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Orchidfrost's Trials Chapter Four

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  Anxiety twisted in Orchidkit’s stomach. Today was supposed to be her apprentice ceremony, but Aspendawn made sure to remind her that she didn’t deserve it. She had spent all afternoon grooming her thick, white pelt until it gleamed. Now, she sat with Tumblekit and Twilightkit, who both looked equally ready to burst with excitement. Easy for them, she thought, they’re not responsible for some cat’s death!
  Orchidkit could just remember Whiteflower, the queen who had mothered her in her first moon, better than Aspendawn had in her whole life. Unfortunately she died while kitting Twilightkit, and her mother never let her forget it.
  “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Great Pine for a clan meeting!” Cinderstar’s call nearly startled Orchidkit out of her fur. She, Twilightkit, and Tumblekit padded to the center of the clearing and watched as their Clanmates gathered around them. Orchidkit looked up at the powerful grey Tom standing on the branch staring down at them. She hoped that wasn’t disdain she picked up in his amber gaze.
  Cinderstar spoke with a powerful voice from the branch he was perched on. “These three kits have reached six moons of age, and are ready to begin their training”.
  He looked around the clearing letting the anticipation build before continuing, “Tumblekit, from this moment until you receive your full name, you will be known as Tumblepaw. Nettlebreeze, you will mentor this young Tom.”
  A few excited murmurs rippled throughout the Clan, and Orchidkit glowed with pride for him. “You have served as your Clan’s medicine cat for many seasons, and I trust you to pass on your wisdom and determination onto him.”
  Nettlebreeze and Tumblepaw touched noses and slipped into the back of the crowd.
  “Twilightkit, from this moment until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Twilightpaw. Raccoonmask will be your mentor.”
Turning to the black-and-gray-furred she-cat he added, “  I trust you to pass on your intelligence, quick-learning, and cunning onto your apprentice” They touched noses and sat next to Nettlebreeze and Tumblepaw.
  Finally, the intimidating gaze landed on Orchidkit. She was quivering with excitement and anxiety as she padded forward. “Orchidkit, from this moment until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Orchidpaw. Pansyswirl will be your mentor. I trust you will pass on your courage and skill onto her.”
  Orchidpaw excitedly padded up to the large, pale ginger she-cat to touch noses with her, but when she looked up there was reluctance in her green gaze. After a few heartbeats, however, she bent down and touched noses with Orchidpaw and they sat beside Twilightpaw and Tumblepaw. As soon as they were settled, their clanmates exploded with yowls.
  “Tumblepaw! Twilightpaw! Tumblepaw! Twilightpaw! Orchidpaw!” All three cats relished in their clanmates caterwauls, but Orchidpaw couldn’t help but notice how much more enthusiastic they were for her friend and littermate. As she scanned the clearing she locked eyes with Aspendawn, and she pointedly glared at her as she only called out the other twos’ names.
  “Orchidpaw! Orchidpaw wake up!” Orchidpaw’s eyes snapped open and she saw Twilightpaw standing over her. “You don’t wanna be late for your first day!”
  She leaped to her paws, shaking scraps of moss out of her pelt. “Th-thanks, Twilightpaw!”
  Side by side, they squeezed out of the Apprentice’s den to see their mentors waiting for them.
  “Today is simply a tour of our territory. It’s important for us to know every stick and stone within these borders,” Raccoonmask began, “can either of you tell me why?”
  “U-um to kn-know the best places to hunt?” Orchidpaw began
  “To know where the best places to battle are!” Twilightpaw interjected, much more enthusiastic.
  “While Orchidpaw was onto something, you’re right. If we know all the places inside our territory, we’ll have the best advantages in battle.” Turning around she flicked her tail, and all four of them headed out of camp. Orchidpaw noticed with a pang that her mentor didn’t say anything about her answer.  She didn’t have time to stay upset, however, because she was soon shocked by the outside world
  “It’s so big!” The two Apprentices cried in unison.
  Pansyswirl and Raccoonmask purred in amusement. “I remember our first time out of the camp,” the ginger she-cat commented, “you were so exhausted it looked like your paws would fall off!”
  Orchidpaw subconsciously decided she wouldn’t be tired at all after this trip, and show her mentor how well she can keep up! Raccoonmask flicked her tail and they plunged into the pines. It seemed like they had been running forever before they finally slowed and stopped beside a wide stream.
  “Do you smell that?” Raccoonmask prompted. Both Apprentices opened their jaws and breathed in. A strange, squirrel-like tang was wafting from from the other side of the stream.
  “Orchidpaw,” Pansyswirl mewed, “can you tell me what it is?”
  “U-uh... I... I-is it another clan..?” She responded hesitantly.
  Her mentor sighed. “Close enough, I suppose. Yes, this is our border with ThunderClan, you’ll learn how to scent markers another day.”
Despite her earlier resolve, Orchidpaw’s paws were scraping on the ground by the time they reached camp again. There was so much new information swirling around in her head that she was both physically and mentally exhausted. She was glad to see that Twilightpaw looked no better.
  “Go get something to eat,” Pansyswirl flicked her tail towards the fresh-kill pile, “you’re going to need your strength for tomorrow’s hunting lessons.” Orchidpaw grabbed a vole, and Twilightpaw grabbed a sparrow from the pile and they flopped down in front of the apprentice’s den.
  “Wow, you two look awful!” Orchidpaw heard a new from behind her. It was her brother, Tumblepaw! “Nettlebreeze just taught me some basic herbs and stuff.”  “We toured the territory today!” Twilightpaw boasted. “It’s huge! Have you seen it yet?”
  “No, but Nettlebreeze is taking me out tomorrow!”
  Orchidpaw dragged herself to her paws, leaving the two toms chatting, and flopped down in her nest. She curled up in her soft bedding, with only enough time for one thought before she fell asleep. Great StarClan, how on earth will I manage??

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08/19/2021 9:59 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
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Ooh I love the character names!!
I read Warriors a few years ago and tried to write my own fanfic, I didn’t even finish the first chapter XD.
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