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New Mobs and Mob Abilities!?

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avatar TuxedoTrooper
Level 26 : Expert Mage
Hello friends,

I'v been playing minecraft since it's early stages and have seen the game evolve into what it is today. One of the most intriguing parts of the game for me are the mobs that spawn throughout the world. I'm going to go over what I think about the current mobs that are in the game and talk about what I think would be a great addition to the ranks.
The most basic of mobs, the Zombie: This mob is a basic melee mob that is aggroed if a player comes within a certain radius of its hit box. They spawn only at night, or where the lack of sufficient lighting occurs, such as caves or poorly lit areas within structures and burn in the daylight. They pack an attack power of 3, 4 , or 6 if on easy, medium, or hard, and stand at a hefty 20 HP with 2 Armor. Zombies where once the easiest way to gain feathers, allowing for a player to bulk up on arrows, but since the addition of the hunger system, zombies no longer drop feathers, instead their drop item has been changed to rotten flesh, which serves as a last resort food. They also have a chance of dropping an iron tier item. They have also recently been given the advanced AI feature which allows them to find either shade or water in the daytime to keep from dying.

Now, I think zombies were a great idea from day one. They move slow, are easy to kill, and pose no real threat in low numbers. This combination of attributes allow newer players to get a fell for the combat system without having to get right up to a creeper or skeleton. Having said that, in larger numbers zombies become a much greater threat, flanking a player from many sides, slowly stacking damage. To a seasoned played however, the hoard will easily be defeated. To me it seems that the zombie needs an upgrade, maybe some sort of variation. There has been talk of Giants being added to the internet, and if you think about it, if this was added, the zombie mob would greatly change, bringing something new to the table. Also, a personal wish is that zombies can poison the player if hit enough times in a certain amount of time. The addition of faster zombies would also be interesting, making it more dangerous for players to roam the world at night. I have plenty of other ideas for zombies, but for now, those are the ones I will leave you thinking about.
Skeletons are the second mob I will be talking about. The most basic of ranged mobs, the skeleton uses a bow and arrow to attack when aggroed. Much like the zombie, it spawns in low light and will burn i the daylight. Also granted with the Advanced AI. They come with 20HP and damage varies from 2-6 depending on your difficulty. Their drops are some of the best in the game, as they allow a player to do many things with them. They drop arrows, bones, and most importantly, they have a 1/40 chance of dropping either a normal or enchanted bow. This mob is usually the most used in spawn traps, for the simple reason that they drop arrows on death.

Now, I have died more times to this mob than any other mob, simply due to their range and damage. It's not that I can't kill them, but when they sneak up on me in the dark and get a shot off on me it could be disastrous, having a chance to fling me into a pool of lava or something. This mob is perfect the way it is, it poses a threat to even the more experienced of players. What I would like to see added to the zombies is elemental bows. For example a fire bow, ice bow, dark bow, etc. Each granting an ability power to their bow, making them a bit more threatening than they already are. Anyways, that idea is the only thing that I can think of that can be added and make the skeletons still balanced.
Moving along to Spiders now. This mob is great, it adds an aggressive melee mob that can climb vertical surfaces to set up ambushes. It moves faster than the average player (without sprint), with a 16HP count and a low damage count of 2-3 on any difficulty. They drop string and spider eyes, which can be used in potion making. It spawns in conditions similar to the previous mobs, but does NOT burn in sunlight, instead it turn into a passive mob in the day and into an aggressive mob at night.

The spider mob is actually the only mob that I think is perfect the way it is. Before the cave spider was added I did think they needed a poison variant, but now that that is in place the only thing I can thing of adding is a jungle spider, which has a jungle like camo on its skin, and it lays down webs between trees and in jungle caves. It would only poison the player, no melee damage, but it could jump higher than the player, in order to traverse the jungle. Oh and maybe a Desert variant that can burrow into the sand and create small pitfalls. Something interesting to think about.
The Creeper. As soon as you hear the SSSsss it's all too late haha. 20Hp and a whopping 49 damage to a 97 when charged (struck by lightning). Even with a full set of armor, that is A LOT of damage. The deadliest of overworld mobs to any player and their buildings. Stone structures hold up well against creepers, but obsidian renders their attack useless. Fairly easy to kill when alerted of its presence, but they don't play by the rules, striking when you are most vulnerable. They drop gunpowder, and music disks if killed by a creeper.

