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Mr_Boness's Avatar Mr_Boness
Level 52 : Grandmaster Bunny
Good news! Me and one of my friends are going to start a series of mods, known as the Omnipotent Mods.
Basically, if your randomly searching for a mod on PMC, and you see something beginning with
[Omnipotento ] -
Then its part of the mod series.
So, what exactly will we add, what style will these mods take?
Original ideas.
But not just any original ideas, ideas that have been long abandoned, but are amazing in ideas.

So, now that the description is out of the way, here i have a list of mods in the series, Links will be added when we are finished.

1. [Omnipotento ] - Godlike Sticks (Each staff will be crafted with 2 sticks in the middle, the object at the top, and surrounded by obsidion)
Info: Staffs that shoot certain projectiles
Release: 1.3-1.4 (In 1.4, a wither staff will be added)
Staff of the Chicken God (Shoots eggs) (Object=Egg)
Cold Staff of the SnowMen (Shoots snowballs) (Object=Snow block)
Burning Staff of the Blaze Eye (shoots blaze fireballs) (Object=Blaze Rod)
Staff of Inhuman Screams (Shoots ghast fireballs) (Object=FIre charge)
Staff of Quantum Redisplacement (Shoots Enderpearls) (Object= Enderpearl)
Staff of the Eye of Guidance (Shoots Ender eyes) (Object= Ender eye)
Withering Staff (Shoots Wither skulls) (Object= Nether star)
Staff of Arcane Arrows (Shoots arrows) (Object=Bow)
Link: -Started-

2. [Omnipotento ] - Netherised Materials
Info: Adds a bunch of awesome things to the nether without changing much.
Release: 1.3-1.4 (In 1.4, Nether Star items will be added)
Hrell Ore (Rarity of iron)
Chuck of In-celestial Hrell (Dropped by Hrell Ore)
Gold Frozen Furnace (Unusable furnace-need to craft it with netherrack or burn it in a furnace-to make a furnace)
Hrell Giant (Mob created out of Celestial Hrell)
Celestial Hrell (Chunk of In-celestial Hrell combined with a gold block)
Gold Frozen Bucket (Unusable bucket-need to craft it with netherrack or burn it in a furnace-to make a bucket)
Hrell tools (the durability of wood but the power of diamond)
Hrell Armor (durability of leather but the effectiveness of diamond)
Unpolished Soul (Burned soulsand, used for crafting beds)
Polished Soul ( Crafted with unpolished souls, is needed for overworld items )
Gold Frozen Crafting Bench (Unusable Crafting bench-craft with netherrack or burn in a furnace-to make a bench)
Link: -Incomplete-

3. [Omnipotento ] - Access in the End
Info: Adding some more stuff to the end!
Release: 1.3 (Hopefully)
Endore (Rarity of coal in the end)
Endore tool set (Durability of iron but effectivity of diamond)
Baby Dragon (Crafted with the ender dragon egg and a peice of Endore Gem)
Endore gem (Mined from endore)
Link: -Incomplete-

4. [Omnipotento ] - Artificial Alchelmy
Info: Lets you craft diamonds...from coal.
Release: 1.3
Coal Ball - (Crafted with 5 coal in a ball shape with 4 cobblestone around the edges-Smelts 15 things)
Coal Chunk - (Crafted with 9 Coal Balls - Smelts 60 things)
Artificial Diamond - (Crafted with 8 Coal Chunks, can craft iron tools, or can be crafted into diamond by combining it with 8 coal chunks)
Link: -Almost Done-

5: [Omnipotento ] - Simplistic Uranium Cells
Info: Adds a new ore, Uranium. Wow.
Uranium Ore - (Generates as rarely as diamond, but in a ore vein of 1)
Uranium Cell - (Crafted with 1 iron, 1 uranium, and 2 buckets of water-Won't explode and will smelt 200 things)
Uranium - (Placing this into a furnace will smelt 64 things, but may explode)
Link: -Almost Done-

6: [Omnipotento ] - Haters gonna eat mah chocolate

Info: Some more crap to do with coco beans.


Chocolate Testificate - (Crafted with chocolate bars and sugar-heals 3 hunger, gives 2 each craft)

Chocolate Slime - (Crafted with chocolate and coco beans-heals 2 hunger, gives 2 each craft)

Chocolate Bar - (Crafted with coco beans, gives 2 bars when crafted)

Chocolate Pig - (Crafted with chocolate bars and porkchop-Gives 1 and a half hunger and gives 3 when crafted)

Chocolate Cow - (Crafted with chocolate bars and beef-Gives 4 and hunger and gives 1 when crafted)

Chocolate Sheep - (Crafted with chocolate bars-Gives 2 and a half hunger and gives 2 when crafted)

Derp Squid - (Crafted with coco beans, chocolate bars and ink -Gives 5 and a half hunger and gives 1 when crafted)
Link: -Not started-

And thats pretty much it.
Thank you for your time.
CreditGlinny for coding.

1 Update Logs

Info Update! : by Mr_Boness 09/20/2012 3:19:20 amSep 20th, 2012

Development of a few of these mods has started, and the first one to be released will be the Artificial Alchemy one.
Next will hopefully be godlike sticks.

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09/13/2012 2:35 am
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Looks pretty good