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On the Eve

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avatar Punkamoar
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"Men, we move out at dawn!" A rousing cheer emanated from the disheveled ranks, and rain spattered their armor. Those men had been through everything, and yet they hold on to the hope of victory.

Victory. The idea that can rally any lost cause. My father has used it many times, and more often than naught, he turns up empty-handed. But on the morrow, things will be different. We will rout the advancing army. We will stay alive for at least a little while longer.


"Ah sister dear, how brilliant of you to visit on the eve of my greatest triumph. Excuse me, father's greatest triumph." The female - my sister - was dry-eyed, as if from trying not to cry. She sat down next to me, put her arm around my shoulder, and said:

"Murray, Dad died months ago."

I stared back in disbelief. Hah, how could he have?


"We push on men! Either tonight, we touch the dawn, or we die trying. Give quarter if asked, and show mercy. Don't do this, and weep, for chivalry is our code. It is our honor to be honorable, and it is our duty to uphold it. Now we ride, ride for the right to be called 'Men'! "

My father is such an eloquent speaker. He can cause even the faintest of men to roar like lions. It is inspiring to watch. But again, my sister finds me and begins to sniffle, for reasons unknown to me. She comes and starts to cry on my shoulder.

"What's wrong? By this time tomorrow, we will be safe!"

But no, this was not what she was crying about. It begins to seep back into my memory. The crash, the trauma, the blood.

Dad had died.

But what am I doing here?


The sterile environment inside my ward could never be called home. Here at the asylum, I'm treated more like a interesting study, than any shred of a human. I have been told many times that I am in withdrawals about the accident, but I cannot believe it. Dad sent me here, for whatever reason. He will come for me soon.

But until then, I can still dream. Maybe this is a dream.


My horse rears. I will be glad to follow my father into battle.


I've had this blog laying around for eight months. Forget why I didn't post it, but heck, here ya go. It's terrible because it's old, but maybe someone will enjoy it.


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03/22/2016 11:32 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Ranger
I like it.

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