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ACT II SHORT STORY - Partners of Crime

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Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe.
This short story explains the Hars'kare and his alignment with Empire of Upplysningen in the aftermath of the war against Forvisat, and his secret agreement with the Lord Seducer.

Having to rely on blind teleportation for safety during the battle at the Rifts, Hars'kare essentially placed his last gambit.
The place they're on wasn't in the same continent. A truly strange land, it seems.
A few hours later, a small band of troops - assumed to be the occupational garrison. Among them is the old commander of the garrison, the elderly husband of Aisleen who supported her during the Warring States.
- You aren't quite native to this place, right? None of whom I know has been emulating opium like that.
- Oh, and if you wonder where you are, we shall reveal it right now. Abraxis, the former continent of whom you have fought back then.
- Fine then... I'm Hars'kare, one of the last. Most of our other demonlords are dead, either slain by these Abraxis or having committed suicide. Well...
- You mean... the remnants from this continent? We once smashed them right at their own capital, but the Dragonlord didn't allow us to hunt down the remaining ones.
- Aisleen proposed the brilliant idea to infiltrate the refugees with our own spies and informers. From what I knew, most of them were appointed to important positions inside their government.
- I'm offering you a place for refuge. In turn, you shall provide us the secrets of your opium against the foes. Deal?
- Let me think about it... While I'm in no position to willingly hand out these secrets, there's no choice for us anyways. We shall do as you wish.

Two months later, after the Bastion of Hope is completed...
The lord Hars'kare has now secured a sanctuary for his own people in times of peril. However, he couldn't forgive his colleague, Sanguinare for surrendering to Amelia.
- Oh, Hars'kare, one that made no concern. Still felt hateful towards Sanguinare for being opportunistic?
- Lord Seducer, I take that you are suggesting attacking them from the shadows? It may sound tempting, but I still have a code of honor to follow. Why should I do that just to finish the grudge?
- Honor is nothing if it cannot help you achieve your vengeance. Remember when their former elder died at their hands and you chose to do nothing? You're just too passive and unwilling to use opium magic to your advantage. If you won't attack your own people, then I will do so!
- Hmm... Do your thing, Lord Seducer. I won't have anything at you at all.
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