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OC Origins- Episode 1- Glitch

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avatar Jaytience
Level 30 : Artisan Demolitionist
EPISODE 2: Bonnet by MadiMJ

This is a series that you can join and post about your own OCs. All you have to do is say so down below, as well as tell me what OC you're doing an episode on. (I have to keep track over how many episodes you guys are doing, because my episode line is the same as yours.)

So, does Glitch seem like a perky, optimistic animatronic in my "The Bonnie Squad" series? Think again. He has a dark past... which he seriously regrets.

(Glitch is sitting in the Parts and Service room, listening to "It's Been So Long" on his iPod.)

Withered Bonnie: Hey, what's up, dude?

Glitch: Hmm? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.

Withered Bonnie: ... Okay, fess up. What's going on?

Glitch: I said nothing, okay? 

(Withered Bonnie unplugs the earphones on Glitch's iPod)

Withered Bonnie: It's Been So Long? You only listen to this when something's wrong. What is it, just tell me.

Glitch: OKAY, FINE! (sighs) I'm sorry about that, it's just a bit personal. But I guess I'll tell you anyway. When I was young, I had a sister, like you. She was kind and caring, but we didn't always see eye to eye. This was when I didn't even know about my glitch powers. When I did find out though, that's when everything changed.

(Now, let's go back a few years. Glitch is 13 years old (he's 19 in The Bonnie Squad) and he and his sister are in the office. And yes, I know animatronics don't age. IN MY UNIVERSE THEY DO OKAY?!)

Dot: We're opening tomorrow! Are you excited?

Glitch: Yeah! This place will be pretty awesome, right?

Dot: Freddy said he's gonna appoint me as a waitress. I can't wait!

Glitch: Well, getting a job at the age of 13, I'm pretty hyped.

Dot: Well, if you can handle it.

Glitch: True, that. It's not like making pizza and pasta is all too hard.

(Present day)

Glitch: But then... something had to happen. Something ALWAYS happens. We were attacked, out of the blue.


White Rabbit: Hello there. So, getting a job. GOOD FOR YOU. Unfortunately, you'll never get the job because you'll be DEAD!

Glitch: Who's that? What do you mean?

White Rabbit: IT'S ME.

Dot: Oh jeez! Who are you?


Glitch: No, my worst nightmare is a giant spider with steel legs.

Dot: Mine is similar to that one actually.

White Rabbit: SHUT UP!!! (Attacks Dot)

Glitch: SIS! NO! Why are you doing this?

White Rabbit: I was voted "too scary" for this pizzeria by Freddy and his gang. So, I'm picking you all off. ONE. BY. ONE. (Attacks Dot again)

Glitch: NO! ST0P! JU57 570P!!!!!

White Rabbit: Aww, your wires in a twist little one?

Glitch: 5HU7 UP Y0U M0N573R!!!!!

Dot: Glitch, CALM DOWN!

Glitch: G0 4W4Y!!!! 1 D0N'7 W4NT Y0U H3R3!!!

(Glitch accidentally activates his failsafe)

White Rabbit: What? What's happening?

(Dot screams as glitches start to find her as a threat)

Glitch: What? NO!!! DON'T!!!!!

(Dot and White Rabbit both dissapear)

Glitch: No... nononononono!!!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!

(Present day)

Glitch: So I came to the pizzeria the next day... without Dot.

Withered Bonnie: I remember that day. I remember how sad you were. But I didn't want to ask why you were so sad, or where Dot was, because I had a feeling they were connected. But thanks for telling me.

Glitch: You were torn apart by the company. As for me... I did this to myself.

A sad ending. Some things are best left forgotten. 

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  • MrNigmaSIR
  • Level 8
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  • March 19, 2016, 9:05 pm
This, actually, wasn't bad. I don't usually like these kinds of blogs because I find them quite stupid, but this is actually quite humorous. Bravo to you, good sir/madam.

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