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Peridot Facet 2S4M Cut XJ9: How Did This Clod Come Into Existence?

Aw, Does Someone Need a Hug?

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avatar Peridot XJ9
Level 38 : Artisan Professor
Hiyah guys! I'm back yet again, and this time, it didn't take a whole month for me to post a new blog! Now, while I was bored on Planet Minecraft waiting for a response on a particular roleplay I am in, I found a blog that was a story about a typical teenager who slowly turns evil. As I read the blog with feels in my stomach, an idea surfaced and hit me on the scent sponge. I started to wonder, "Hey, how about for my next blog, I can tell everybody about how my somewhat personal gemsona with a not-so final design came to be with a tragic backstory written in first person!" But I was a bit skeptical on the idea, since you guys are desperately waiting for a Minecraft blog and I wanted to be sure if you guys wanted this or the Minecraft one. So I went onto my usual daily feed place and started a vote. The next day, I cheerfully looked at the results and... All I saw were likes and no comments. Really? No insights or comments? I puzzled and puzzled like in that ending scene from the Grinch, and I realized, "Hey! People like polls on the forums, so why not create a place where people can talk about my upcoming material and vote on newer stuff too?" I created the forum, waited a week, and here we are today. So really, it was because of you guys who made this blog possible, not me, so don't blame me for not giving you a Minecraft blog, you Magikarps. That could be next time if fate has it. Anyways, let's go talk about my Gemsona and what I currently am known as, Peridot XJ9.

A lot of you veterans once knew me by many names. First it was the innocent yet wincey ways of the crazy bipedal dolphin known as EliTeenDolphin, next it was the clever pun of Periderp, then it was that anxiety-filled yet confident Blue Zircon, and now I've been slowly turned into Peridot XJ9. So what gives? What are the stories of my alter egos? Well, let's start from the very beginning with EliTeenDolphin.
🕈♒⍓ ⬥♋⬧ ✋ ⬧◆♍♒ ♋■ ♓❍♌♏♍♓●♏ ⧫□ ⬧♋⍓ ⧫♒♋⧫✍
I've already explained most of my old origin stories as EliTeenDolphin in a previous blog made for a contest, so I'll keep it short. When I was a 13 year-old child, I always wanted to play Minecraft because of my inspiration that no longer exists, ChildDolphin, but my younger yet tough-as-nails will-beat-you-up-in-five-seconds-no-matter-if-you-are-older-than-him brother claimed the throne as his and gave me Pocket Edition as a start. I was mad that there were no skins yet on Pocket Edition and since I wasn't allowed to jailbreak my iPhone at the time to get an offline skin changer, I was stuck as a Steve for a while. Then I eventually got the PC version of Minecraft, gained staff on multiple servers, made loads of friends on there, and joined PMC.
👌⍓ ⧫♒♏ ⬥♋⍓📪 ⧫♒♋⧫ ♑♋❍♏ ♓⬧ ☝♏⌧ 🗏♎📪 ♓♐ ⍓□◆ ⬥♏❒♏ ⬥□■♎♏❒♓■♑📬📬📬
My other alias, Periderp, was brought out from my revival of liking Steven Universe again. After a while, I got bored and decided to see what was going on with the show I used to hate, Steven Universe. At the time, I only knew what Steven Universe was from my brithstone (Ruby), Jailbreak, and the early few episodes of the show that ended at the infamous Cat Fingers. As I looked up the show, however, I found that a character I used to hate for being so boring, Peridot, was much smaller and cuter now. "But how is she small?" I asked myself. "Did she get hit with a shrink ray or something?" I researched on the wiki a little and watched the episode that started my love for the green gem, Catch and Release. Ever since, I loved Peridot so much that she made me get through 11th and currently 12th grade. Thus, I changed myself to be Periderp for a very long time until summer arrived.

