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New Technical Features = New Stuff That You Can't Change Back Unless You Have the Next Update

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Foxy Max avatar Foxy Max
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When I get new technical possibilities, there is always going to be other stuff that I can't change it to how it looked and behaved before. For an example, I wanted to make there be zombie pigmen with iron armor and sword in the strongholds in 1.8 but I couldn't use predicates in versions in 1.14.4 and lower, and in versions 1.9 and further there is the new combat mechanics. I want to have all the features to look and behave like in 1.8 but there is no way I am going to do that in newer versions because there is always going to be much more things that is not possible to change in vanilla Minecraft. In 1.16, there is a new model for zombie pigmen and there is no way to change the model in Minecraft without mods.

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07/05/2022 12:23 pm
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