The creeper is a great mob in my opinion. A kamikaze? That's awesome. The only thing I would add to these mobs is already a mod, which gives the creepers elemental roles such as a water, fire, and physic explosion instead of just a regular explosion.
The next mob, the Slime. A big bouncing cube that makes a slapping sound when around. Not to be confused with the new bubbling sound that lava makes now. 16HP when full sized, splitting down to 4HP medium sized and down to 1HP small. Their only attack, 4HP, is only usable when full sized, the smaller forms can only push. They drop the sought after slime balls that are used for magma cream and sticky pistons, both of which are extremely useful for the player. They are very rare to find, but usually drop about 8 slime balls.

To me, slimes are just a mob made in order to get an item, and that's kind of lame no? Why not make slimes a serious threat, I mean you are getting a really good item from them so make them put up a fight. Maybe have them fire balls of slime that temporarily freeze a player in place, allowing the slime to come up to you and suck you into itself, dealing suffocation damage over time or something. Also the magma cubes should set fire to random bock around it, it would add to the difficulty of that mob. Magma Cubes have more damage potential than the actual slime. The slimes could also maybe absorb block around them, giving them a sort of skeleton armor that must be destroyed in order to attack it.
Moving onto the Spider Jokey which has the combined health of a skeleton and a spider, but distributed correspondingly to the spider and skeleton. This mob is a very rare mob to find, as there is only a 1% chance that a spider will have a skeleton spawn on it. It hold the attributes of both the spider and skeleton (see those mobs for information)

Okay, let's be honest here. For the rarity that this mob is given, it is very easy to this kill mob. Unless you spawn into a world and there is a spider jokey right there, you really wont have any problem with this mob. I say give it twice the health and some more armor. Let 4 spawn at a time in formation, much like chariots riding into battle, striking fear into the enemy. I want a real challenge when a pack of these things ravages the battle field. And if you give the bow chants to the skeletons that I talked about earlier just imagine the battle that would take place.
Ghasts are fierce creatures that make traversing the plains of the Neather very risky. Their shrieks were enough to draw me away during my first voyage to the Neather. They have 10HP and an attack strength of 17(8.5HP) if they land a direct blow. They attack from quite a distance, so if you have no bow or fishing rod to bring them closer or take them out form a distance then you are in bad shape. One can knock back their projectiles, and, if timed right, can sent it straight back at them, dealing damage. Another easy way to dispose of ghasts is to lead them into a flow of lava, slowly killing them via fire damage. Ghasts, although a fierce foe, drop ghast tears, which if used in potion making, can produce regeneration potions, one of the best in the game.

I think ghasts are very balanced as they are, they do a lot of damage as is so I can't really say I would add anything haha. The only idea I have is that they could launch some sort of interceptor mob that would seek out the nearest player, dealing melee damage when it got close enough.
The Blaze is next. Armed with 20HP and 3, 5, 7 damage ( 4, 6, 9 additional fire damage) depending on your difficulty. Dropping the sought after blaze rod used in potion making and other important things. It spawns in the Nether near Nether Fortresses. It is a strong magical ranged mob that shoots fireballs at the player also dealing burn damage over a short time. Due to the small corridors of the Nether Fortress, engaging in battle with this mob can be very deadly, keeping you pinned behind makeshift cover for prolonged periods of time. I once had a battle for a long hallway against a spawner of these for about 20 minutes (no exaggeration ).