Once summer came around, new episodes of Steven Universe came along, and a strange new blue gem surfaced from various leaks. I asked myself like all of the other fans at the time, "Is that Moonstone?" I waited for the episode to come out, and I found out that this gem was called Zircon and she was an anxiety-filled lawyer who got poofed for blaming the Diamonds for shattering Pinky. I fell in love with this character as well and renamed myself Blue Zircon for a tiny event called "Summer of Zircon." It didn't last that long, and I decided to rename myself Peridot XJ9 in the end because Peridot 5XG wasn't available at the time.
USA Dhoenix Wright Ace Attorney TEEN CAPCOM ESRB
Now that we've covered the naming process, let's talk about the designs. Now, my initial design for Peridot XJ9 was an OK KO inspired design with a Peridot on her naval instead of her forehead as seen in this photo here:

This version of Peridot XJ9 was a jokester Era 1 Peridot who uses shapeshifting to pull off pranks and get her through situations she wouldn't get to as her normal small self. But really, that felt like Amethyst's character with a smarter attitude and a hatred for Steven, so that was out of the question. Then, I thought about Yokai Watch. "But Eli!" Wow, you came so late into the blog, you Magikarp. What is it this time? "I have no idea what Yokai Watch is! Can you explain what the heck it's about? I'm not an anime obsessed geek like you are!" ...Wow. That actually is a legitimate complaint. Who knew a Magikarp would be smart for once! So, if you haven't seen Kohdok's review on the show or the multitude of the series' comparison's to Pokemon, Yokai Watch is a series where these invisible spirits called Yokai inhabit our daily lives as humans by changing our personalities drastically through inspirits, and it's up to a kid named Nate to save the day while not trying to look weird for talking to invisible ghosts. It's basically Ghostbusters mixed with Digimon and Ben 10.
Youkai Watch Meme by Miroku-Usami
I liked all of the Yokai that are presented to me first-hand, but a certain Yokai ruined my enjoyment for the series in general (you can look him up yourself), and that's Jimmenken, AKA, Manjimutt. He's probably the weirdest looking Yokai out there, and I needed to distract myself from such a weird design. Thus I created a variation of Peridot XJ9 called Yokai Peridot ([ペリドット] Peridotto). I even saved a bit of early lore and wrote quotes for her. Check it out!

Yokai Peridot ペリドット
- Old Designs and Stuff!]
Favorite Food: [YW1] Candy, [YW2] All Forms of Sweets, and [YW3] Pizza (Preferably the Hi-Cheese kind)

Tribe: [All YW Versions] Eerie (Bukimii), [YW3 Promo "Battery Charger" Medal Only] Hagure

Rank: A (Because she's a huge nerd)

Medallium Info: Once a well-respected scientist, she experienced a freak accident from testing her "Cure All the Diseases!" potion and accidentally turned herself into a Peridot from SU. She may have superior levels of intelligence now, but she can never find an antidote to change herself back.

Inspirit: Clever Girl! ~ Like a reverse Dummkap, if you get inspirited by her, you'll become extremely intelligent and will somehow know how to solve problems easier! Unfortunately, the effect is temporary, and you will go back to average intelligence without her nearby influence. In the games, enemies will ponder about life and will not move for three turns.

Special Attack: Draining Potion! ~ Thrown at all enemies on screen, it drains the health of the enemies by 100 points and gives it to all three of your Yokai.

Backstory: Peridot was once known as a well respected scientist named Eli (Not me, but an Alternate Universe version) when she was "alive". She made countless experiments, and was also the one responsible for the development of the iPhone and old windows computers from the 1980s. It may have been obscure to point her out in the development team, but she still helped out the best she could. After the tragic death of Steve Jobs, Eli got fired because the new boss wanted a completely different team for the next iPhone, the iPhone 5. Strongly aggravated by this, she decides to resume progress on a many year side project called the "Cure All the Diseases!" potion, which would cure all diseases, including the ones that would still roam around in your body that you never knew about. Thinking she nailed the potion down after many years of research, she engulfs the entire potion in rage with no regrets. Unfortunately, the potion had a small amount of Peridotite (About 0.01% as she recalls), and to her surprise, she turned into a Peridot (through the "magic cloud" method). Shocked and distressed, she gives up and currently resides in the woods close to a nearby Apple Store. She's a Yokai of immense power (Like Manjimutt/Jinmenken), and wears a nametag that has her name when she was human. If you call her short (She's 4'5", and was once 5'8"), she'll whoop your butt in a second with her ferrokenesis and proton particle laser gun she carries around when needed. She's also a Pokémon nerd at heart, and will easily win at "Who's that Pokémon" contests.


