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Ores and Gemstones (Mod Concept)

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silversin64 avatar silversin64
Level 38 : Artisan Unicorn
More Ores and Gemstones mod concept! I have absolutely no idea how to code or make mods, but for now I wanted to post this concept because I've been working so hard on it! Almost all of these new additions are based on real gems, although some are my own idea. All of these are created by me! Link to the photo album
Wow, seeing these textures side by side is pretty cool. I basically just textured over concrete and wool just so I could see it. Crysophrase and Turquoise look like exactly the same o.o ops.

List of new Ores/Gems:
All Ores and Gemstones in the game will be collected and displayed in a custom GUI collection menu. Achievements for collection milestones will also be available. When the collection is complete it will unlock an awesome reward!

1. D= Dropped S= Smelted C= Crafted

2. D= Diamond+ G= Gold+ I= Iron+ S= Stone+
3. D= Dirt S= Stone N= Nether E= End
X= N/A

Ores and Gemstones (Mod Concept)Alexandrite S, G, E
Ores and Gemstones (Mod Concept)Amatrine C/S, G, X
Ores and Gemstones (Mod Concept)Amber D, I, S/N
Ampaz C/S, G, X
Amethyst S, I, S
Arsenic D, I, S
Bloodstone D, I, N
Citrine D, G, S/N
Covellite S, I, E
Crysophrase D, I, S/E/N
Enderite S, D, S/E
Flourite D, I, S,E
Fortified Quartz C, X, X
Garnet S, I, S
Jade S, I, S
Kunzite S, I, S
Moonstone D, I, E
Netherite S, D, S/N
Onyx S, Titanium, S/N
Opal S, G, E
Phosphate C, S(Shovel), D
Quartz S, I, S/E/N
Ruby D, I, S
Sapphire S, I, S
Sard S, G, N
Serendibite S, I, S
Spiderite S, I, N
Spinel D, I, N/E
Sunstone D, I, S
Titanium Dioxide C, X, X
Titanium Quartz C, X, X
Titanium S, D, S/N
Topaz S, I, S/N
Tourmaline D, G, S/E
Turquoise D, I, S
Uranium D, I, S
Worldstone C, X, X

Types Of Ores
Unique Ores

This poisonous rock can be found under ground on the same level as iron. When mined, the player receives damaged, but when collected can be used to make arsenic arrows that deal lingering poison damage.

Phosphate powder

This powder can be mined from dirt using a stone (or higher) shovel. When mined you get the dirt block laced with the powder and upon putting into a crafting table you receive the purple powder. This powder can then be used on farmland to speed the growth of plants OR used like bone meal to speed growth.


This is not a glowing potato! This ore is found deep, almost as deep as diamond, and is a more powerful alternative to coal! Smelts things much faster and get more uses from it.


Crafting this stone gives you a very unique opportunity. Combine a few world stones with your diamond tools to get worldstone tools, a rare and helpful set of tools!

Ore Dyes

Can be made into cyan dye


Can be made into orange dye


Can be made into black dye


Can be made into light green dye

Titanium Dioxide

Used as a white dye
Tools & Armor

One tier better then Titanium type tools and titanium is required to break it. The best tools in the game. Not as rare as Titanium but harder to retrieve.

Titanium Quartz

The best version of Titanium tools & armor.


One tier better then Diamond tools. Found mostly in the nether and rarely on land. An extremely rare ore.


This ore can be found in the nether, and rarely in deep stone. On par with Diamond and armor made with it protects ageist fire damage, making it possible to survive in lava for very small periods of time.


This ore can be found in the end and rarely in deep stone. On par with Diamond and armor made with it protects agents fire damage and gives the wearer night vision.


Only a little better then gold. Can have more enchantments then regular tools & armor. Spiders are no longer hostile with this armor equipped.

Fortified Quartz

Only a little better then iron. Can have more enchantments then regular tools & armor.


Basically iron, but the wearer is highly resistant to fire damage.


Basically iron, but the wearer is highly resistant to ice poison damage. Cannot get nausea with this armor on.


Basically iron, giving the wearer general resistance. Tools are also more efficient.
Enchanting Ores
Ores used in the enchanting table to give unique effects. Don't really know how this would work so I'll just put down the ores that will be used for this purpose











Trading Ores
Some gemstones and ores can now be used for villager trading. Gems are more or less expensive based on their rarity and can be traded for items of equal value. For example, an emerald can be traded for some bread or carrots.

High Currency





Mid Currency





Low Currency






Crafting Recipies
Amythest Ore + Citrine Ore = Amatrine Ore
Amythest Ore + Topaz Ore = Ampaz Ore
Quartz + Iron = Fortified Iron
Quartz + Titanium = Titanium Quartz
Titanium = Titanium Dioxide
Stick + Feather + Arsenic (Arrow Recipe) = Poison Arrow
Sunstone + Moonstone + Bloodstone = Worldstone


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04/05/2020 1:23 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Kitten
Marma avatar
woahh .o.
this looks like it would be such a cool mod!!

would the gems be able to be crafted into weapons and armor and such?

maybe if you gather them all you can craft a wand that'll take you to a special biome lol
but this is such a cool idea! I wish I knew how to mod ;-;
but this looks lovely ❤❤
04/05/2020 7:39 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Unicorn
silversin64 avatar
omg you beautiful genius. I dunno how to mod but I just downloaded a program that will allow me to!
not every ore can be made into armor and tools but they'll all have unique abilities!
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