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Ninja Griefers O_O

Ninja Griefers :P

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avatar OverlordHD
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The Title Tells you most of it but theres, a story to it. Enjoy ;)


The Server Staff Comes on to find the Spawn tnted, yesterday the griefers crashed it. We don't know who do it or how... So The owner of the server checks the Console and he bans a bunch of people. We then decide not to reset the map but, build a new spawn.


While I was building a player comes on and he was jailed, with operator commands. He tells me a story that a develepor gave him op and framed him, by griefing spawn. I unjail him and deop him Stupidly.


While the owner was building pixel art, A builder on the server gets op and the Owner deops him. Then the builder tryed oping himself and it worked, it had seemed that the griefer had given players the /op command. Quickly the Owner shuts down the server and resets the permissions.


I join as my alt on the server, the player who got op in jail was on. I ask him if he has op as if I didn't know. He says he has it. I then say that If I had op I would probally grief spawn, then he turns around and says already done that. While I trick him pretending that I'm on his side, I screenshot some parts and I find out that he oped a whole bunch of players to help him build spawn. I ask him what about OverlordHD (me) and he says I never liked him he's quite friendly but yet, a bit stupid. Then finally when he has to go I log on as OverlordHD and he pisses himself. He was really scared, he tried to hide it not understanding that I already knew.

Present: The co-owner of the server comes on skype while I'm typing this I'm going to send him this link after I am done.

If you enjoyed this story feel no shame in Diamonding.

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