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Ocean liner blogs #1 The interior of the Titanic

This Picture is not the Titanic, its the Olympic

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Hello, I am starting a blog series about random information about the Ocean liners of the 19th and 20th centuries, enjoy!

The RMS Titanic was the second ship of the Olympic class, She is the most famous ship of all time because she got sunk by an iceberg and has a really famous movie that was highly successful. This article describes what it was like inside the ship.

1st class
The 1st class were the richest people on board a passenger liner, White Star line made sure the 1st class passengers had a wonderful experience on their Olympic class ships, First, it had a gymnasium which people could be fit and healthy. The lounge was designed to resemble a French palace in the 18th century, the lounge had a bookshelf, so passengers could read books. It also had a nice green floor and comfortable green chairs, both ends of the Lounge had a hallway which leaded to two staircases (Grand staircase and Alt grand staircase) The starboard side had a pantry, this meant that passengers could eat or drink in the Lounge. Next is the Reading and writing room, this was designed for women but men were allowed in the room, although few to none actually did. Ladies would come here after dinner and socialise. The room had a red/pink floor and the chairs might've been either green or yellow. The smoking room,located in the stern, was said to be one of the grandest rooms on the entire ship, the floor was purple and red and the chairs were red, although some say they were green. This room was for men only and they socialised, smoked, drank and played cards. There were two palm courts, one that lead to the smoking room, it was popular for young passengers. The palm court was like a little cafe. The Grand staircase, as it's name suggests was a very luxurious staircase for 1st class passengers to go up and down, It went from Boat Deck to F Deck, while the aft one went from A Deck to C Deck, The Grand staircase had 3 elevators which went from A to E Deck. The B Deck Parlour suites are considered the best cabins on the entire ship, They had a sitting room, 2 bedrooms, and a private promenade. White star line owner Joseph Bruce Ismay stayed on the Port one. Cafe Parisian and a la carte restaurant were exclusive 1st class restaurants located on B Deck near the aft grand staircase. Cafe Parisian was designed to resemble a cafe in Paris, A la carte restaurant was a place where passengers could have whatever the hell they wanted from the menu! The Restaurants were not included in a 1st class ticket, so they had to pay it themselves. The Purser's office and Enquiry desk on C Deck was were passengers stored their valuables and payed for stuff like the swimming pool, Turkish bath etc. The reception room on D Deck should have been called "Music room" because it was a place where musicians played music and passengers socialised, next to it was a grand dining room with dark green chairs and a blue, yellow and red carpet. The Turkish bath, located on F Deck, was decorated in Arabian style and had long, red chairs, it was a very nice room to be in, the swimming pool was not as nice as the Turkish bath but it was still something to enjoy. There were also: a shampoo room, an electric bath and a temperate room etc, and finally there was a squash court on G Deck, it was for playing squash.

2nd class
2nd class was the middle class of the Titanic, it was less luxurious than 1st class but more than 3rd class, However 2nd class rivalled the interiors of 1st class interiors of most ships (Expect some like Lusitania, Mauretania, and some German liners at the time etc.) The 2nd class had 2 staircases like 1st class, the first one went from Boat Deck to F Deck and it was believed to have a green floor while the other started at C Deck, There was a smoking room for the men to go to do things like: Drink, smoke, play cards etc. There was a Library which had the functions of: a lounge, a drawing room, a writing room and a library. It had a yellow and red floor with dark green chairs. C Deck was where some 2nd class passengers boarded at Southampton. D Deck had the 2nd class dining room, the tables were long and Passengers often sat with strangers, E Deck had the Purser's office and a little barber shop, a port entrance,and some cabins, and F Deck had some cabins.

3rd class
The poorest passengers on the ship were in 3rd class, although their rooms were basic and simple compared the upper classes, it was actually pretty good at the time. The General room was a lounge for 3rd class passengers, it had a piano for passengers to entertain themselves, but it did not have a bookshelf so you had to bring your own books if you wanted to read, according to passengers it was very lively. The General room had white walls and a red/white floor. The smoking room was for men and it had a bar for passengers to drink. It had brown walls and the same floor as the General room. The cabins on the stern were for single women or families. If you wanted to go to the bow part of the ship, you went through scottland road, named after a street in Liverpool, it had entrances to the boilers and some crew areas. The dining was spilt into 2 sections, one for single men and other for single women and families, the floor was red and the food was simple but at least they were fed! At the end of scottland road was another lounge called the "Open space" it had a brown floor. The rest of the interior were some cabins and lavatories and well as 2 baths.

Let's start with the captain, He had a pretty good cabin to sleep in, there were some rooms on the bridge for the Captain and the officers to work in, There was a Marconi room to send messages. The officers had pretty decent cabins, they had a smoke room.
The others slept in either small cabins or pretty large cabins with lots of bunk beds, they had their own mess to for them to eat in, many worked in the huge boilers or engine rooms. It was pretty simple for those guys.

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