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One Of Two

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Level 8 : Apprentice Cake
One Of Two

This is a story about me. No not my me, let me start again. This is a story about my life, my unreasonable, messed up story they call, life.

Hi, I'm James, James Peterson, but most people call me James. I have dark hair, white skin, freckled cheeks and a red cap, my favorite article of clothing. I only have three shirts and five jeans, so I guess it's not that hard to pick a favorite piece of clothing. I live in a small house, a very small house, with my father. My father is Dave Peterson and my mother, well, I never really knew my mother. But let me start from the beginning.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It was to be a day of wonder, a day that no-one, no-one would every forget. Why didn't they let me see it! Did you see it? Did you see all the events that happened, all the people that died. They didn't let me! You did NOT let me. I was afraid, afraid of how you would view the events. I can't view them if I can't see them. I've told you a million times, you can't see what I see. At least not in the way I see it.

The day the bombs hit was the most devastating day of my life. I can still here it, to this day I can still here it.

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