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Nova Genesis Project (Sci-Fi Machinima)


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avatar BurnbayX
Level 1 : New Miner
[Hello! My name is Andre and I would like to tell you about my new Machinima Movie called "Nova Geneisis". 

It has not been filmed yet and I am here to ask you if you would like to join the crew! We will need character and productionist to develop the film!

If you are wondering what this film is about:

In the year 2096 solar flares are emmited from the Sun. The government and many scientist become worried, for these are the signs of incoming Solar Storms. For this reason plans must be made for the future so if needed, the world could escape from the death caused by our own star and provider of light. The Nova Genesis Project is initiated... Almost 4 centuries later in the year 2522, the Solar Storms begin. Terror and disaters of fire and heat rain down on the Earth. When everything seems like the end was near. The ARKS came, massive ships each one the size of half a state in the US were borded underground. They came up to the sky as they teared the ground above them. Every state or province had at least two or three ARKS. Most countries had ARKS of different designs, never tested before. Now came the question, who will make it through the cold space and where will they go? ARKS from Russia, Euroupe, America, and Asia rised into they void above. When they exit the atmosphere all the ARKS are functional until some of the Russian ones start to explode. The fuel pockets and storage were not protected enough and got to hot in the Thermosphere. One, two, three out of 10 explode and two collide with the debris from the other ships breaking open the hull and releasing the oxygen, ejecting millions into the cold chasm. Still all of the other race on to find a new home... Our story begins with young John and Amy Lane brother and sister living on the ARK 98-US along with many others. Their whole life changes when they hear of something their parents used to tell them about for bed time stories, something called a Terraform. A sutable planet for life... 

Characters Needed:

John: A young man about the age of 15, always making sure his sister is okay and not getting into trouble, kind, ruthless, and courageous.

Amy: A young girl about the age of 13, seeking adventure and any mischeif she can get herself into, kind, troublesome, courageous, always trying to help, dislikes Jacob and rejects anything he gives her.

Will: John's best friend about the age of 14, likes Amy but is always to scared to talk to her, friendly, adventurous, always happy to help a friend, and selfless.

Jacob: The "Rich Boy" always talking about how much money he has and how poor everyone else is compared to him around the age of 15, snooty, vengful, hates John, also like Amy and shows it by giving her lavish gifts.

More to come and background cast needed so apply by emailing me at [email protected]

If you would like to join messge me with skype burnbayz, kik xXMC4LifeXx, email [email protected], or TXT message [email protected]


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  • larazziV
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Narwhal
  • July 18, 2015, 2:03 am
Ok, will this be minecraft animated or decently animated or minecraft in game filmed?

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