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[OreMuncher] Skeletons

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avatar OreMuncher
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
My grandfather always told me we were not just by ourselves, we were accompanied by things that would help us, and things that would hurt us. When he said that phrase I'd always have a shiver in my throat, but my parents tought me, that it is better to think about the things that are positive, than the negative than things. I'd met one negative thing one year ago. That time I was with my parents, or protected by them. I was scared of that monster, and my parents courageously protected me from what I called the Skeleton. Sadly, my parents were not prepared, and my parents passed away because of that skeleton. The only survivor of that attack was me, OreMuncher.

It has been a few years after that incident. Every time I think of the Skeleton I would always cry or go out and recklessly to murder dozens of them. One day, while mining in our public faction mine, I dropped on a blue, crossed box with a skeleton spinning around it. Luckily my mining mate was there to tell me, that, that was a skeleton spawner. I went to destroy the evil box, but 3 Skeletons spawned right in front of me. I took out my stone sword, and sliced every skeleton into peaces angrily. My mining mate told me that I needed to control my temper, or else something would happen to me.

Every day, my mining mate would meet with me at the same time to mine. We got iron coal, and if lucky enough, some diamond or gold. We had the priveledge to keep half of what we obtained, and share the other half with our faction mates. Our faction was arising little by little, and our city was growing faster, and faster. Since last year our population was 24, now our population is 51. Nobody has betrayed our faction before, not even our dog, Sammy. Every night we had monsters running in and out, but 1/4 of the population helped keep our city safe.

One day, while venturing through the adventuresome world of minecraft, we came into a temple made of marble. It was guarded by over hundreds of skeletons. My temper rose again, but my faction leader told me to calm down, we need to take this mission like an assassin. We went through the mazy temple ending up in a hallway lit with fire, leading to two rooms. We brought 21 Factions members here, so 10 went to one, and the other 11 went to the other. What frightened us, and fascinated us the most was, one room had a Skeleton Queen, and one with the Skeleton King, but he did not look like a skeleton. The Skeleton King had 3 heads, and a strong body. We called it the Wither.

We defeated the Skeleton Queen, and one of our faction mates died. All we had was broken iron armor. We were a courageous group, and we decided to use our courage to fight the Wither. All my courage, and strength arose from my soul onto my diamond sword. My sword became a light red color, on fire. I shot a sun bright, strong wave from my sword onto the Wither, while my faction leader killed the Wither.

We were now surprised Skeletons not only spawn from spawners, but also from the Wither. Since we defeated the Wither, armies of Skeletons will not be going back to the overworld for long.

Hope you Enjoyed this guys,
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Until Next Time~

5 replies

09/04/2012 4:53 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect
Nice Story dude!
09/04/2012 4:53 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
:D THanks
09/02/2012 9:40 am
Level 37 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
nice diamond and sub for you
09/03/2012 3:49 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
09/03/2012 7:51 am
Level 37 : Artisan Creeper Hugger

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