The Blaze is fine as it is for me. It's powerful and a good challenge, no changes.
Enderman is the next mob. Ever since Notch announced this mob I was very fascinated by its abilities. With a Hefty 40HP and a 4, 7, 10 attack damage, this mob towers over the rest of the basic mobs. Literally towers, being 3 blocks tall and having a teleportation ability when looked at or aggroed. Transparent blocks cancel out its "on sight" aggro. They can lift a certain set of block off of the ground and move them. Water is their weakness, like Invader Zim when he is hit by water ( pat on the back if you get the reference ). They drop the useful ender pearl that can be used for a few important things. Also, they are the main mob in the End Realm.

The Enderman is a weird mob, it is far too recent for me to have any ideas on it. I mean it is very dangerous and I have no complaints about it as of yet. There was a time where they could take pretty much any block, but now that that is all fixed I have no complaints. No change.
Zombie Pigman. Not really much to say about these guys, they are strong but only when aggroed, They aggro in packs so be very careful. HP 20 with 2 Armor. Drops Gold nuggets, rotten flesh and a chance to drop a gold tier item ( also a chance for an enchanted gold item ). They deal 2, 5, 7 damage based on difficulty.

This mob is pretty easy to ignore really. Just don't hit it and it won't hit you. They do have a large potential for exp farming due to their large numbers so long as you are prepared for the hordes of them. I would add certain parts of the Nether Fortresses that have High Ranking Pigmen that rally the surrounding pigmen in an attack at the nearest player, This would make the Fortresses harder to navigate and would make this mob a bigger threat to the player.
Silver Fish is a newer mob that at first is a stone block, but when you aggro one the rest come out of the walls and attack. There is also a spawner of these right in front of the ender portal, giving the player a final challenge. The real threat is them knocking you into the lava pit under the portal. 8HP and 1 attack power, these mobs aren't so dangerous by themselves, but much like the zombies, they are fierce in numbers.

These mobs are fine as is, just increase the number of them in a give area is all.
Finally there is the Ender Dragon, which is the "End Boss" both literally and figuratively. This guy has a whopping 200Hp and an attack of 10HP( 5 hearts). The hardest mob in the game, one has to destroy its generators located throughout the end while avoiding both the dragon and ender men. An enchanted bow and diamond armor are the best way to rid of the dragon.

Many people complained about the addition of the Ender Dragon because it "ended" the game. It doesn't, after killing it it just send the played back to the last bed slept on, it's really not that bad, plus it introduced larger battle into minecraft. Maybe we can get some overworld dragons in the near future.

Well, that's all I got for now. I'v gone through the mobs in game and have put down my two cents on what chabges I would like to see. Remember, these are my personal preferences so if you have any ideas on a change or addition please post it in the comments. I did not do "new" mobs, only variations or additions. I will do a new mob wishlist blog in a days time. Feel free to Subscribe for more posts, PEACE.

12/06/2012 5:29 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Toast
anyone know hoe to give mobs abilities like on the herobrines mansion map
10/22/2012 1:56 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
This is Probaly Right
06/16/2012 11:31 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
what about wolves they need a upgread like u can get to ride them and put amour on them but then there needs to be nether wolves tha can go in LAVA
06/11/2012 2:26 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Archer
This was absolutely brilliant.Diamond
However,these are very difficult :O
i say they put the buff ideas into hard mode instead of normal xD
06/11/2012 2:38 pm
Level 26 : Expert Mage
Thanks, and yes, the idea is to add more difficulty to the game, I never really feel vulnerable anymore considering how easy it is for me to get diamond gear on any sever, so having these would be very refreshing. And Yeah, it would have to be on a harder difficulty.
06/11/2012 2:20 pm
Level 41 : Master Toast
wow, nice article, but this kinda restates everything, I may be wrong, but brand new ideas might appeal to PMCers a little more. Nice job though!
06/11/2012 2:40 pm
Level 26 : Expert Mage
Thank you, and I sorta meant to restate what was already know, just wanted to add my own twist to the mobs already in game. I will do a new mob post real soon.
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