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Me And The Bois SMP (Realm)

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OneGreyPerson avatar OneGreyPerson
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Come join the me and the bois realm it has just reopened again. This realm has around for more than 2 years and we have had several realms but we are looking to get more players for this current realm and stay for a while. The realm has a decently active community and players that love to play minecraft. In this realm you can pretty much do whatever except grief and steal. You could start an empire and try to take over the realm if you wanted or you could go start a nice little shop in the city. Anyway if you would like to join message Grey#1286 on discord and i will send you an invite to the discord and to the realm. Have a nice day!

Me And The Bois SMP (Realm)
Me And The Bois SMP (Realm)

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