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Online Roulette - Betting and Variations for Beginners


online Roulette

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Published on 2/13/2018 - 2/13/18 5:53 am
Though roulette is all about chance there is more to roulette than placing all your chips on red and crossing your fingers. There are so many betting options in the game, it is easy for beginners to be overwhelmed. The variety of betting options also makes gameplay deeper.

Here’s a look at the various options available to online Roulette players at online casinos:

Roulette Variations in Online Roulette

First, there are several variations in the game to choose from. Though the gameplay doesn’t vary a lot across the different versions, there are slight differences. For instance, the French and European versions have a single 0 in addition to the 1-36 black and red slots. The house edge of European roulette is 2.7%. American roulette is another version with an extra 00 pocket, which almost doubles the house edge to 5.26%. European roulette is more advantageous to the player.

French Roulette is even more generous, with a house edge of only 1.26%. Another point of difference between French and European (or American) roulette is the presence of the la partage and en prison rules in the former. La Partage allows the player to recover half of his or her stake if the ball lands on zero. En prison allows the player to bet once more.

Inside and Outside Betting Options

One of the simplest betting options that beginners prefer in online Roulette is choosing between black and red. Another simple option with similar odds is choosing odd or even, or between the first or second group of 18 numbers. Betting on a column or a group of twelve lowers the odds in the player’s favour and makes the game more challenging and exciting. You can place corner bets and split bets between four or two numbers respectively. Bet on a single number, and if you win, you take away 35 times your bet!

There is a distinction between outside bets and inside bets. If you look at the felt - or the game board - you’ll see that the three rows of numbers are on the ‘inside’ of the betting options. Inside bets include betting on zero. These bets have higher payouts.

Outside bets are those you place on group or groups of numbers - blacks, reds, highs, evens, lows, odds and other combinations.

Special Betting Options in European & French Roulette

In European online Roulette, you’ll find an additional area on the felt, with some betting options with Gallic names. Voisins du Zero, for instance, also called jeu zero or zero game on some boards, involves betting on the numbers closest to zero on the wheel. The le tiers du cylindre (sometimes shortened to Tier) or third of the wheel option places bets on the twelve numbers farthest from zero. The Orphelins option, sometimes split into in Plein and en Cheval, is the orphans bet. These cover the remaining numbers that are not covered by the Tier or Voisin's options.

Note that there may be minimum bets for each betting option as well. This further complicates the game. In general, higher the odds in the player’s favour, the higher the minimum bet. You can start playing a game of roulette at Spinzwin casino and find out just how exciting this game can be.

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  • CPUser_
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  • February 21, 2018, 5:50 am
Not bad, but you forgot to mention one thing: whatever you bet, in long terms, the expectation of wins is negative.

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