Our Moment (Lovely)

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Oheyoooo guys.

So before we begin. I just wanna say in that picture is me. Yeah im using girl skin for the first time. For what? Read this story until the end to know why....

So its begin when i joined my friend world DRAGON LORD. What cool name hah. Me and my friend play survival we go to fortress to get blazing rod to go to the end. After we finish getting the blaze rod we slept together side by side.

This is when the story getting interesting. Before we sleeping we talk about each other. He ask "me do you have girlfriend". I answered "No". He said he dont have girlfriend too. Then i said "I can be your girlfriend". He said "No,you are boy, that gay". I said "okay i will change my skin". Then i begging him to sleep with me. I simping with him a lot than i though. He said"Ok, but for this time only".

Before we sleep. His real life girlfriend killed me many time because she think we are couple. He lied to me but its okay. Im not angry. Then he said sorry for lying. Then we slept together. We slept while im still using a girl skin.

After that i he need to sleep because its night in his country. Then i chat him on xbox chat. I said " can we forget that lovely moment?" Then he reply he said " shut up its all a joke".

After i simping with him a lot. That is a joke. Until i change my skin just want to sleep with him. To me its not a joke DRAGON LORD. Its a lovely moment between us even we are men. Until now i still wanna sleep with him in minecraft world. NOT IN REAL LIFE!!!!
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