Freed From the Crank-a-Kai: Thank you for saving me! I hated being in a Pokeball anyways. Let's get properly acquainted, shall we?
Befriended (Clone From the Wild): Oh don't get too excited. I'm just a clone of the real Peridot. We can still be friends if you want!
Befriended (Real One From the Overworld): You know what? I like your style. We should team up and be the best of friends for life!
Rejected Friendship (Clone): Pfft, it's not like I wanted to be friends with you anyways...
Rejected Friendship (Real): Fine! You know what? Be that way, you... Clod!
Loafing: Shoot! Pokemon Go just went off! I'll be there; Just hold on a second...
Receiving Food (Favorite): Oh my stars! This stuff is to die for! *salivates*
Receiving Food (Normal): Eh, it could use a bit more icing...
Receiving Food (Disliked): *Spits it out* Ew! What is this crap? I really hate you right- *Rainbow Vomits*

~Kind of Old Peri with a Bow~

~A Somewhat Old Design~

~A Pretty Recent One That I'm Still Proud Of~

~A Plush Version of a Previous Style Before the Final Design~

~Final Design With a Bag On Her Head (Also Seen on the Shrek Review Thumbnail)~

As you can see, this scientist variant of Peridot quickly became my favorite and I started to draw her more often. But what really hit the golden nail on my hall-of-fame favorite characters was when I submitted her for a roleplay that I keep admitting I've been on here. Her personality grew to be complex, and yet, more tragic and relatable as a result. Her design slowly went from a labcoat that somewhat could fit her to the biggest oversized labcoat design that she sports today. As you could tell, how I normally design my OCs and gemsonas is based more on personality hints rather than just making it look cool or adding weapons (I'm looking at you, Digimon!). For example, that broken bottle symbolizes a mistake of hers that she can never reverse, the nametag shows her true name, and the oversized labcoat with the super long sleeves shows that she used to be at a bigger and taller height.

Welp, now that I've got the design aspects and name history out of the way, it's time to get to the meat of this blog. The saddest part that could possibly make you tear up. Yup, I'm talking about Peridot XJ9's tragic as heck backstory. So grab some tissues and hold onto your nearest soft plushie because it's time to board the feels train!

Peridot XJ9's Tragic Backstory! All the Feels!
Log Date, August 1st, 2016 at 3pm:

Today, I'm super excited, and do you want to know why? Well, it's because I just nabbed myself the position of a scientist at the Aether Foundation! All I had to do for my interview was show off that I could make experiments and perform the scientific method correctly, in which I did. For joining their corporation, they gave me a notebook to write all of my observations in for each day. Thankfully, since I'm a good writer, it's
no sweat to me. They said to come tomorrow at 9am so that I can help the team work on a big project. Oh boy! I wonder what it could be? I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

Log Date, August 2nd, 2016 at 9am:

I just arrived at the Aether Foundation to meet everybody there. Everybody seems so nice thus far! From the main founder to the lowest lab tester, everybody seems to be in some type of joy today. My first task I have to pull off is to check on this Pokemon known as Type:Null and write down my observations on it's behavioral patterns. Seems plausible to me! So I used my shiny new key-card to get myself into the room that held this mysterious Pokemon and stared at the creature. It seemed quite afraid and agitated at me. It wore a brown mask and other brown pieces of armor stabilizers to weaken it's power. It was seven feet tall and had a roughed up head crest. As I sat there and watched it, it gave a menacing glare, almost as if it was mad at me for something. What have I ever done to the poor thing? I just came here! It walked around in it's cage, searching
for a way to get out of there. It kept using it's head crest to get out, and seemed like it's attacks were weaker with every swipe. I felt bad for it and reached my hand out to pet it, but it just growled at me and looked scared but agitated. It's almost like the strange experiment was going to eat my arm off. Two other co-workers came into the room and started to perform a friendly conversation on me. Their names were Melvin and
Luis, and they came in to observe the three Type:Nulls as well. Turns out, I was supposed to write down if the Pokemon responded to any controlled shocks or not, and as they pushed the button to release jolts of lightning at it, I felt bad for it. Maybe one day I could own one and treat it as if it were a real friend, but I have to press the button in the name of science. I pressed the button and the Type:Null yowled in pain. The status
screen showed it's power level increasing from 1000 to a slight 1100. Probably because of it's anger, who knows.

Log Date, August 2nd, 2016 at 7pm:

After performing several tests on the three Type:Nulls, my two buddies introduced me to my bedroom. Wait, they actually are giving me a bedroom instead of going home? Man, it feels like college all over again! They showed me around the room and we talked for hours about the experiences we had at the Aether Foundation today. Come to think of it, they were pretty chill, almost too chill. I waved goodbye to them and tucked myself into bed. Man, I wonder what other experiences will cherish at this facility. I just hope it doesn't involve any Hulk-like accidents like in the movies... I lulled myself to sleep and smiled, knowing I will have a blast here.

