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Past, Present and Future

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avatar DarienGaming
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist

Past, Present, Future- A Time Travel Story


Disclaimer: None of this is true. Please continue with caution


A man woke up in the middle of the sea. without knowing that its deep. The man is

Confused, so the man yelled, " Help is anyone there? ", but no one answered.

Then, a ship appeared, honking to him. So the captain of the ship let him in,

The man said " Thank you, Captain " , the captain replied " Your welcome

Sir. " So the man shakes the Captain's hand but the man gets dizzy and

Falls asleep. After that, the man wakes up in the airplane, the man gets

Confused again, then pilot 1 said," Please buckle your seatbelts and

Wear your oxygen mask right NOW. Cause we are crashing! "

The man fastly wears the oxygen mask and buckles his seat belt.

" Pilot 1 is dead I repeat pilot 1 is dead! " Pilot 2 said. then the

Plane Crashed to the ground. Then, The man wakes up in a battlefield

Holding a sniper, the man doesn't know where he is. The enemy points

A gun at him and said " TĂș, pon las manos en el aire.", the man replied

" No, no I don't know what you're saying! " the enemy replied as well

"No hay excusas, dame tu arma.", the enemy gets the man's gun.

And shots him at the head, the man wakes up again in a lab.

" Doc, the police is coming we must leave, " the nurse said.



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