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Ocean liner blogs #2 The sinking of the Empress of Ireland

RMS Empress of Ireland

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The Empress of Ireland was Canada's Titanic and it also sank, here's how it happened

The ship was in Quebec, Canada in the early dawn of 29th may 1914 The ship was minding her own business when she saw another ship, called the Storstad. At first it was clear, but unfortunately fog covered the sight and she collided with the ship!
Damaging both ships, The Storstad survived the collision but sank 3 years later in WW1. The Empress of Ireland however, was doomed! She would sink 6 minutes faster than the Lusitania did! The collision created a hole which flooded the lower decks quickly.
It was too late to shut the watertight doors and a lot of people in the lower decks drowned. The ship listed to the starboard side, there were some attempts to launch the lifeboats, the port lifeboats couldn't be launched due to the ship's listing, the open portholes made the flooding increase. 5 starboard lifeboats were launched successfully while another one capsized like Titanic's collapsible B lifeboat hundreds of passengers opened portholes while the ship listed severely to starboard 700 got out to the port. The stern rose a bit the the ship sank 14 minutes after the collision. 1012 people died in the disaster, 465 survived.

List of passengers and crew list and death toll (according to Wikipedia)

Crew: 420 on board, 172 lost, 248 saved
Passengers: 1057 on board, 840 lost, 217 saved
Total: 1477 on board, 1012 lost, 465 saved

1st class: 87 on board, 51 lost, 36 saved
2nd class: 253 on board, 205 lost, 48 saved
3rd class 717 on board, 584 lost, 133 saved

Girls: 73 on board, 70 lost, 3 saved
Boys: 65 on board, 64 lost, 1 saved
Women: 310 on board, 269 lost, 41 saved
Men: 609 on board, 437 lost, 172 saved

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