Log Date, August 3rd, 2016 at 3pm:

The Aether Foundation was so nice enough to know that sleep is important, so they let me get up at my own pace. I got to work with the next task of the day: Observing actual Pokemon in a simulated environment. Man, I love Pokemon so much that I could just sit there all day and watch them play for hours! Me and my newfound co-worker friends were assigned to the same task as I was and we went into the room. It looked like it
contained traces of Pidgeys, Eevees, a Charmander, Corsola, two Charizards, a Trevennant, Fennekins, Snivys, Magnemites, and Electikes. They seemed to be so happy while playing with each-other. It looked like most of the first-stage evolutioned Pokemon were playing tag as the older ones watched with a smile. A Charmander went up to hug the two Charizards, almost as if they were their mom and dad. The Corsola looked like they were chilling on a rock in the lake-area part of the room. I smiled, knowing these Pokemon were having a such good time while I was watching them from afar. Speaking of which, isn't that a little creepy to have to endure an observation? I mean, think about it. You're being watched by a person you don't know, and it feels very eerie
to have to endure. Ranting aside, the place looked as if it was filled with more natural materials of the environment instead of the usual artificial ones I've seen other research facilities pull off in other regions. It's almost as if these scientists cared for Pokemon, like a Pokemon Ranger would. Ah, a Pokemon Ranger. If only I had the time to nab myself a flying Pokemon to get to Alima. I also heard that the Soras
region was a nice place too. I wonder what it's like over there...

Log Date, August 4th, 2016 at 3am:

I didn't feel like sleeping today because I just gained a bolt of brilliance! While in my bedroom, I grabbed a potion that I've been working on called the "Cure All the Diseases!" and started to research what could cure cancer so that I could mix it in with the rest of the ingredients. What's a "Cure All the Diseases" potion you may ask? Well, the name says it all. It cures every disease known to mankind and even cures any defects that a person may possess as well! I started getting to work, placing the necessary ingredients into the potion, when suddenly, some green liquid-like substance got spilled into it. The strange matter turned the potion clear, almost water-like in a way. I could have checked it's name along with the other chemicals stored on top of my
desk when I first claimed this room, but I was too tired. My eyes started getting heavy, so I went to bed and decided to work on the potion tomorrow.

Log Date, August 5th, 2016 at 7am:

My biological clock seemed to wake me up early for no reason today. Currently, I got up two hours before most scientists at the lab normally are awake. I launched myself out of my bed and checked the potion that was sitting on my desk, making sure it wasn't tampered with in the middle of the night. It still looked like the same clear bottle with no contaminants in it at all. Well, that's good. I'm glad nobody snuck in the middle of
the night and changed it for the better. I continued to work on the potion because didn't feel like going back to bed.

Log Date, August 5th, 2016 at 7:30am:

I heard a loud crash coming across the hallway and found that another scientist was trying to make a potion as well. I peered from the door to see what was going on. He looked oddly different, and couldn't fit in his own labcoat. He appeared to be a small blue penguin with designs on his stomach. This creature looked exactly like a Piplup. It appeared to speak only it's name, but looked a bit frustrated as it spoke, almost as if he were trying to say something to the other scientists. Hmm... That's odd. Who would be that careless to turn themself into a Piplup at 7 in the morning? He was taken to the Pokemon observation room and was left there without his labcoat. I listened in on the conversation the two other scientists had, and I could make out the following: "Is he mad? Doesn't he know that in the Aether Foundation, you aren't allowed to make potions at all?" I was shocked. I couldn't make potions at all? That's strange, because in movies, you can clearly see that the scientists that work in the research labs make potions for the good of humanity. Maybe it's to prevent accidents like in the movie, Hulk, who knows. I corked up my potion and placed it on the chemical desk, hoping nobody would notice, and looked at memes for the remainder of my time.

Log Date, August 5th, 2016 at 11am:

I just went into the Pokemon Observation room as my job today and found the Piplup. It went up and hugged me, almost as if it was crying for help. I hugged it back and reassured it that everything was okay. I told the Piplup that it should hang out with other Pokemon, but it kept on following me as I left. It looked like it wanted to play, so I grabbed a ball from the Pokemon toy bin and threw it towards Piplup. We played catch for a while until it was time to go back to our rooms and take a break.

