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Nothing ever happens

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avatar TheOfficialDerp
Level 24 : Expert Fish
This is a story of a normal girl and nothing ever happens to her

Also i dont know what i should make in caps so i will just make every word not have any caps k?
Also i dont know how every word is spelled so just ignore it okay? here we go

one day a girl named mikayla was walking home from school and suddenly fell on her face and fell asleep when she woke up she was on a black dragon when she saw the scales she was just staring and she finally looked up from the scaly body and suddenly remembered that she had no idea where she might be she was freaked out she was just above a big ocean approaching an island and then her hand slipped and she went falling into the water she was so scared about what could possibly be in this water the dragon ending up leaving the girl she had to swim to land it took her several minutes to swim to land when she got out she was so cold and so hungry...

Thats it i will be adding to this later! make sure you keep an eye out for the next update!

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