Pacific Rim custom Jaeger: Killer Dame

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Level 8 : Apprentice Skinner

Killer Dame:

version: Mark 1
country: New Zealand
Pilots: Unknown Names
Pilot One Gender: Female 
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Pilot Two Gender: Male
Country of Origin: USA

Jaeger Bio: Killer Dame was New Zealand's first Jaeger. Most of it's parts were prototypes of parts eventoally used on the Mark 1 Cherno Alpha, and the Mark 3 Gipsy Danger. The left arm's cannon is the only one of it's kind used, due to it being too bulky. Instead most Jaegers with plasma cannons used ones similar to Gipsy Danger's Plasma Cannon for it's ability to convert between cannon and hand. It was going to be replaced by one similar to Gipy Danger's, but the pilot in charge of the left arm wouldn't allow it. She claimed, "i prefer having a gun with two blades atatched over having a hand". The Jaeger was damaged beyond repair in it's final fight with the first Catagory 4 Kaiju. The killing blow on the Catagory 4 (which was pinning it to the ground with Killer's blades and burning it to death with the Nuclear Reactor) fried most of the Jaeger's systems beyond repair and left the Jaeger unable to get back to shore, so two Jaeger's were dispatched to retrieve the broken Jaeger and it's pilots who survived the battle, but were unconsious due to the heat.
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