~Time Pass~

Log Date, August 11th, 2016 at 9am:

Today was air combat day today, and we had to research up on the matter at hand. As I was picking out books, I found a guide that fascinated me: Fantastic Gems and Where to Find Them. It had a cover of a purple girl with a whip who had an Amethyst gem stuck to it's chest fighting a human with a sword. I picked up both of the books and continued to read them. From the gem book, I found that there is such a thing as humanoid gems
proven by science. My favorite has got to be a Peridot because it looks so adorable! Come to think of it, I feel pretty bad for it because it looked grumpy as well. What could it be hiding on the inside? Also, gems do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe to survive. Heck, they don't die of natural causes either! That must be so cool because they're practically immortal. The book mentions that the only way a gem "dies" is if they
are shattered or poofed into their gemstone to regenerate with a new look. That's pretty neat, I guess. So I red up the air combat book as fast as I could before putting back both books to show that I was ready. You want proof? Well, a loop is technically a Half Cuban 8 and those "barrel rolls" in Star Fox are nothing but aileron rolls. I have to put this book back now since I have to get out of the plane and jump out, but I'll tell you how it went later.

Log Date, August 11th, 2016 at 11am:

Woah, boy! I'm so glad I'm alive! For this session, it turns out they lied to us and we didn't use planes at all. All we used were flying Pokemon such as Noivern or Dodrio (which was probably the highlight of my day when somebody flew on one. Teehee!) and I used a Noctowl. We did some sky battling in the air, and the true champion was Melvin, who had a Noivern. Of course, he got the best one. Figures... Don't worry, I assumed the
right position to fall out of the sky and we did use parachutes. It was quite a fun feeling, actually. Flying in the sky with a friend you could trust, it seemed so majestic. Plus, after the ride, Melvin said to me that he and Luis were going to visit me and play video games! Awesome! This has been the best day ever so far! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Log Date, August 12th, 2016 at 9pm:

After work today, I went to my room and waited patiently for Melvin and Luis as I grabbed a fresh clear natural water bottle for myself to drink. It's nice that the Aether Foundation uses natural volcano water such as Fiji instead of artificially modified and flavored water. I drank a little bit of it, and it tasted way better than regular water. I heard a doorbell and ran over to it, knowing it was Melvin and Luis who came to visit. I opened the door and greeted them with a smile and we played Mario Party for a bit. I call Yoshi!

Log Date, August 12th, 2016 at 10pm:

The power just went off and we were scared. Me, Luis, and Melvin both screamed at the top of my lungs while I assumed that Melvin poured himself a drink in the dark. How he managed to do this, I have no idea. Thankfully, the power is back and we're fine. Plus, our progress wasn't gone at all, so thank goodness for that. It's already been 10 out of the 20 turns in Mario Party, and I'm in 2nd place. I'm gonna get to first place sooner
or later!

Log Date, August 13th, 2016 at 12am:

We just finished up with Mario Party, and I bid my friends farewell as they walked out the door. I walked over to my bed and sat on it. Feeling parched, I grabbed my bottle of water and drank from it. When I drank from it, I felt a strange sensation going on in my digestion system, but I just assumed it was because I was tired. I walked over to the counter to work on the potion, only to find that half of it was gone. Wait a second, who
would be moronic enough to drink my incomple- *hiccup* Uh oh. This is awfully bad news. Somebody must've slipped my clear potion into my water bottle, and unfortunately, there is no reverse cure to this potion as of now. I hope nothing bad happens to me...

Log Date, August 13th, 2016 at 12:30am:

