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Online Mode or Offline Mode Server?

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Many people have probably heard of Online Mode and Offline Mode/Cracked Minecraft Servers, but not everyone completely knows what it does.

Online Mode means players go through Mojang's Login and Skin servers before joining your server. That means that people will join with thier skin, and it prevents hackers or people with an invalid Minecraft Account joining your server.

Offline Mode means players connect straight to your server, instead of through Mojang first. This means people won't have any skins, and hackers will be able to join instead of only people with a Paid Minecraft Account. This means anyone can join as any username without needing any password. The advantage of this, though, is that when Mojang's servers are down, people can't join an Online Mode server because it goes to Mojang first, but if people join an Offline Mode/Cracked server, it connects straight to your server.

I reccomend keeping your server with Online Mode...

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