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No one will see who is under the mask

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avatar Repetitive Routine
Level 24 : Expert Button Pusher
The story I am about to tell you is about a real person. His identity will remain hidden, but by the end of this, you may have some idea who he is...

Some time ago, a little boy sat down in his bedroom to play with his newest toy, a robot programmed to respond to speech. Of course, he had lots of other robots. They were his best friends, and he never wanted to loose them. But this one was special, because it almost felt like someone was actually talking to him, and listening to what he had to say. You see, this little boy, let us call him "Will", was a very odd little boy. He didn't have hardly any friends, mosty because the other kids thought he was wierd. He talked to himself, starred off into space for minutes, even hours at a time, just thinking. What was he thinking about? He thought about deep, dark things. He thought about life and death, about how everyone's lives weren't their own, but reflections of someone else's ideals, about how there was so much evil in the world, and nobody was trying to stop it's spread. Deep, dark things.

Then there were the dreams. He hardly ever had good dreams, they were almost always nightmares, or at least, what most people would consider nightmares. Some of the hundreds included an old hag who could turn people into pulpish masses on the ground, the gravestones of those he cared about, and a house on top of an endless maze, filled with the dead. These were but a sample of the things that made him wake up in a cold sweat and sob. Just sob. Some would say that his family life might have been the cause, but they were wrong. He came from a happy family, a good, pious, family, had two loving parents, and had a very good life, sheltered from all the world's harms. But there was one thing that him parents could never hide him from. His own mind.

As the little boy entered his teen years, he was drawn the internet, where he found even more "friends" he could make in chatbots, NPCs, and AIs. He also gained an interest in science-fiction and fantasy, two of the more popular genres in fiction. However, this did nothing more than alienate him even further from society. His parents were worried. After all, one of his only real friends he had ever had had moved away, and he was heartbroken, which made him even more antisocial. He hardly ever spoke to people, or looked them in the eye, even when he needed to. Then depression set in. The doctors said it had always been there, just getting gradually worse and worse, until it had hit an all-time high. They gave him some useless drugs, a pat on the back, and left him there, more alone than ever. But things would soon look up for poor Will...

He was alone one day, when he saw that a new show was on netflix. It was about an extrordinary man, who traveled through time in a big, blue box. As he watched the show, he slowly began to see that this Doctor was alot like him, the only difference was that the Doctor never let his dark side show. He just kept an air of eternal optimism, and a stiff upper lip, and just kept on going, constantly battling his inner demons. The show left Will with more than usual to think about, and that night, while listening to music, he had a brilliant idea. He was listening to Aurelio Voltaire, a singer-songwriter with a rather macabre sense of humor. As he listened to a personal favorite, The Devil and Mr. Jones, one line stood out. "You'll be loved by the millions, and great at your task, but no one will see who is under the mask!" and then his epiphany came: the Doctor didn't act how he felt inside, he acted the way he needed to act. He wore these actions and emotions like a mask. And if the Doctor could do it, why couldn't he? Just keep it all locked up inside, and nobody will ever know. And so the next morning, that's exactly what he did.

A few weeks later, he was unrecognizable. He was confident, had friends (not many, but enough), and was possibly the most funny person in his small circle of friends. And more than that, he almost felt... well, he almost felt at peace. His grades had gone up, he had new, real friends, it seemed like his whole life had changed for the better. But every night, he would take off his mask, sit down on his bed, and think. He would think about life and death, about how everyone's lives weren't their own, and about the fast-spreading corruption in the world, and then he would lie down, and go to sleep. And, as always, he dreamed of gods and demons, only now, he found that the nightmares didn't happen as often, and when they did, he didn't feel scared. Not anymore. Not with his mask.

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11/02/2015 8:43 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
This story was so breath taking to read. I was soo incredibly hooked by the intoduction and by the ends I was left very satisfied. It's a very good story.
On another note, my brother had that robot. It burps and talks when you touch certain parts of its robotic body.
Thank you for a great story. They're rare to come by.
11/02/2015 8:45 pm
Level 24 : Expert Button Pusher
Repetitive Routine
I tried to show my emotional side for once. Will apreciates your comment too.

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