Spoiler alert, something bad just happened to me. It's so bad that it gives me pain to write out what happened! After the hiccup, I felt super nauseous as I collapsed on the floor and my vision went pitch black. I woke up on the floor, laying down as I spied an empty labcoat sleeve. Could that be... mine? I sat myself up, but something seemed off. I noticed that the bottom half of my labcoat sunk to the floor like kinetic sand would if you leave it out for a little. I got right up to see what was the issue, only to find that my labcoat didn't fit me anymore. Most of it drooped to the floor, and when I looked back, I saw some of my labcoat hanging out like a cape or a blanket. Looking at my gravity conne- Wait a second. I meant to say gravity connectors! Oh no... This is awful. I can't say fe-gravity connectors anymore, almost like it's an uncontrollable instinct! Okay, calm down, Eli. You can make it through this description. My gravity connectors
looked like they had sock-like properties, where my toe part was yellow and the rest was a forest green. Only the toe part and a bit of the green part of the gravity connectors stuck out of my labcoat. My hands turned out to be small and green, and my arms were apparently shortened, with all of that being covered by my labcoat sleeves. Er, okay. Maybe I should go check myself out in the mirror! Nyeh heh... When I got up to walk around, my perspective was lowered by a ton and it seemed like the room was bigger, but no. It was because I shrunk a little. The experience of such a height was quite terrifying at first, and I tripped on my own labcoat a few times while getting to the mirror. When I got to the bathroom, only a triangle of yellow hair showed in the mirror, meaning that my appearance must've changed drastically too. I groaned as I parkoured myself up the bathroom counter and balanced myself onto it. What stared back at me was a green person with yellow dorito- shaped hair with three fluffs on the side and a Peridot gem that was stuck on my forehead along with a white visor. At this point, I was shocked. I couldn't believe my ey-vision spheres! Crap. Looks like I found another instinctual word. I fell ungracefully right off the bathroom counter and stared at my hands. I said to myself, "No! No no no no no! This can't be happening to me! I... I just turned into a Peridot from that book I read a few days ago!" While looking at my now tiny hands, I started to tear up and shout "No!" at the top of my lungs.

Log Date, August 13th, 2016 at 12:35am:

I'm hiding under my bed as I write this out, and it turns out my so-called 'friends' are looking for me. As they were searching high and low for me, they were snickering with laughter. What could they be possibly laughing about? I tried listening in on the conversation as I began to sweat nervously, more so than I would if I were a human. Wait, do Peridots produce more sweat when they are in a tight situation like this? I have
no idea. From what I could make out, Luis asked Melvin, "Man, I can't believe that potion actually did something to Eli! What do you think she looks like now?" Melvin pondered a bit and gave a smart-alecked comment of, "Ugly, maybe?" Wait a second. Did they just call me... Ugly!? I growled at their laughter in a furious rage. I didn't care if I was found or not anymore because I wanted answers, and fast.

Log Date August 13th, 2016 at 12:50am:

Ugh, I knew something was up with those so-called 'friends.' They turned out to be traitorous clods! Wait, I rarely say the word 'clod.' I bet you this is an instinctual insult. Great. So, if you want the scoop of what happened 15 minutes ago, those clods did actually find me under the bed and heard my growl of anger. They looked under the bed to find that the gem on my forehead was glowing because it was dark. Oh look, a built-in
flashlight I cannot control. "Hey, is that you, Eli?" Melvin tilted his head. "Wow, I didn't know the potion I poured into your drink made you smaller!" I cuddled myself up into a ball and angerly replied with my teeth closed "Yeah, I know. Don't look at me..." But wait a second! How did he find my potion and slip it's contents into my water in the dark? I was too embarrassed to ask them. The two clods observed me for an uncomfortable
amount of time and they spotted my true Peridot self hiding under my labcoat sleeves. Luis stared at me and then started to giggle out, "Aw, you look like a little kid!" I scooted away from them using my gravity connectors as a paddle and found myself out of the bottom of the bed. I needed to get onto the bed and hide myself, so I climbed myself onto the bed, and hid behind the covers. "Don't ever call me a kid, you clods! I'm
17 years-old! Anyways, I thought we were friends!" I couldn't control my instincts at this point and started to sweat up from the madness I was going through. Melvin let out a Saturday morning cartoon villain laugh and said to me with a villainous vibe, "You see, Eli. We actually didn't like you at all. We thought you were quite annoying to us and were too goody two-shoed, so we hatched a plan. Just like we did to that scientist who turned into a Piplup, we secretly poured the unfinished potion into your drink to see what would happen. We were watching you from afar and saw every move you made to plan everything out. Soon, we will develop a potion to make everybody at the headquarters mind-controlled and will think that Pokemon and Ultra Beasts should be caged, and then, we will take over the world!" He pulled off another evil cackling. That gosh darn
clod. My friends turned out to betray me and were actually maleficent Saturday morning cartoon villains! "You won't get away with this!" I peered from below the covers while blushing in shame. Melvin laughed, "Of course we will. Especially because you're now a weak, pathetic, and useless tiny green ugly monster of your former self." I was in shock, crying the first real tears I've had in years, especially when I used to be happy. They
walked right out of my room, but Luis seemed sorry for me, almost as if he was unsure that he wanted to be a bad guy anymore. I ran up to the two clods as they were about to close the door on me, yelling with an enraged stance "I'm no monster, Melvin. You are!" He made a smug face at me before he closed the doors and replied "Ah, thanks for the compliment. And once I tell the boss that you used a potion, I'm going to have you fired
and you'll be forced to look for another job. Trust me, nobody is going to hire you with a hideous appearance like that. Nobody." He slammed the door on me in a rough fashion as I backed away with a scared look. I couldn't control all of my tears anymore. I knelt down on the floor and began to cry a waterfall of pain. As I looked at the reflection of me from the water I produced on the floor, I thought about what Melvin said to
me. Was I really destined to fail at life and become a pathetic ugly green shell of my former self? This was the only job I could get that would make me happy at work for once because half of the jobs I owned previously were crappy ones. Just when I was at my highest high, I literally shrunk to my lowest low, and by lowest low, I mean getting myself shrunk at a height of 4'5" and turned into a Peridot. I cannot believe that he did this to me! As I finished my waterfall of tears, I walked on the carpet one last time to pack the least I had into my oversized labcoat pockets. I knew I was going to get fired, so I had to do the inevitable. It was time for me to leave.

♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒Ripped Page♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒

Dear Members of the Aether Foundation,

I'm sorry that I accidentally made a potion in this room. All I wanted to do was give life and innocence to Pokemon and People who deserved it most by curing all known diseases and defects. Unfortunately, two known members of the Aether Foundation transformed me into a Peridot with what amount of potion was remaining and
are planning to mind-control you to cage innocent Pokemon with their own potions by making every good person useless in their fight. I know it sounds crazy since they're nice, but please! You have to believe me! I couldn't stand to live like this knowing I would get fired in the end for looking like a monster and using potions, so I am running away. All of the broken glass on the floor is all of the proof you need to know that these two are clods, and yes, that word is instinctual for me to say now.

With deepest regrets,
Professor Eli Wolftree.

♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒Ripped Page♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒

~Time Skip~

Log Date: September 31st, 2016 at 8pm:

It's been more than one month ever since I turned into a Peridot. As I walk the lonely streets, many people and some Pokemon shun me for my looks. When I tried getting shelter at a nearby hotel, the owner threw a shoe at me because of my appearance and I was forced to run away. I tried getting a job during the past month, but no luck has surfaced. Currently, I'm walking in a location known as Bamboo Hill, where the trees are bamboos and very few people reside. As I walk along the cold damp grass, I've noticed a few Pokemon just chilling and doing their own thing. Man, I remember when I used to be like them. I had so much hope, such dreams ahead of me, but *sigh* now that I'm a Peridot, it took away my life in the blink of a vision sphere.

Log Date: September 31st, 2016 at 10pm:

