatar Reptock
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
Well yesterday i talked to someone and i said ironicly that I dont have the motivation to build anything...
but in the same night...i started a new project....which is like my medieval mansion..just way bigger and i rly want to finish everything befor uploading so...it will still take some hours of work

Minecraft unfortunately isnt the only thing I play..i am also busy playing Monster Hunter and WWE 13
cuz I just bought it some weeks ago and yeah xD
ALso school is taking a lot of time because we have 8 lessons for nearly every day..and also a Internship is included...wich is like a job..just not paid or anything xD
Sometimes life is a bitch...but we all have to get through this...and I cant say that my life is bad or anything...I just dont have like 10 hours of freetime every day and most of the day I am pretty tired because I cant manage going to sleep early xD

I just wanted to give u a sneak peak at my newest project, and I rly rly hope you will enjoy it and share it, so we all have something good from it :)

notice: the building is still far from finished, so keep in mind that it can still change and that I will still add a lot of decoration and stuff
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