Pacific Rim Custom Jaeger: Killer Dame 2.0

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avatar Abraxis2
Level 8 : Apprentice Skinner
Killer Dame 2.0:

version: Mark 4
country: New Zealand 
Pilots: Unknown Names 
Pilot One Gender: Female  
Country of Origin: New Zealand 
Pilot Two Gender: Male 
Country of Origin: USA

Jaeger Bio: Killer Dame 2.0: after the Mark 1 Jaeger Killer Dame was destroyed in a battle with the first Cat 4 Kaiju, the PPDC rebuilt the New Zealand Jaeger using parts from the origonal Killer Dame, along with parts from the Mark 3 Gipsy Danger that were modified to work with the rest of the Jaeger and parts that were salvageable from Jaeger Graveyards, and a prototype Mark 5 chest and feet to make the new Mark 4 Killer Dame 2.0 near the offical shutdown of the Jaeger Program.

Killer Dame 2.0 uses a prototype of the L-19 PlasmaCaster that was used on the first Killer Dame, a Hive-Visor Lens Shield rebuilt from parts of the head of Gipsy Danger, a Chain Sword, and prototypes of the Mark 5 Light Weight Feet that were eventually used on the Austrailian Jaeger Striker Eureka. It's first battle was with a Catagory 4 Kaiju atacking Hamilton New Zealand, and it's last was with Rombolo, a Hungarian Mark 4 Jaeger that the pilots had went rogue and started atacking Budapest. Rombolo was destroyed in the battle but Killer's internal computer had suffered severe damage from Rombolo's EMPs, and the PPDC didn't have enough money to repair it. So they put the damaged Jaeger into a Jaeger graveyard, officially labled as destroyed. Killer Dame 2.0 was the last Jeager to be destroyed before the Anchorage Shatter Dome was shut down. Before it's destruction while fighting the hijacked jaeger which was still destroyed by Killer,  counting the kills of both Killer Dames, it had a kill count of 9, it's kill count was only broken by the Mark 5 Striker Eureka, which most of the parts used on were more advanced versions of pieces of Killer Dame 2.0
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