As I walk along the bamboo infested forest, I found something I wouldn't expect from a Pokemon-infested place like this, which was a camp that included plenty of people to talk to. Finally! I get the chance to socialize again! I kept on walking and eventually reached the camp that included torches placed around the area to lighten up the night sky. It included three tents, each with a few trainers and regular townsfolk. Knowing
that I didn't want to disturb the locals, I hid into a nearby bush to peek at my surroundings. As I sat there and pushed away the shrubbery that blocked my vision, I thought to myself, Man, I hope these people are more accepting of people like me... I noticed they weren't doing anything too busy, but I noticed some droplets falling from the sky. It seemed that it was about to rain. Thankfully, it didn't affect the torches and they continued to shine brightly in the night. Once I felt the time was right, I got out from the bushes and made my move. I brushed the leaves off of me and moved forward with pride. Two regular townsfolk were chatting with one another about the Aether Foundation, and the rest was made out to be about the news regarding some
released Type:Nulls in Bamboo Hill. Wait, they got released? But how!? I thought they were locked away in confinement for a long time! This is quite strange indeed... I went up to the two townsfolk and decided to get information on the situation. "Excuse me," I tried to say to them as I stared up at them, but they ignored me like I was a ghost. I tried tapping their arm and said the same thing... No response. Why don't they know that
I am right in the middle of them at this very moment!? Oh, right. It's because I'm small, isn't it? They're too lazy to direct their center of attention to the ground, so they just stare at their tall selves as a result, right? Ugh. I needed to get their attention one last time, so I did the unthinkable: I nudged at their leg while giving the same response. This time, it worked, but they looked confused as they stared at me. "Uh," I said nervously with a mareep-ish smile. "As you can tell from this labcoat, I... I do happen to work at the
Aether Foundation, so by any chance can you tell me what you know about these Type:Nulls?" The two townsfolk began to examine my appearance and cringed at me. One of them even went as far as screaming, "Gah! A monster! Get away, you freak!" at me. I backed away hesitantly as I sweat in fear for what I've put myself to. I tried
to rebuttle and say, "Eep! But I..." and the emotional response was the same from the camp members; just anger and fear. The main owner of the campsite threatened me with a tall, buff appearance and said, "Go away, freak, or I'll use my iron fists to clobber you!" I prepared myself to run away from the disaster I caused and squeaked to them, "Okay!" I ran off into the rainy woods with tears pouring from my vision spheres. As I
sprinted, my tears flew off onto the ground and sometimes even into the puddles. All of a sudden, I tripped on a stick and fell face first into a muddy puddle. With my tiny hands inside my labcoat sleeves, I weakly pushed myself up while shaking in distress and sat on my knees. As I wiped the mud from my face, I stared at the puddle and closed my vision spheres. During that moment, I remembered all of the times that I was human. All
of the moments where I was much calmer, more confident, and super tall. The times I was a 5'8" woman who made Godzilla jokes and threw all of the insults thrown at her into the trash. I felt like I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be. ...But that's not what I am, is it? I opened my vision spheres and stared at the puddle of shame, noticing that I was producing more tears and my yellow triangle-shaped hair was drooping wet. It was the reflection of never-ending agony, where I would be shunned for my appearance and teased for being small. A reflection that even I can't bare to stare at myself and would be traumatized for the rest of my days with. But worst of all, there is no cure to the madness I've endured. Let's face it. I'm never going to be able to cure myself and I'll be stuck in the body of a pathetically useless tiny green Peridot. I lied on the ground and covered my teary vision spheres with my oversized labcoat sleeves. At this moment, I knew it was hopeless and that nobody would be able to love me...


So, did you cry from that at all? Was it Pixar levels of feels? ...No!?
Well, at least I tried to make you feel for this character in the first place. Either way, now you know a little bit about how to develop a character and how design plays into all of this. For now, thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, please leave them down below! Also, if you want to vote for the next blog, you can either vote in the comments or poll it out, and don't forget to live life the porpoiseful way!

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  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 30, 2018, 10:16 pm
Sending tissues, hugs, and cat videos... ;~;
Kill me now. Your blog is so good
Lol! same.
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 30, 2018, 10:17 pm
Aw, thanks! ...But you too? What's with you guys and killing yourselves over my blogs? I know it's a joke, but still! :T

Anyways, I just want to say to you guys: Never doubt yourselves when writing a blog because as long as you work hard, practice, and experiment a little, you can become a great blogger yourself! :D
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 27, 2018, 1:51 pm
Oh, don't say something like that! Just keep going until your blogs reach success! :D

Also, you know that roleplay that we were doing? Yeah, Paiyu signalled a response to your character and we need you to join back in. It's getting boring without any responses and my patience has reached it's end... :T
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 27, 2018, 1:51 pm
All the feels, ugh! ;~;
Well written and full of feels. And the ending memes are so funny. You are the best!
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 27, 2018, 1:52 pm
Aw, thanks for the complments! I'm glad you liked the memes as well. :3
maybe that's why you went on popreel, good fren!
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 29, 2018, 5:40 pm
:o Oh my goodness! How did another one of my blogs get onto the pop reel this time? That's so amazing! :D
  • Catligraphy
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Sweetheart
  • May 26, 2018, 7:21 pm
I'm early ;o;

This is is a great blog by the way, backstories are always fun and interesting to read! (Oh and the memes at the end are the best part)
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • May 26, 2018, 8:14 pm
Yeah, I was surprised to see a comment this early on! xD

Aw, thanks! I've always thought about making an entire backstory blog about my gemsona, and in a way, is very interesting and enjoyable to write about because she once had my personality (happy, carefree, etc.) and became the opposite once she turned into a Peridot (sad, insecure about her looks, etc.) (And yes, memes truly are the best part of my blogs... :3)

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