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avatar TwilightWarlord
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Hi all

This blog is about people copying content without official permission.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the art of stealing ones work and posting it as there own.
I have noticed allot of it going around PMC.
Some examples include people posting "Faithful Pack" by Vattic.
And the worst thing as they make it to the pop reel.

What can be done to stop it?

What we can do:
-Report it ASAP
-Post the link to mods saying it's unoriginal
-Encourage Originality

What the Plagiarists can do:

-Stop posting them
-Take time and make legitement content
-Discourage yourself to post this unoriginal content

What does it mean to the original owner?

It is quit hurtful to the original owner that the person didn't ask permission.
It might make them happy to know that it's popular BUT they know that they are getting credit for his/her own work.
(A.K.A. Owner knows that they get credit)

I know, as someone copied my work (Simply Classy), And posted it as "Spicecraft 8x8"
I was shocked and angry that someone copied my own work. I got a mod to remove it.

Will it get you anywhere?

Simple Answer: NO
Long Answer: People won't respect you for unoriginal content, think of FVDisco_, he made his fame by his redstone but got allot of attention from his pack "OCD Pack" because if was something new and addicting "Song Reference"
and unique.

Personal Experiences

I posted 2 things that i did not know was wrong: Nostalgia Pack, and Mob Heads
I now know that it has to be Original and now based on Mojang's Default Pack.

In Conclusion

Plagiarism is wrong, and should not given credit for.
Post original stuff. That people will like, and find unique.

04/02/2013 11:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Pixel Puncher
thank you for posting. I totally agree
04/03/2013 4:01 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Goblin
Yeah me too
04/03/2013 4:40 am
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
thanks for commenting!!!
Yeah, i thought i would post it to attempt to stop people LOL
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